100 Babies of Grace, Yuma.9

With space in the house and an emptiness inside, Yuma invites over Jayceon Preston.  She is flirty, he is flirty – things are going much better than her luck in the past.

A lot quicker than she is used to, they are in the hot tub…

And resetting out of it.  So, they try the tent.  This time the tent works.  I have no idea what is going on.  I am getting a last exception and I probably should look but later.

What matters is Yuma is pregnant again.

With that done, she goes inside and goes to bed.  Jayceon stands outside in the storm for awhile.  He is just standing there and then finally he decides that it is time to leave.  Yeah, that is probably a good idea.

One thing I decided was that after every 10 babies, Yuma would get a makeover also.  Mostly this is because of how I really was hating on blondes by the end of Merry reign – so 10 turquoise babies, now we get 10 lavender babies.  (This is not the pink option, it is the lighter option next to pink which I believe is supposed to be lavender or something like that).  I meant to change her hair before she got pregnant but I am pretty sure the baby’s genetics are determined at birth not at conception, so we will be testing that.  Of course, the baby might look like daddy instead of mommy.

Miranda has turned into a helpful teen – she has been taking care of Selene while Yuma is working on aspirations.  I am having her work through the aspirations completing as many as possible getting all of the easy ones done.

She even spends time with the younger boys.  While Yuma is awake, and since it is the weekend and everyone has their skills for school, I have been leaving these guys on free willy.  They have been making good choices.

Yuma starts at the beginning, skipping Animal (she is not getting a pet) and Athletic (she needs to go to a gym – later).  That takes her to Creative, where she starts with the new Master Actress aspiration.  She completes Aspiring Actress and then hits a stopping point as she is not going to join any careers.

She switches to Painter Extraordinaire and begins painting.  This will be her focus until she completes the aspiration, which will take a little while (because, masterpieces).

Yuma also picks up the Fertile trait at this point – finally.  I still have not added On Ley Line to the lot traits.  Thanks for a suggestion from Stormy over at Stormy Dayz Gamez, Yuma will also be getting fertility massages (I never even remember those exist) to encourage multiple births so we can decrease the number of times she needs to be pregnant and shorten the time it takes to complete this challenge.  I believe the fertility massage should be done before she gets pregnant, but what the hell.

As a reward for being so helpful, Miranda is allowed to have a yling-ylang massage, whatever that is.

And then she gets the pleasure of aging up Selene.

I was playing with first person using Selene and I think I broke her.  She won’t look to the front, only way off to the left.

She demands food and Miranda takes her in to get some.  She immediately calls for Yuma – which gets canceled since Yuma is sleeping.

Miranda gives her dinner, then heads off for a shower and bed.

Leaving the wild toddler all alone in the high chair.  Stranded until someone tall enough to get her out takes pity on her.

It won’t be Emilio…

Emilio went back out to the projects to piddle some more.

Well, I’ll be damned.  He is the one.  He is calling for Yuma to come to get Selene out of the high chair so that he can HUG her.  Yuma is still sleeping so I don’t know that it is going to be successful, but he is trying.

Finally, Yuma wakes up and lets Selene out, then picks her up and puts her down three times.

Yuma has just become a Notable Newcomer, a one-star celebrity.  She purchased Networking with her first Fame point.  She has not earned any quirks yet.

Selene spends her day, not trapped in the high chair, playing dolls and playing outside.

As Sunday winds down, the boys put themselves to bed and Miranda heads out to piddle with her project.  Selene grabs some dinner and follows her out front.  Selene has more of an attachment to Miranda at the moment than she does to Yuma since I have had Yuma working on aspirations and Miranda has been free to spend time with Selene.

I tell you this child is broken.  She will not look forward when she is on the potty.

I am going to miss Miranda when she moves out.

I fixed the broken toddler – had to go back into first person and not try to aim the camera but let it swing around on its own and then she would look in the right direction.

Monday came and with all of the kids in school, it is time for Yuma to check off some to-do from her list.  She packs up Selene and they head to town.  First they stop by the art center to check off “view paintings at a museum”.

Then they head to the gym.  As I remember, pregnant women can’t work out.  I do not know why she was able to workout at home.  So Yuma stands outside and introduces herself to strangers.  She is working on several tasks – being funny, meeting strangers.

While she is doing this, Selene finds the mirror and is babbling to herself.  Great job in finding a way to entertain yourself.

Next up is to meet new sims in three different city locations.  While Yuma is doing that, Selene eats carrots to keep up her strength.

She also takes a nap.

Yuma orders three meals at one food stall.  I think they might be in her backpack (she ate two of them, one was moved to the fridge).

At the next city location, she runs into Merry.  She challenges Merry to be kind, but Merry doesn’t look like she is into that.  That look is all do you even remember growing up with me?

Selene is still following Yuma from place to place.

And she is really tired and ready to go home… please?

Not quite finished though, one more city location to visit.  Selene ditches her clothes and runs around while Yuma finishes up all the meeting, greeting, and joking that she can.

It is finally time to return home, where we have proof that Selene’s head is fixed.  This is literally the first time Selene has gone potty that her head has not been yanked sideways.

Miranda is enraged – but she brings home an “A”.  I will be sad to see her move out.

Yuma won’t be without a teen in the house, though, because Emilio also brought home an “A”.  Angel is over there trying to go unnoticed because he did not even get his “C” up to a “B”, slacker.

Yes, Miranda, you have to go.

Yuma’s first quirk is Emotion Bomb. Her trigger is becoming Very Sad or Very Angry.  She will lose emotional control and have a meltdown.  Really?  This is the quirk Yuma gets?  Oh, wait, I guess that does make sense, since she is ERRATIC already.

For once, the birthdays came before the baby…  Emilio goes first and rolls Mean to add to Erratic, and picks up Good Vampire.  Yeah, that is not conflicting at all.

Miranda, rolls Vegetarian, Squeamish, and Goofball and is hoping to be a Super Parent.  She is going to be moving out now… before the baby is born… anything to encourage the game to give Yuma twins (twins, not triplets, I am being specific here).

Okay, going back to the Emotion Bomb.  Yuma woke up with the emotion bomb moodlet + a mourning moodlet.    She literally cried for about one sim-hour and wiped out the two day mourning moodlet.  She is completely happy now.  The information on the emotion bomb says it is intense but doesn’t last long, and it appears to be correct.

No sir, this isn’t going to work.  Get back in here and fix this before Selene gets up and sees it.

Dumbass – and by the way, Emilio is our first vampire, which means the projects are going to be moved into the house, since we don’t want them dying while trying to complete them each week.

We have twins!  This brings the challenge count to 60/100.


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