100 Days: Day 2. One Sim, Different Ages

The basics of the challenge are to create a household and a build based upon the day’s theme or prompt. I have always loved these types of challenges – they are like scavenger hunts in a way. Once each household and build is completed, it will be uploaded to the gallery with the hashtag of #100DayCreativity and also #boolpropnet, because that is what I do.

One Sim Different Ages

  • Sims Creation: Make a sim of any age, then save and copy that sim and change the age. Goal is to make 6 sims (toddler, child, teen, young adult, adult, elder) based on the same sim. Try to make them look as different in style as possible without changing their facial features and body types.
  • For the Build: Build a house for your “family” of six sims: try to give each their own room to match their hair and clothing style.
  • For Rooms: make six different rooms as above, but they don’t need to be arranged into a functional house.

Amy Manning-McGuire is a character I created once for a story that I have not written. But, I have outlined her life in great detail. When deciding on a sim for this challenge, I wanted to make each life stage unique to show her growth over the years. I approached this several ways – the first time to make a young adult and extend forwards and backwards, the second time to start with an elder and work backwards. Then I decided to recreate Amy in Sims.

Amy as a Toddler

Amy was a typical toddler. She was Independent most of the time but she also loves to be near her parents. As an only child, she got all of their attention, when they weren’t working.

Amy as a Child

Amy was a typical only child. Her father was a lawyer and her mother was a social worker. She grew up in an affluent neighborhood and while she never had everything she wanted, she always had everything she needed. And some of what she wanted. Because of the influence from her parents, she developed the Green Fiend trait early in her life. As a child, she wanted to be the smartest kid in her class.

Amy as a Teen

As a teen, Amy exceled in school. She didn’t work part-time, but she did spend her school vacations working on different mission trips each year. This would result in her studying Conservation in college. She got serious about her high school boyfriend and they were engaged by the time they graduated from high school. As a teen, Amy has the aspiration to find her Soulmate. She is Romantic and has already developed into a Green Fiend.

Amy as a Young Adult

As a young adult, Amy starts off as a college student. She gets married right after graduation from college and they will have twins two years later. Her husband dies a few months after the twins are born, leaving Amy a young, single mother of two. Amy has the aspiration to become an Eco Innovator and is a Green Fiend, Loves the Outdoors, and is Romantic.

Amy as an Adult

The story I wrote for Amy ended during her mid thirties but she aged well when I think of her. She never remarried although she had boyfriends throughout the years.

Amy as an Elder

As Amy entered into her twilight years, she decided to move to the beach somewhere. She is ready to slow down and relax, to enjoy her remaining years.

As a family, they move into the Hound’s Head lot in Brindleton Bay. Amy always had plenty of money and she inherited a fortune from her late husband.


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