Tribbles Legacy

Tribbles: A Legacy: James Kirk

Generation (0) Location Objectives: Completed the Location Aspiration (City Native) Join the Social Media (Internet Personality) – reached level 9, Reality Show Contestant Mastered the Singing Skill Mastered the Video Gaming skill Reached level 8 […]

Potter Legacy

Potter Legacy, Chapter 7

As we begin the 7th rotation,we are halfway through rehoming our households.  The Potter’s take advantage of the move to snag the Parkshore lot. Everyone settles in and catches up on what they need to […]

Not So Berry

Not So Berry – Mint Two

The newest challenge moves into their own world and settles on the empty lot in Magnolia Promenade.  They get an appropriate house that is more than they can afford.  And Chi takes a selfie. Time […]

Jordan in the City

Jordan in the City, Chapter 6

[yes, the name has been changed as my focus improves] Jordan and the girls are moved into San Myshuno, this time to the Torendi Towers.  Hopefully Jordan can paint enough to paint the bills. Jocelyn […]

Vampire Perfection

Dark Perfection, Chapter 6

Layla’s household is the next one to be moved to a new world.  Deciding to split up the three households from Forgotten Hollow, only Layla’s family moves – Lorcan, Tambra, and Maia.  They move into […]

Alien Invasion

Alien Invasion, Chapter 6

So, with the issues that I was having with the megaworld – I finally decided to split the households to their own save files.  This means that the Achievements are not going to be tracked […]

Build Newcrest

Build Newcrest, Chapter 6

I have been having trouble figuring out how to keep the world alive when each rotation can take six to nine weeks within the game.  Since I turned off aging for the entire world, none […]

Mega Challenge

Nom de Plume, Chapter 6

Disclaimer:  Not all of the events in this chapter were planned. Orchid and Nectar are working on their homework together.  One is in a loud phase, the other is in a mean phase, but they […]

Mega Challenge

Potter Legacy, Chapter 6

Cecil is practicing chess with Nectar.  Since she is a playable sim, she will not be eligible to marry into the legacy. Cecil tells her a gross joke and she reacts accordingly. Gwen has the […]