Trailer Park Challenge

Hickey TPC: Down But Not Out

After working on the wedding rules a little, Tamilynn is still struggling along – without a restart.  She has to live with the decisions she has made.  All of them. Both of the dogs are […]

100 Baby Challenge

100 Babies of Grace, Yuma.2

And the alien invasion has started.  I really want them abducting the other sims.  If they abduct Yuma too often, I will have to dial that setting down.  Especially as I don’t have it set […]

DyNasty of Darkness

Proud of Darkness, Chapter 8

The first thing I did was update/tweak the house: 3rd floor/Attic remodel the attic for the black sheep -done Basement/Dungeon add the museum -done (top empty room) add holding cells for prisoners -done (four) add […]

Trailer Park Challenge

Hickey TPC: Introduction

What am I doing?  Why am I starting another challenge?  Because this one sounded like fun.  So here we are.  Let’s find out what we are doing first.  The trailer park challenge is basically a […]

100 Baby Challenge

Merry’s Intermission

I found my notes and was thinking about what I would have done if Indiana had been a girl. I still would have gone with Yuma because I had already put too much time and […]