100 Baby Challenge

100 Babies of Grace, Yuma.12

Creighton and Drusilla start off this chapter with extended potty training as they try to reach level 3 – they don’t because the maid comes to clean and he can’t clean while they are using […]

100 Baby Challenge

100 Babies of Grace, Yuma.7

Yuma jumps right into the action this update with a call to Terrance Connell and he is receptive to her advances.  She also realizes one of Merry’s tricks was that she Beguiled her targets first.  […]

Immortal Teenager

Bella Immortal 1.1

There is a new challenge over at Boolprop – The Immortal Teen. This challenge was created to celebrate Boolprop’s 13th birthday in November (2005-2018) and is all about the teenager.  So, for this challenge I […]

100 Baby Challenge

100 Babies of Grace, Yuma.6

Ahh, welcome back to the happiest of my challenges.  Yuma’s biggest challenge is to have a lot of babies with a lot of sims.  Since Solar moved out last time, there is an opening available, […]

Boolprop EPIC

EPIC Rules for Sims 4

I am planning on playtesting these rules for the Boolprop EPIC at some point soon – after I finish one or more of my current challenges.  These are in the process of being converted from […]