Close Encounter Academy

Karma Academy: Chapter 4

Cali may hate children, but that doesn’t let her off from taking care of Astraea.  She helps her with her potty training, almost getting her to level 2.  Almost – 99%. Then Astraea follows her […]

Long Way Around

Long Way Around: House 001.2

Despite needing lots of sleep, Juliana is wakened from her first night sleeping in something resembling a bed, by aliens wanting to do who knows what. Really? Juliana goes back to bed until morning and […]

Long Way Around

Long Way Around: House 001.1

What is one more challenge?  Let’s find out.  The Drifter challenge is a set of mini house challenges where you start with a single sim in a specified lot.  They have a challenge to complete […]

DyNasty of Darkness

Proud of Darkness, Chapter 16

Hmm, I wonder what they could be fishing for? Tempting, but no.  Although Vanity probably should have said yes. Another good day at work although it doesn’t come with a promotion. Vanity contacts aliens and […]

Sliding Doors

Shannon: Door 1, Week 7.1

I was reading back through the rules and realized that I could, should be training the toddlers through level 3 in their skills without whims.  That can be considered the same as school, career, or […]

Close Encounter Academy

Karma Academy: Chapter 3

Felix tells the bartender about his experiences with the aliens.  She just gives him more wine. Felix needs to max out rocket science and normally I would just send him up on multiple space missions, […]

Queen Bee Challenge

Honey, Let Me Bee: Drone 1.3

Still here, not a dream. Adrien decides to wake up Asher so that he isn’t in this nightmare alone. Before he can ask for anything from Asher, Alyssa comes in asking for attention. While Asher […]

Monster Mash

Manley Monster Mash 1.8

Danna reaches the top of the cooking skill and completes her new year’s resolution.  The only one not completed yet is Kelly – she still needs that last badge. Toby drinks the ghost goo and […]

Monster Mash

Manley Monster Mash 1.7

Danna mourns for Leann.  All the time I have tried to have someone freeze to death and Leann did it when it wasn’t necessary. Toby starts off by taking a job as a Scientist, level […]