Close Encounter Academy

Karma Academy: Chapter 13

While everyone sleeps, Puck works.  Puck also doesn’t get his own room.  He will be sharing a room with Astraea and Jayceon until Athena moves out. Once he reaches level 5 communication, his next task […]

Close Encounter Academy

Karma Academy: Chapter 11

Astraea is “almost” finished with her mission objectives.  She still has to finish upgrading the rocket, which she is doing as they have the money to pay for it. That means there hasn’t been any […]

DyNasty of Darkness

Proud of Darkness, Chapter 20

Avarice makes sure that Twinkle has been fed so that she doesn’t feed on the wrong sim. Vanity heads into the kitchen to make some french toast for the littlest monster.  Raven assumes that means […]

Lame Name Game

Lame Name Game 1.4

Welcome back to Newcrest, where the rain never stops. Alyxus wakes up and calls for Jade after she has already used her diaper.  Too late now.  Jade takes the day off because there are too […]

Close Encounter Academy

Karma Academy: Chapter 10

Astraea is working on maxing logic. Level 9 and counting. Jayceon is still cranking out paintings.  As he paints them and sells them, Astraea spends the money on the house.  They now have finished walls […]