Close Encounter Academy

Karma Academy: Chapter 6

Astraea rolls Music Lover to go with Genius and she rolls Master Vampire, which is impossible since she is an alien.  She will be working on Nerd Brain aspiration as a Young Adult so she […]

Lame Name Game

Lame Name Game 1.3

Darien and Jade remember to take selfies for the wall.  They haven’t decided yet if they are going to do photos or paintings, so they are covering their bases for now. When Jade when to […]

Queen Bee Challenge

Honey, Let Me Bee: Drone 1.4

Time to wake up…  Allison is starving and there is nothing in the fridge for her to eat. Allison watches while Asher makes fruit salad for breakfast.  I tried to pick something that didn’t need […]

Trailer Park Challenge

Hickey TPC: Full House Again

To start things off, someone needs to get a job.  Since Quebec was fired during his last shift, he can’t return to Culinary.  That means he will be taking a job in the Gardener career, […]

Close Encounter Academy

Karma Academy: Chapter 5

Astraea rolls (random trait generator) Genius with the Positivity challenge aspiration (changed to Whiz Kid by me).  She was also a Top-Notch Toddler and will be the heiress for the second generation, no matter what […]