2020.10 Sims go to University, part 1

This challenge is to see how well your three sims will do in university at the end of three semesters when they are only being controlled once every third day.

3 Little Sims go to University

July 27 to August 16


A 3 Little Sims challenge is one where you have 3 Sims in the household, but you can control only one per day, i.e., Sim 1 on the first day, Sim 2 on the 2nd, Sim 3 on the 3rd, then Sim 1 on the 4th, etc. In this challenge, your 3 Sims will all go to university and try to do well in their classes. You will be allowed to control all 3 Sims right at the beginning, when they apply to university and for scholarships until they have all received an acceptance letter and have enrolled. After that, you must stick to one Sim per day, and stick to the order and changeover time you’ve established. The challenge ends the 3rd time that they all get their grades.


Grades: At the end of each term, add up the grades of your 3 Sims as follows: A+ = 10pts. A = 9pts. A- = 8pts. B+ = 7pts. B = 6pts. B- = 5pts. C+ = 4pts. C = 3pts. C- = 2pts. D = 1pt. At the end of the 3rd term, add up the grades of all three of your Sims.

Student Loans: For each student loan used, count -10pts.

Start Time: To use as a tie breaker, please note the time that your 3rd Sim enrolls for the first term, e.g. Tuesday, 7:45 am.

Total: Subtract the Student Loan total (if any) from the Grades total.

Creating the 3 Little Sims

Using CAS stories, create a household of 3 YA Sims. Vampires and Spellcasters are not allowed. While creating each Sim, you may bypass as many as 3 questions.

Simmy #1

Destinee Knowles

Destinee was created by choosing the top choice on the first ten questions. I won’t be bypassing any questions, and I am not even reading them. Top button for Destinee. Then her name was randomized, taking the first option that was given. I did update their appearance and made each of the three sims female.

Destinee’s Story

  • Traits: Good, Music Lover, Lazy
  • Aspiration: Super Parent
  • Career: Activist
  • Skill: Level 3 Parenting and Mixology
  • Starting Funds: Standard

Simmy #2

Elena Patel

It took two attempts to get Elena created since the first attempt popped out a spellcaster. Elena was created using the middle option on each of the first ten questions.

Elena’s Story

  • Traits: Romantic, Ambitious, Foodie
  • Aspiration: Fabulously Wealthy
  • Career: Activist
  • Skill: Level 3 Cooking and Wellness
  • Starting Funds: High

Simmy #3

Dallas Rea

Shannon was created by choosing the last option on the first ten questions. She also took two attempts as she came out a vampire the first time.

Dallas’s Story

  • Traits: Ambitious, Geek, Perfectionist
  • Aspiration: Leader of the Pack
  • Career: Criminal
  • Skill: Level 3 Charisma and Writing + Mischief level 2
  • Starting Funds: Standard

As instructed, once the three little sims are created, they move to Britechester, into the Honeydew Fields lot. Thanks to Elena swinging high funds, they have to give back §25,000 before getting started. When they check the household inventory, there are some career items that can be sold. Then they strip down the house, leaving just the basics to get them through the challenge. The select the lot traits of Study Spot, Geothermal, and Natural Well.

Now they need to add some buffer to their savings, since they are almost broke. Elena purchases the box of decorations and spends time rummaging to see what she can find to sell.

Destinee begins taking pictures to sell while Dallas is the first to apply to university and for scholarships.

After Dallas has applied, she begins taking pictures and Destinee sends in her applications.

Once Elena gets to a stopping point, she will also send in her applications and then all of the goodies will be sold to see how they have done on making money without actually doing much of anything.

That look…

Even better…

All of their applications are submitted by Sunday at 11 am. Now they just have to wait on acceptance and on student loans.

After Elena’s rummaging, they should have enough to pay for the first semester. And just in time because the neighbors have come by to welcome them to the neighborhood.

I love Angela and Lilith and one of these days, I am going to make a point to play them. In the meantime, enjoy this shot of Lilith telling a story that shocks Angela.

As the welcome wagon event winds down, the ubiquitous fruit cake makes its appearance.

With money in the bank, each of the girls heads off for skills class in Research & Debate. They actually attend the class four times each so that they are at level 3.

Then they begin setting up the house as it will be for the duration of the challenge. They each get a small desk and laptop – the cheap one of course.

There are three decent single beds, one for each.

The tub is swapped out for a shower, to encourage faster cleanliness.

The mail comes nice and early Monday morning, but only brings the acceptance letters and scholarship information for Destinee and Dallas. Elena has to wait a little while to find out her acceptance.

Destinee and Dallas enroll in University of Foxbury and they each select a distinguished degree. Then they get busy on the homework.

One of the last changes to the house is to replace the fridge and stove so they will have a better chance of good food.

The fruit cake is still there, but slowly it is getting eaten.

Elena checks her status online and while she is accepted to university, she was not accepted into any of the distinguished degrees. She enrolls in Foxbury so that she can take the Culinary Arts classes, and the official start time is Monday, week 1, 5:15 pm.

Dallas and Destinee had received their direction to study before Elena enrolled, so Elena will be the first one controlled. The changeover each day will be at 5:15 pm. I haven’t decided the order yet, but will do so tomorrow when they change from Elena to the next sim.

Destinee is still working through her queued actions, but she won’t be able to refine or present until it is her day of control. She ended up with classes that require two term papers, one presentation, and one final exam. She is going to give me the most grief I expect.

Dallas is working on her term papers, but again she will not be able to refine or submit until her day of control. She has classes with two term papers and two final exams.

Destinee has passed beyond my control for the day and is chilling on the couch with her phone and the stereo.

Elena is under my control so once she finished her homework for all four classes, she is now working on her one term paper. She will have three final exams so this is actually an easy semester for her. Dallas has finished her queued actions and she and Destinee are enjoying their relative freedom.

At the end of the first day – changeover from Elena to Destinee, Elena has completed and submitted her term paper and is caught up on her homework. The next in control will be Destinee.

The first thing Destinee does is to refine her presentation and pack it away in her inventory for the presentation tomorrow morning.

Then she writes and edits and submits both term papers. She finishes just in time for her one class today. She also makes her presentation and begins to work on her homework.

Destinee and Elena are making good choices and working on homework, while Dallas reads a book.

Dallas falls into line – peer pressure – and she puts away the book and starts working on her homework. Of course it is now time to switch control, which will move from Destinee to Dallas.

Dallas has to write, edit, and submit two term papers of her own. So she will come back to the homework later. She is ahead of the game since she actually wrote her two term papers during the waiting period for Elena to enroll, so she just has to edit and submit them now.

Dallas forms a group and suggests that they all do their homework together. Elena joins her for a homework session at the table, but Destinee is caught up so she just keeps them company. Tired of seeing her cold weather outfit, Dallas asks Destinee to show them her everyday outfit. She did, and then she started griping about something.

Dallas is finishing up the last of her homework before she heads upstairs to sleep until time for class.

Destinee can sleep anywhere.

While Dallas sleeps away the remaining time of her control, I learned something new. I never realized that the ground installed solar panels got dirty and needed cleaning. Elena is right on that for us though. And as it is time to switch control to Elena, she is pretty much left to finish. All of her homework and her one term paper is caught up, so she is just chilling until her classes in the morning. I do send her to bed to actually sleep as she has a tendency to just nap.

Everyone should have a good term this first semester. They were all able to complete their term papers and presentations and stayed caught up on their homework fairly well.

No one has Free Services, so Elena will be the one to repair it when she gets back from class. Then she is queued up for her homework, and control switches to Destinee.

Destinee catches up on her homework first thing. It is Friday evening and they have the entire weekend with the last day of school, for those with final exams, will be on Monday.

Destinee groups with Dallas to get her working on her homework also.

Destinee gets to repair the sink since it breaks on her watch.

This is rare – for all three to be sleeping at the same time.

Dallas is so over this school thing. She keeps complaining about the homework.

Destinee explains that they have to do really well this first semester because they won’t have the time to get ahead for the rest of their semesters.

The last thing Destinee has before transferring control to Dallas is to repair the entertainment center.

Dallas actually did most of her homework before taking control. She just has to complete one last class.

The girls spend the rest of the weekend dancing and watching television and playing or chatting on the computer. Dallas is about to switch control to Elena.

With nothing to do before the final exams, Elena settles for cleaning the solar panels.

The first semester has been completed. Term papers written, presentations presented, final exams taken. They are waiting on their grades and then they will register for the second semester. Control changes from Elena to Destinee while they watch a movie and wait for their grades.

The grades are in and everyone did good. Not sure what Dallas did wrong for her one class with that B, but she did get A+ in the other three classes. They are off to a good start but I am not going to hold my breath that the second and third semesters are going to be just as good.


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