2020.10 Sims go to University, part 2

The second semester begins in the morning, so Destinee does her best to get her roommates to join her in getting their initial homework done.

Some days grouping up works better than others.

I haven’t looked at all of the schedules yet, but I am excited about Destinee – she only has the one presentation and the rest will be final exams. That also means she has one class today (Tuesday and Thursday) but three classes on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. She will be able to give her presentation after class today and then will just have to keep up with her homework the rest of the term.

Destinee comes back from her class and heads off immediately to make her presentation. When she is done, she spawns in an unreachable place. This is literally as close as I can get the camera to her.

Back at the house, she completes her homework for the day and then she repairs the solar panel. I normally use the roof mounted solar panel, so not only can they get dirty, they can also break, and they can be upgraded to be self-cleaning and unbreakable.

Then it is time time hand off the control to Dallas.

Dallas is full of the sadness because Eleanor passed away. This is why I don’t like for my sims to make friends, or even know other sims.

Destinee cleans while Dallas and Elena try to get their homework caught up.

The eco inspector comes by and he gives them passing marks – and offers to reduce their bill next week.

Elena isn’t even trying to get her homework done.

Dallas heads off for class and then to give her presentation, still with the sadness.

Back home, she needs to write two term papers (probably should have had her do the term papers before the homework). Of course her laptop dies, but the repair service was still on the lot. Dallas doesn’t even have time to do any repairs, and every single solar panel is broken now. She is running out of time because it is about to be time to hand over control to Elena.

Dallas is working hard on her term papers.

It is time to switch to Elena, and Dallas is queued up to finish writing the second term paper, do her homework, and then edit the first term paper. She won’t be able to submit them until her next control.

Elena finally gets a chance to catch up on her homework. She only has one term paper to write, so she is not quite as stressed as Dallas.

It is about that time where everything starts breaking. Since Elena only has the one term paper, she takes the time to repair the laptop herself. Dallas has given up working on anything but she will have one more day of control before the last day of the semester.

Elena has finished everything and is heading off to her one class today.

Elena passes control to Destinee, giving her to joy of repairing the entertainment center.

Dallas needs to sort out her priorities. She will eventually find a shower, but she stinks up the place for most of the day.

The days are flying by as the second semester winds down. It is time to move from Destinee to Dallas, and I actually find them doing homework. Destinee because I told her to and Dallas because she remembered that she still needed to get caught up.

Dallas finally gets to edit her last term paper and submits both papers.

Then she heads upstairs to finish up her homework. Once done, she will be ready for the last day of the semester. Destinee is also ready, just leaving Elena to finish up her homework for the last day.

Saturday is spent chilling out for the most part. Dallas has to make sure everything is not broken. She didn’t quite get the toilet repaired in time and Destinee is regretting that they only have one bathroom. But oh well.

Dallas hands off control to Elena and it is time to get the last of the homework done for the second semester.

Elena is behind on three of her four classes, so she will be finishing this up and then will make sure everything is repaired and cleaned around the house.

Once Elena is finished, there is nothing else to do for this semester. Nothing but the final exams on Monday.

Destinee volunteers to clean all of the solar panels, and basically, they are all just piddling at speed 3.

Elena was getting a little bored and lonely, so she calls movie night (day, whatever). Apparently the movie she chose was boring because Dallas kept passing out from boredom.

Dallas heads out to clean the solar panels. They didn’t get dirty again, but rather Destinee was called in for the movie before she finished cleaning.

And the control passes to Destinee. Sunday is coming to a close, and Monday is final exam day, and the end of the second semester.

Destinee had an entire conversation with the shower. I guess. She isn’t Erratic so no idea what is happening here.

Everyone heads to bed (I’m shocked) and they get a good night’s sleep in preparation for their final exams.

Destinee is the last one home – all finals have been completed and grades should be out shortly.

The control passes to Dallas before the grades come out, so she will be starting off the last semester.

Well, that is disappointing. Dallas really took the hit on her classes, probably because the term papers were not submitted before the last class day on Thursday. At least she will get to start off this semester and maybe get her grades back up.

Dallas has to complete a presentation, term paper, and two final exams. She also didn’t get credit for the two classes that she Failed (duh), and she is on Probation. In fact, all three girls have the same – two final exams, one presentation, and one term paper.

Dallas considered trying to get everyone working on homework before starting her presentation, but she decided that getting her presentation and term paper ready to submit was more important right now.

Destinee and Elena still went to do their homework, which is great.

Dallas is trying to stay focused – she finished the presentation and will present it after her first class – and now she is working on her term paper. Elena and then Destinee keep coming over to talk to her while she is working. Despite the distractions, she is able to get the term paper written and submitted.

As she hands control over to Elena, Dallas has completed both the term paper and the presentation, so she just has to keep up with the homework now.

Elena gets started, hoping to replicate Dallas’s progress for this semester. Presentation done and ready to submit, term written and submitted before Thursday class.

Dude, really?!?

Dumbass left a mess for someone to clean up – and Elena does not have time yet.

More distractions and interruptions. Elena is giving Destinee a look to back the hell off.

She finished the presentation and is working on the term paper. She does make it before she has to leave for class.

They have given up even trying to do the repairs themselves. Today, everything broke.

Elena’s day comes to an end – she has completed and submitted both her presentation and term paper and is spending the evening completing her homework. I hope, since control is now switching to Destinee.

It is finally Destinee’s turn to get the work done for this semester. She completes both the presentation and the term paper, including edits, and submits the term paper before going to her first class on Thursday.

I could have sworn that Destinee had made her presentation – she was sent to do just that after her first class.

Thankfully I saw this before time to switch control to Dallas and sent her out to do it again. Unfortunately, it was after the class the presentation was for so I am not optimistic about that grade any more.

Dallas starts her day of control by getting the last two homework completed for Friday’s classes. They should all have one more round of homework – the two classes that have finals on Monday. We are that close to being done.

Destinee is pissed because Dallas woke her up at 8 am for finals. First, she is lazy so do not wake her up. Second, her first final today is at 1:30 pm.

The day winds down and Dallas passes control to Elena. This is the last rotation.

This is the last set of homework. Dallas finished hers as the control changed, Elena will finish hers because I control her at the moment. Destinee will finish hers tomorrow when she takes control, if she doesn’t finish tonight. It is the weekend, so speed 3 to Monday. We won’t get to Wednesday, but all three will become Adults then. If there was a future past Monday.

The girls don’t really know what to do with their time these days.

But they are spending a lot of time together, even more than before.

As much as these break, I will definitely be using the roof mounted version and not the ground installation.

I got bored, and since there isn’t any males in the group, no one can get pregnant, which is how I normally handle it when I get bored. So, they are going ice skating. Dallas ran ahead to get there first, and she was also the first one to leave and go home.

All three of them are skating and Angela and Lilith were also invited, but whatever.

Dallas has gone home and Destinee’s lazy trait is asking WTF is she doing… so they go home also. It is also time to switch from Destinee to Dallas. And it is Sunday night, so tomorrow is the last day of the challenge – final exams and final grades. Of course, we already know that even if Dallas passes all of the classes, she is still two credits short from graduating.

Despite being almost college graduates, here they are mopping up the water before repairing the plumbing. Dallas is set to task and she gets the toilet repaired. Then she has to repair the fridge and that is shocking. Eventually I just send her to bed and replace the items that are broken. They can afford since the challenge is just about over.

Just about over.

And it is over but for the crying. Just need those grades now.

And the final grades are in… I really don’t understand Dallas’s grades because she did all the work and on time. Destinee is the one that was late with her presentation.





I didn’t sort the score by sim, only by grades. No one took a loan so there isn’t any penalties.

  • Points for Grades: 265
  • Loan Penalty: 0
  • Total Score: 265


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