2020.11 Nuts for Collections

This challenge is all about collecting. But the collections must be completed to count, with a multiplier for working on Nature aspirations.

Nuts for Collections

August 17 to September 6


It’s probably not just me that is a bit nuts for collections. I know a few Sims that feel the same. So put on your shoes and search the world for all the collectibles that are out there.


CC (Complete Collections):** Give yourself 100 points for all completed collections. Please do not specify which collections you finished when posting.
**A complete collection means obtaining every possible item of any given type with all the expansion content you have installed. More expansions installed may mean you have more items to obtain for a certain collection.

AM (Aspiration Multiplier): This is a multiplier for finishing any of the components of any of the different Nature Aspirations. For level finished you add 5% to your starting multiplier of 1.00.

Total: Just multiply your Complete Collections and your AM together for your Total.

Create 2 Young Adult sims (aliens and spellcasters are allowed)

Noveleah Nash (blue) is an alien: Geek, Genius, Loves Outdoors, Nanabeth Nelson (green) is a spellcaster: Geek, Loves Outdoors, Insider. They both take a Nature aspiration initially. Only Nature aspirations are allowed, but can be swapped out as needed. Also, only duplicate collectibles can be sold for cash, so they will be stockpiling anything they obtain that is not a collectible. They have two weeks to do their best.

They move to the empty lot in Sulani – Key Point – for the Oceanic Paradise lot trait. The Off the Grid lot trait was removed and they took Great Soil and Science Lair as replacements. They are starting in summer, 28-day season with no weather effects. And they will be sneaking and opening presents throughout their time. Two holidays were created: Egg Hunt and Gnomes.

Nanabeth has the Insider trait so she joins The Good Timers so they will have access to Rally the Troops. And she really wants to kick everyone else out and change the activities, but first she will have to wrest the club away from Bjorn.

After taking some pictures of and with Bjorn, Nanabeth begins her pitch for him to step down.

It makes him sad to do so, but he eventually agrees to turn over control of the club to her. She promptly changes the activities and kicks out everyone that is not Novaleah.

Regarding aspirations… It will only be possible to complete the first milestone of Eco Innovator since there is a career requirement in the second milestone. Since the first milestone is extremely easy, Nanabeth and Novaleah complete it almost immediately after starting the challenge. Then they both switch to The Curator as it should be easy to complete and give them collectibles for the challenge and to sell. They start off by heading over to the park in Willow Creek where Nanabeth catches frogs and Novaleah begins fishing.

Every time I lose track of one, I find them swimming. Then they never change back to their regular clothes, so whatever. I am not really getting into a groove with them. Collecting while playing a family is a smoother process, mostly because with this challenge I am on the clock and that is causing me just a little stress.


At this point, they have each completed four milestones and together they have completed one collection. It is still early.

I got into the playing and didn’t take a lot of pictures. Novaleah is working on mastering fishing and completing the Angling Ace aspiration while Nanabeth works on collecting the items with the computer – postcards, holiday plushies, and voidcritter cards. She is also collecting seed packs from the gnomes – basically a permanent gnome holiday.

Every once in awhile I send her back to do some fishing and she has been taking the rocket out also.

Then the aliens and the vampires struck at about the same time. When Vlad realized there was no one asleep, he played with the game pad for a bit and then left.

I thought there would be a spice festival today – but honestly, I can’t even remember seeing the notifications for any of the other holidays. They went to the city to be on scene when the festival started, and then it didn’t. So they went off to fish and try to catch the last two frogs.

Since Nanabeth is a spellcaster, she heads off to the Magical Realm to work on her aspiration and Novaleah tags along to hit the shops and see if there is anything to collect.

It takes a bit to get a potion learned, but when they leave she has completed one milestone of the aspiration. That might be all she gets as it is taking too much time and no collectibles to show for it.

At the end of the first week – Sunday 8am (Week 2 day 1), they have completed four collections and have several more that are close to being completed. They have each completed ten milestones. One more week.

They get one shot at the Flea Market and I was really hoping it would have some good collectibles. By leaving and returning, the table resets and there is a different grouping. So, the first two times she cleared off of the metals. Then Baako brings toys.

Finally, there are two times with frogs, but not the two frogs they still need.

Then time ran out and the flea marketing ended.

Back home, Nanabeth is working on mastering rocket science so she can upgrade the rocket to travel to Sixam. She crashed and burned twice (§1,000 to repair each time), but she survived so that is good.

Finally, she gets to Sixam. It takes her two trips to complete geodes and she makes a lot of progress on the aliens.

Coming home, I find Novaleah has given up and desperation wins out. This is the same bush they pee in.

As time begins to run out, they make a 24-hour trip to Granite Falls. I don’t expect they will complete plants, insects, or the aspiration, but they do get the first milestone done, each, and they bring home lots of duplicates that can be sold.

Roasting beetles. Novaleah has enough to finish both plates, but Nanabeth can only get one done.

The challenge is winding down quickly and I am looking for things they can still get done before the deadline. Nanabeth really needs to master fishing and complete the Angling Ace aspiration.

Novaleah decides they have enough time for a 24-hour turnaround to Selvadorada.

The both started off working on Jungle Explorer but while Nanabeth breezed right through the culture milestone, Novaleah couldn’t do anything related so she just followed along to dig up metals and crystals. Nanabeth is going straight for the heart of the temple, and she has been poisoned. Plus other relative disasters.

Noveleah puts out the strange man – puts out the fire engulfing the strange man. They just don’t have time for an idiot to die. Not even sure how he caught on fire, and really don’t care.

Nanabeth was able to complete two milestones for Jungle Explorer but she was not able to fight off the poison. And the challenge is ending within twelve hours, so she will just suffer.

At least Novaleah wasn’t doing anything important.

As the time runs out, they tend to the itty bitty garden hoping one plant will be ready to evolve. That is all Novaleah needs to complete another milestone. But it was not to be.


Nanabeth and Novaleah completed seven collections and then bought three Knights to complete three more collections. For the math challenged, that is ten scoring collections completed. Then they completed 28 milestones between them.

  • Points for completed collections: 1,000 (10 collections x 100 points)
  • Less penalty for the knights: -15 (3 knights x -5 points)
  • Total collections: 985 (1,000 – 15)
  • Multiplier: 1.00 + (28 x .05) = 2.40
  • Points calculated: 985 x 2.40 = 2,364

Final score: 2,364 points

Collections Completed:

  • Postcards
  • Microscope Prints
  • Space Rocks
  • Geodes
  • Decorative Eggs
  • Voidcritter Cards
  • Holiday Plushies
  • Frogs (+Knight)
  • Elements (+Knight)
  • Aliens (+Knight)


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