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This challenge is for the kids – gotta teach those kids.

Skilling the Kids – Hybrid Education

September 7 to September 27


Many schools are currently using a hybrid approach to education – part-time at school, part-time homeschooling. Your Sims will be doing the same. In addition to teaching toddler skills, your Sim parents will have their child and teen Sims home three days per week learning skills.


Toddler: Maxed toddler skills = 30 points each.

Child: Maxed childhood skills = 20 points each.  An “A” in school as a child = 20 pts.

Teen: Maxed teen/adult skills = 15 points each.  An “A” in school as a teen = 15 pts.

SM: Skill Multiplier. Everyone starts with a multiplier of 1. Each skill level for non-maxed skills (toddler, child, and teen) add .002 to the multiplier. (Note this before they age up.)

Total: Add the Toddler, Child, and Teen amounts and then figure in the multiplier for your Total.

Mom: Louisa Breguet

  • Traits: Family-oriented, Good, Neat
  • Aspiration: Super Parent

Dad: Jacques Breguet

  • Traits: Family-oriented, Good, Genius
  • Aspiration: Super Parent

To start this off, I want all of the toddler points, so they are going to be the first adopted. They will also be toddlers until they master all of their skills. I am planning on them living in the open so for once I turn off the weather effects. I also started in Newcrest and they are bad about the thunderstorms scaring toddlers. And everyone else in the household.

Having some funds to get started, they setup the basic living camp. I know I am forgetting something but I will remember it when it is needed, if so.

Louisa starts off first by heading out to adopt the first toddler. Lauren.

Jacques is sent to make a garden salad since the toddlers will need something to eat at some point.

Louisa begins Lauren’s journey on the potty while Jacques heads off to adopt the second toddler.

Juliet joins the family and after a quick welcoming hug, it is time to get these toddler trained.

Potty training has begun in earnest.

OMG, Lauren is so adorable. I am really liking the blonde hair and dark eyes. Also, Lauren is Angelic and Juliet is Wild.

Aww, so cute.

Louisa heads off to make the next adoption while Jacques keeps the toddlers on the potty. The goal is to have it mastered today before their needs tank.

Louisa brings home Lucas and he is sent to begin working on the art table. He is Mean and he is pissed to find out there are siblings.

While Jacques is off picking up the next child, Louisa begins encouraging Lucas.

Joining the family now is Jasper.

He is sent for a bubble bath and then off to the monkey bars next door to begin working on motor.

And I just remembered what I forgot – lot traits. The lot is changed to Tiny Home and the following traits are added: Child’s Play, Good Schools, and Study Spot.

Deciding to forgo the dangerous stove, Jacques hires a caterer to come over and stock up the fridge. She actually does a pretty good job.

Jacques and Louisa both tag team the encouragement for Lucas.

Lauren is the first one to master the potty and she moves over the work on communication.

Juliet was just a little behind Lauren, mastering the potty, and now she is working on movement.

And that is two skills mastered for Lauren.

She started working on imagination but she couldn’t continue. The day is over and everyone is sleeping. Lauren is the only one to pass out.

At the end of the day, Lauren and Juliet have mastered three skills and have another 9 skill levels. Jasper and Lucas are sitting at 7 skill levels between them, plus their homework is completed for tomorrow.

The kids are all sleeping giving Jacques and Louisa a chance to relax and talk. At the moment, the four kids are in the one tent giving Jacques and Louisa the other tent. But that will change when the teens are adopted.

Morning comes and everyone is up to get some work done before school.

I realized two things. It is Monday morning and they have no money left. Jacques and Louisa split the hood up and make a collecting run.

I believe this is where Juliet masters communication.

Lauren needs to be energetic for the movement skill, so she runs around naked to overcome the sadness from the scary slide.

They both act like they want her to stop, but she is doing just what she is supposed to so they have to leave her alone. Thankfully, they don’t scold her autonomously.

Juliet moved to the end of the slide so Lauren can’t get down. I had to move the slide to fix that problem.

While Lauren is off of the slide, Jacques gives her a spin, which kills the sadness and adds to her energy.

Leveling movement while energetic is really fast.

These two keep wandering away from the kids, but never from each other.

I decided that collecting isn’t what I want them to do, so Louisa begins rummaging for decorations to sell, and Jacques brings out a pile of presents.

I believe this is where Lauren masters imagination. Juliet is losing ground and falling behind.

The boys went to school and then came home. First thing, they each open a present and sneak a present. Then they do their homework, and then they do their project.

Lauren only lacks thinking, so she is following everyone around today watching them.

Juliet finally mastered imagination and then took a slide to complete movement. That just leaves her with thinking now also.

Lauren has mastered all of her skills and is ready for a birthday cake.

Louisa runs over to make a cake, while Lauren grabs a quick nap on the ground. Juliet is “watching”

Lucas finishes his child project.

Louisa helps Lauren blow out her candles.

Lauren rolled for her trait – perfectionist, and then took the mental aspiration. Does really matter since she is just going to be working on the skills.

Lucas has the excellent castle while Jasper has the good castle. All of the children will be making the castles for their child-age projects.

Juliet is being a pain in my ass. She is constantly angry which makes building her thinking skill slow.

Then she throws temper tantrums and that causes her parents to stop to check on her, which short-circuits her next actions.

She is so freaking close to finishing, I just want this mastered so that she can blow out some candles.

And there it is. All skills are mastered and she is ready for her birthday.

Jacques almost had her at the cake when he had to put her down so that Louisa could ask her what is wrong, Juliet could throw a fit, Louisa could ask her again what is wrong.


She rolls Genius and I give her Whiz Kid. Then she gets some sleep while the other kids are at school.

The pod comes home – Lucas and Jasper have a B now, while Lauren is still carrying a C. Juliet is not impressed. She is working on her project, or rather, she was.

Homework and then skills. They each peel off at different times for baths and food, and then they head to bed when it gets dark.

All four child projects are done, from left to right: Lucas, Jasper, Lauren, Juliet. For the time keepers, it is Tuesday evening, week 1.

The kids don’t quite make it through the night, so since they are awake, it is time to begin taking care of needs and getting some skills before school.

Since there aren’t any toddler, my picture taking has gone way down. Lucas is the first one to master a child skill – creativity.

He then joins Jasper on the monkey bars and begins working on motor. Jasper masters motor before bedtime and moves to creativity.

They take breaks to get their homework done, but the boys will be taking a vacation day from school the rest of the week. The girls are both working on mental. By the end of the day (Wednesday week 1), all four kids have mastered a skill. I plan on keeping them children until Monday of week 2 because they will only have 13 days as a teen so might as well milk the children-days.


This is where I took an unintentional break from playing and mostly life in general as I caught Covid and spent a lot of time recovering. Still weak and all that, but at least the pain has stopped. Wear Your Masks!

While the kids are working on skills, Louisa and Jacques play on the swings. The swings are not for the adults, but I don’t really have anything else for them to do so it works for now.

Jasper masters creativity, which gives him two mastered skills.

Where the hell did the rain come from. I turned off weather and temperature effects for this challenge since they are staying outside the entire time. Turns out it is a bug related to Mystery Weather. Turning the effects on, saving, then back off and saving is the temporary fix.


Finally the weather is sunny again and all of the damaged appliances and electronics are replaced. The boys get back to skilling and Louisa rummages for items to sell to replace the money they just wasted.

Lauren earns an A so she will get tomorrow off from school. Juliet is still rocking that B so she will be attending school all on her own.

Lauren is the next one to master two skills.


Thursday evening of week 1 finds the four kids working on skills before bedtime. Only Juliet will be attending school on Friday. The rest will be pushing hard as they are just a few days from blowing out some candles. I might actually age them up on Sunday so they can start school on Monday.

It is Friday morning and while Juliet heads off to school, the other three are busy working on their skills.

It was a boring day for everyone, but at least Juliet finally earned her A. That is all four children with an A in school.

Lauren and Jasper are the first two to master three skills – now they are working on social.

A few hours later and Lucas has joined them.

They literally talked themselves senseless. Lauren has mastered all four skills. Stories make the skill jump quickly.

Jasper is second to master all four skills. I am going to try to wait for all four to have mastered the skills and then age them all up at once.


Juliet is playing catch-up. She has already mastered mental, and now just mastered motor.

This is where Lucas mastered the last skill.

I haven’t a clue why I took this.

Juliet is finally down the last skill – social.

Saturday morning, week 1, and it is time to have some birthday cake. All four children have an A in school and have mastered all four skills.

As soon as they have blown out the candles, Louisa heads out to the adopt the last child-to-teen – Jocelyn.

When Louisa gets home, Jacques adopts Lucian. Candles are blown and the house is full of teens now.


I was going back and forth on whether this could be one post or should be two posts. One week has been played and there are almost 2,000 words here. So, two posts. The teens will all be introduced at the beginning of the next post.


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