2020.12 Skilling the Kids P2

To get started, let’s meet the kids now that they are all teens. It is Saturday afternoon, week 1, so they all have their full teens days to spend skilling.

They are in no specific order other than this is how they show up on the family panel. Lucas is Mean and Paranoid. Won’t he be the life of the party. I rolled for everything, so their skills and traits are weird. His aspiration is Jungle Explorer which is much better than Super Popular or something like that.

Jasper is a Recycle Disciple and Hates Children. His aspiration is Chief of Mischief. He keeps stealing things around the lot.

Lauren is Materialistic and Perfectionist. She was a top-notch toddler and her aspiration is to be Friend of the World.

Juliet is a Loner and a Genius and wants to use her brains to live the Beach Life fully. She was also a top-notch toddler. Here she is hysterical so she needs to calm the fuck down.

Jocelyn is a Dog Lover and a Kleptomaniac. She wants to become Master Mixologist. Great. Another thief on the lot. But she is really cute.

Lucian is a Geek and Loves Outdoors. He wants to become a Party Animal.

First things first is to get the homework and school projects out of the way. Louisa and Jacques assist along the way but everyone gets it done.

The high school projects are completed. Homework is done. Everyone is ready for school on Monday. Now for more skills.

While the kids are busy working on their skills, Louisa and Jacques spend the afternoon in their tent, out of the way.

I finally swapped out the tents for some better beds. They get a brief respite each night as I send them to bed, pause, and update the score.

In the morning when they get up, the first thing they do is open a present.

Then they read until time for school – the only books in the house are skill books and reading is a club activity. After school, they each attend one skill class, complete their homework, and then read for the evening. They are currently “unlocking” as many skills as possible and selectively working on mastery of a couple.

While the kids are in school, Louisa and Jacques need distractions. Of course, that means no one can walk by for a little bit.

That was Monday, week 2. Now it is Tuesday and there is more of the same. The two skills they are working on mastering first are vampire lore and photography.

Jacques makes another rummage through the decor box because they have to pay for all of the classes – §250 per class x 6 teens daily.

The teens are struggling and will be allowed to spend today getting their needs in order. It is Tuesday, week 2.

I just realized the couch is gone. I saw a popup that someone stole it – either Jocelyn or Jasper, but of course it doesn’t show in inventory when they steal from themselves. Dumb-asses.

Jocelyn and Lucian have earned their A in high school and will be allowed to take vacation for the rest of the week. The plan is to attend school on Monday and Tuesday of each week to hit the “Sims must attend school at least two days per week” requirement. In reality, they attend until they get an A, then we go into the Monday-Tuesday arrangement (so next week). That is As for all of the teens.

You guys ain’t got no time for sickness. Get back to work!

They finally have a good enough cushion that this is the last time they open presents.

I lost control and track of Lucian and found him behind the “house” like this.

I decided to work everyone on singing. And they are awful.

This is better and I can watch them to make sure they stay on task. Plus they can work on comedy and acting with the microphone.

They have an audience of two. And Lauren is the first to defect, but the others follow her quickly.

I guess y’all are done?

More singing, but today they will begin mastering the skill.

I had to add two more microphones because Jacques kept pushing one of the teens off so he could sing. Dumb-ass.

Sunday morning, week 3. Only one more week of this.

Juliet does better when she can have some space. So she has been playing chess while the others work the microphone. When they stop for needs, then she gets her time. It would make sense to just move her microphone but whatever.

I do believe Jacques and Louisa are about ready to finish this challenge.

The teens are starting to master acting and comedy and as they do, they are being routed to another activity.

On her Louisa has mastered Dancing and now Acting.

Juliet is allowed to cook mac and cheese using the cauldron, because I believe, it won’t catch fire.

Real classy there Louisa.

Thursday – only three more days – everyone lines up for some time on the treadmill. As they get fatigued or pull a muscle they are sent over to do some fishing.

They are queued up to come eat as they stop fishing and these straggler are the last to get back. After this as I am sorting out their needs, there are several potty accidents. And thankfully teens generally don’t die from mortification because I have three mortified and another one is very embarrassed. Time for everyone to head to bed. This is Thursday evening – they only have Friday and Saturday remaining.

I am actually amazed I was able to get them all to fish at the same time.

The last few hours and everyone works on those last skills that were close to mastering. If nothing was close, they get something that I don’t have to keep queuing up.

The last skill to be mastered of the challenge is Jocelyn with Wellness. it is 2am Sunday morning, week 4.

Everyone quit on my about 6am and we called it a challenge.

Lauren wanted to make sure to end the challenge on a high note. Thanks!


  • Toddler: 10 maxed skills x30 = 300
  • Children: 16 maxed skills + 4 A’s x20 = 400
  • Teens: 56 maxed skills + 6 A’s x15 = 930
  • Total Maxed Skills = 1,630

Skill Multiplier: 296 levels x .002 = 0.592 + 1.00

Final Calculation: 1,630 x 1.592 = 2,594.96


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