2020.13 A Couple of KnitWits

As the year winds down, the challenge this time will be focused on knitting and comedy.

A Couple of KnitWits

September 28 to October 18


People wonder what goes on in the Knitwit household. One of them is always telling jokes; the other is always knitting. Does the knitting one ever feel tempted to weaponize a knitting needle? Does the jokester ever try to make the knitter drop a stitch? Who wears the sweaters in that household? Well, in this challenge, you can find out.


Knit: After completing the Lord or Lady of the Knits Aspiration, make 3 Forbidden sweaters and give them away to 3 different Sims.

Wit: After you complete the Joke Star Aspiration, you unlock the Hilarious Reward Trait allowing you to tell three unique jokes — the Weaponized Joke, Horrifying Joke, and the Funniest Joke in the World. You need to say all three to three different Sims.

Total: After completing the requirements for Knit and Wit, pause the game and note your Week, Day, and Hour and plug the information into [Lena’s Spreadsheet] to compute the total minutes.

Knitter: Kanya Kirby

  • Traits: Creative, Loner, Lazy
  • Aspiration: Lady of the Knits

Comedian: Kylie Kirby

  • Traits: Creative, Outgoing, Goofball
  • Aspiration: Joke Star

The ladies get started – Kanya begins knitting while Kylie works on Vampire Lore so that they can order plasma packs online.

Kylie is also working on earning aspiration points so that she can purchase Connections before getting a job in the Entertainer career.

With the trait bought, Kylie looks for a job in the career and takes the level 4 position. This means she only needs one promotion to check that milestone off, when she gets to it.

Now to work on comedy – Kylie tells jokes.

Kanya is still knitting. She probably won’t move from here much, except to take thoughtful showers.

Joke Star is one of the aspirations I rarely complete in my games. I forgot about the musical component, but at least it is just level 3 to get to the Comedian branch split.

I am pretty sure that this is where Kanya mastered knitting. Kylie is one level behind her having just got comedy to level 9.

Kanya finally sold her first, and only, item. A black and white beanie.

Kylie earns her promotion to level 5 entertainer and chooses the comedian track. It would have been truly awful if I had clicked on the wrong option.

Kanya shows off a sweater she knitted. I actually like this outfit a lot.

Gifting beanies to Kylie, Kanya needs Kylie to be happy with the gift three times. It takes six beanies to get three successes.

Truthfully, all she does is knit, shower, and drink plasma. I haven’t a clue why I took this picture.

Kylie masters comedy.

Nope, this is where she gets the promotion. No clue what the other picture was showing.

It is time to tell some jokes. She hits up Lilith Vatore since she was the only one out wandering around at midnight. Horrifying, Weaponized, and the Funniest Joke in the World. Take One.

It took 24 hours for the Funniest Joke to become available again. This time she is telling Minerva Charm and, apparently, Kanya also. She told Minerva but since Kanya listened, she also got the moodlets from hearing the jokes. Takes Two and Three.

In any other challenge, I can never get these good chance cards. Even though it doesn’t matter, of course Kylie said yes.

Finally getting to the end of the knitting aspiration. She still has one more legendary item to make, but takes a break to teach Kylie to knit.

And aspirations are done. Now Kanya has to knit three forbidden sweaters and then give them away to three different sims.

The three sweaters are made so it is time to gift them out. Bess Sterling, Caleb Vatore, and Wiki something-or-the-other are all pissed off at Kanya now. But the challenge is done.

Score: 8,182 minutes (finished Saturday morning, week 1, 12:22am)


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