2020.14 Finale: Ghost Family

The last challenge for 2020 is to build a ghost family, a family of ghosts, where everyone died in a different manner.

Ghost Family

October 19 to November 29


2020 has been a year like no other, so it only fits that we end it with a challenge like no other – with a house full of Playable Ghosts. I wonder how many of us will be earning the “Ghost Family” achievement for the first time?


Time (Minutes): When you move in your 8th ghost, pause your game and note the Week, Day, and hour. Plug the information into [Lena’s Spreadsheet] to give you the total minutes for your score.

Getting Started

  • Create 1 Human Sim, Teen or older.

Starting off this final challenge will be Hollie Michel. Hollie is Cheerful, Outgoing, and an Insider – and a Young Adult. Her aspiration is to become a Soulmate. It was going to be Leader of the Pack, but I changed my mind after starting the challenge.

  • In game, add seven other Sims to the household; any life stage, any life state except Ghosts.  Once in, no Sim can be removed from the household except by death.
  • Sims can be added only by “Ask to move in” or “Ask to join household” (no use of household management).
  • During the “move in” interaction, you can move any number of Sims from the other household into your household. But if you choose to move your household to the other lot, you must move in your entire household, and you can’t move any of the Sims in the target lot out of their lot.

Hollie has selected seven sims to join her in this house of death. Or ghost family, whatever you want to call it. Just know, everyone has to die to complete the challenge.

The basic rules…

  • Each Sim must complete a unique adult aspiration before death.
  • All 8 Sims must die in a different way.
  • After a Sim dies, any Sim in the household can invite the dead Sim’s ghost back into the household.
  • You must keep tombstones/urns on the property at all times.

Hollie moves into the empty lot in Forgotten Hollow – Fledermaus Bend. It is a very empty lot.

The first sim on her list is Judith Ward. That is the mansion she wants to live in and she might as well start with the best.

The way to add a celebrity is to create a club and hope they are an option to be added. Once added, then they have a connection and can be friended like a normal sim. Of course, Hollie is using the photos method so it is really fast and soon they are living together. Even better, the mansion only needs three windows to complete Mansion Baron for Judith.

Since Judith has completed her aspiration, I am ready to kill her off. Might as well get that done also. She adds an exotic pond and then stocks it with piranha. Then she goes out to play with the piranha.

Of course, she continues to play until she falls in and drowns.

Glug, glug, glug.

Grim drops by to collect her soul.

Hollie does her best to strengthen Judith’s connection to the physical world. Now to wait until she comes out to haunt so that Hollie can ask her to join the household as a ghost.

While waiting for night, Hollie moves on to her next target. Diego Lobo. Diego’s aspiration is Fabulously Wealthy and he is approximately §25,000 from completing it once he moves in with Hollie.

Hollie takes Diego with her to pick up the next target, Lilith Vatore. That look Caleb is giving Diego – someone is on the hunt.

Lilith is irritated about something but soon enough she agrees to join the household also.

Back at the mansion, Hollie is in the background trying to coax Judith out of the ground. Lilith is on the third milestone of her aspiration (Vampire Family) – she needs to turn five sims. Thorne Bailey makes the mistake of walking by, so he will be Offspring #1.

The rest of Lilith’s posse consists of Victor and Lily Feng, Brytani Cho, and Nancy Landgraab.

The posse, minus Thorne, compare notes and then they all get the hell out of dodge.

Lilith is feeling pretty proud of herself. Now they just have to turn in 36 hours so that she can begin training them. After that she just needs to be good friends with all five. And Judith did not come out to play tonight.

Hollie decides to get Soulmate done, even though that will put her on the chopping block, so to speak.

Diego was mostly amenable only rejecting her proposal once.

They have a typical quickie wedding in the bathroom.

Hollie is three romantic gestures away from completing Soulmate and it was a race to see who passed out first.

Hollie and Diego are ready to die, but while Lilith waits for her offspring to turn, Hollie heads out to move in the next pair of sims.

And actually, I thought Diego was ready but he is still just a touch short of completing Fabulously Wealthy. Raj and Geeta agree to move in with Hollie and that puts Diego over the top.

Back at the house, Hollie tricks Diego into the safe, and then locks him inside. I believe this will be starvation.

Starvation has to be the one that takes the longest, except maybe old age.

Hollie is trying so hard to become hysterical, and she did briefly but then she stepped back down to Very Playful. Raj is done with everything for his aspiration and is just waiting on that last promotion.

Judith finally comes out and Hollie gets her to rejoin the family.

It is her house after all, of course, she was going to come back.

Lilith finishes her aspiration and she will be working on the death by sunlight now. Of course today is going to be cloudy now.

Geeta is still trying to get the knitting aspiration completed. Damn, Plopsy.

Hollie is about to give up on hysteria. She also still needs to get the last two sims into the household. Tomorrow, as Geeta is the only one remaining working on an aspiration. The rest are just trying to figure out how to die.

Geeta finally sells something on Plopsy and she moves on to the next roadblock – excellent and legendary knits.

Lilith is trying to greet the sun, but it is raining today.

Hollie installs a sauna, so you know how she is going to die.

There she goes.

Grim should just pull up a chair.

Diego was stubborn but he finally died of starvation right after Hollie died from sauna steam.

Judith takes the moment to pick up Liberty and Summer for the last two spots in the house. I really hope I don’t regret the choice – they were not the stars in my practice.

Geeta and Raj are beginning to get the feeling there is something strange about this house.

Finally the sun is out. Lilith refuses to stay outside and is driving me nuts.

Judith takes her for a walk and keeps her distracted for a few minutes. They do not like each other.

Finally, Lilith spends the rest of her life cloudgazing.

Judith acts all surprised, but she is a full participant at this point.

Raj earns his promotion and completes his aspiration. His turn is coming now.

Summer has to master charisma for Friend of the World. Although I might switch her to Leader of the Pack since it only needs level 5 charisma which she has. (switched). ((Hollie started with the aspiration but switched to Soulmate in the beginning)).

Liberty is working on handiness and logic. Rocket science is coming next, I believe.

I am hoping he sets himself on fire. I am getting frustrated with how hard killing sims has become.

Geeta is so sick of knitting. This is literally the rest of the her life. But she is on the last milestone – legendary knits plus teaching someone else to knit.

While Judith rejoined the household on week 1 Wednesday, Hollie didn’t get back into the group until week 2 Sunday.

Shortly after that, Raj was finally crushed by the murphy bed.

As I am checking on everyone, I see Summer is making friends with Grim.

Geeta has finally completed everything with the only thing remaining to teach someone to knit.

And she has completed her aspiration. I believe this leaves just Liberty’s aspiration to be completed.

On week 2 Monday, Diego rejoins the household.

Summer is working on learning Research & Debate in preparation of her imminent death.

Liberty is working on completing her aspiration.

Geeta is playing with the weather.

Judith invites Lilith to join the household again and she agreed, of course.

It is finally time for Summer to join the ghostly crew.

Liberty is the last one – and she was low on logic, so having to go from level 6 to mastered.

Raj finally comes out and Geeta invites him back to the household. I have been getting only one ghost per night.

Liberty is done, aspiration is complete, time to die.

She moves the stereo outside, and Judith changes the weather to a thunderstorm. It still took three repairs to shock Liberty for the first time. The second shock came much faster.

Just as Grim showed up to collect Liberty, Hollie starts a fire upstairs. Everyone is sent out to the street, except Geeta. Geeta was going to be old age, but she was taking too long. So, fire it is.

Hollie and those guilty burgers.

Once Geeta collapses, Judith is allowed to call for the firefighters.

Yeah, they can’t get to the rest of the fire.

Once the fire spreads a little more, Judith is able to put the rest of the fire out. The firefighters celebrate.

Ouch, that is an expensive repair. Good thing, I don’t really care because the challenge is just about over.

Lilith lost her inventory when she died. I didn’t think about it so she is now stalking passers-by for her meals.

The cemetery is full. Just waiting on the remaining ghosts to show up so they can join the household again.

Liberty is out and Judith had the best relationship with her so she is responsible for getting her back into the family. That just leave Geeta.

Everyone comes out to mourn for Geeta to try to influence her to come out. It doesn’t work.

Finally. Finally. Finally. Geeta is out and officially rejoins the household on Week 3, Monday, at 12:26 am. The total time is 21,146 minutes.


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