2020.3 Totally Turning Townies… Alphabetically Pt2

Part 2

Picking up where we left off…

Volante is ready to finish this challenge. Currently, she has 68 sims turned, and that is from A to L. She is starting with the list of M-named sims today. First things first – she updates her list of sims. Then she goes hunting.

Volante makes a lot of progress and fairly quickly getting into the M’s. There are a lot of them.

Volante needs to remember to go inside before the turning as she has really been failing when it is outside.

She had to redo two of the turnings because my dumb-ass cat decided to step on the power button on my computer while chasing a moth, which you know, shut the game down. He is hiding in the other room for the moment.

Here is a picture of the dipshit – the power button is under his foot/feet.

Here is another picture of dorkbutt trying to eat my Valentine’s Day roses.

Okay, so the game has reloaded and Volante is going to turn the two that got lost in the unexpected shutdown. After she returns Meilani and Mele, she continues on through the assembled flock.

Volante takes the next batch to the Landgraab’s house but then realizes she is out of power. She has two hours to kill while she waits for the cooldown to meditate expires.

And she is back at it…

Volante goes home to recharge because her next target is a celebrity. She sleeps and drinks, and realizes that maybe she shouldn’t have been on the treadmill because now everything hurts.

She had to try since she can’t introduce herself to Octavia, but it failed. And then Octavia went inside and they wouldn’t let Volante into the building. The good part of the failure was that Volante now had Octavia in her contacts.

So they went off to another lot, and Volante turned the O’s.

There were only two that started with a P – Paolo and Penny. Paolo was at his house, pretending he was busy. But, Volante tracked him down.

Penny was doing the same thing (pretending to be busy), but Volante was patient.

The rest of the entourage she drug along wasn’t quite so patient – they all left and went downstairs, out into the city.

Then, they all came back when Volante broke into the apartment.

Finally, Penny came home and Volante proceeded from Penny to Rhonda before needing to travel to the next location.

Psyched me out – vehicles in Sims?!?

The next batch of pre-vamps stand around waiting for Volante to call their name.

Rico to Siobhan: making vampires happen.

She is getting close to the end of the list, and the end of my patience. I am ready for her to be done. And she should be earning frequent flyer miles.

107. Summer Holiday
108. Supriya Delgato
109. Tamati Tilo
110. Ted Roswell
111. Terence Grayson
112. Teulia Niu
113. Thalia Hemphill

Celebrity Homes have restricted access until a relationship with a household member is established. Maybe so, but Volante is a vampire and she can enter any home, whenever she wants.

Volante is determined to turn as many of the celebrities as possible.

Of course, she is also turning non-celebrities. Anyone is fair game as long as she hasn’t passed them in the alpha listing.

Ulrike is next but she is at work, so Volante waits patiently. She also ran around the neighborhood making sure she had met anyone and everyone walking by.

Time to see about finding the end of this challenge.

Volante has to try one more time outside during the day, and she fails one last time.

Then she calls him up into the shade and has more success.

Now it is time to go over to Venessa’s house, and Volante takes everyone remaining to be turned. She is tired. I am tired. It is only Tuesday evening, but she is going to be done tonight.

And Zoe is the last sim that will be turned. Volante’s final count is 125 sims.

Volante heads home to sleep. She might be done biting sims to begin the process, but now she is going to see if everyone will actually transform before Sunday morning at 8am. (They should, there is plenty of time. But my computer is puking because there will be 4-5 sims on the lot at the same time, in their final transformation.) And then I changed my mind about standing around for four days.

I am Done!

Score: 125 sims turned, final



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