2020.3 Totally Turning Townies… Alphabetically Pt1

Challenge #3 is all about the vampires.

Totally Turning Townies… Alphabetically

February 17 – March 8, 2020

Goal: You asked for the vampires so we brought them to you. But there is one catch, your vampire does not want to be alone. So turn the town Sim by Sim, letter by letter.

Scoring: Turned Sims: You get 1 point for each Sim you turned.

Volante Vaccari

  • Traits: Self-Assured, Outgoing, Cheerful
  • Aspiration: Vampire Family

Volante is a lonely vampire. She wants to have a large family, so she is going to make many offspring to keep her company during her long life. Alphabetically. Because there has to be order in the world.

Volante moves into the empty lot in Forgotten Hollow – Fledermaus Bend. I don’t know that it matters where she lives, but she wanted a larger lot, and this one is 30×30. That isn’t really larger, but it is right by the portal. So, we’ll see if that helps her out.

A long list of premade sims was made before starting. Sims that are already vampires were marked off. Also, spellcaster sims were removed. And mermaids were excluded also. And aliens will be ignored as well.

I really don’t have any pre-planning done, other than the long list of premade sims. Now that she is on her home lot, I am going to bed. To let the challenge percolate in my brain. Cause that always works.

One thing I am realizing is that moving her into an empty lot, in the Spring, even in Forgotten Hollow, isn’t necessarily the brightest idea. She is burning from being in the sun. But I don’t want to spend any simoleons yet, so she heads over to meet her neighbors, the Vatores.

She is looking for a computer, but they don’t have a single computer in the house. However, this is a good stopping place for me for tonight. Volante is safe from the sun until I return.

Volante makes herself at home and begins getting to know Caleb and Lilith. She has to increase her level as a vampire so that she can purchase the power of Vampire Creation. She also wants to have Perfect Sun Resistance, but that one will take a little longer.

She picks a library, this one in Britechester because I have never been there before. She needs a computer so that she can unlock Vampire Lore and it will be a great place to meet other sims.

She becomes a Minor Vampire which unlocks Vampire Creation, but she needs to be a Master Vampire for the Sun Resistance. She is going to master the skill of Vampire Lore and then she will practice some of what she has learned. She is also going to spend her power points sparingly until she gets her two preferred powers.

  • + Power: Vampire Creation
  • + Weakness: Withered Stomach

She needs to stay at the library long enough to purchase the last book of Vampire Lore, then she is going to head back to the Vatores for more vampiric training.

Volante has reached the last book in the series but she has to stop for a drink. This is not a turning, just a drinking.

As Brad, the librarian, lay passed out on the floor at her feet, Volante finishes the last book and masters Vampire Lore. This took her a little over halfway through Minor Vampire to Prime Vampire.

Even though it is boring for her to do, and fairly boring to watch her do, Volante goes back to the online research into vampire lore. She stays there long enough to meet more sims and to become a Prime Vampire.

She has reached the point where she simply must do something else. So, she heads back to the Vatores to work on some vampiric training.

What is irritating is the cooldown on the various vampire skills and powers. She cycles through what is available and tests out some of the socials to see which ones add to her standing.

Then, when it is dark, they head outside to work on some sparring.

She spars with both Caleb and Lilith throughout the night.

They even draw an audience, although why Nancy and Geoffrey are wandering through Forgotten Hollow during the dark hours is a mystery in itself.

It takes most of the night, but eventually Volante wins three battles. She beats Caleb twice and Lilith once.

Volante heads back to the library. She is close to becoming a Master Vampire and she is starting to look for her “A” targets. Her fun is sucking (haha) so she plays a game before doing that final research.

Master Vampire, achieved. She buys more powers and takes more weaknesses. And she is ready to begin stalking, drinking, and turning.

  • Powers: Supernatural Speed, Perfect Sun Resistance, Odorless, Garlic Immunity, Vampire Creation
  • Sleep of the Undead, Fitful Sleep, Withered Stomach

Volante prepares with some meditation and she activates her super speed as a default. And then I notice the time and realize I have to go to work, so I might want to get dressed. In game it is Tuesday morning, and time to get started on the turnings.

After some sleep, some work, and some classes, it is finally time for Volante to begin the challenge in earnest. She has a list (how many times have I already said that) – she has a list and will begin looking for the sims she is going to target.

And the turning begins…

Volante has to wait for her next target to come home from wherever, so she takes the opportunity to recharge her battery.

She chits and chats with the wife.

She texts him to encourage him to come home.

After sitting and waiting on Alika to come home, Volante realizes what she is doing wrong. Instead of chasing her prey, they need to come to her willingly. “Willingly”. So, she creates a Bite Club. This will only work on the sims she has already met, but it should cut down on her chasing time. As soon as she starts a gathering, Alika appears outside. It looks like he might have been at work. Oh well,

So, the Bite Club never really worked since she couldn’t actually get the next on the list into the club and she still ended up stalking them at home and around the hood. She had to find a way to get her vampire powers replenished and moodlet solvers don’t help with that. So, she bought a coffin and used it when she needed to recover.

It is time to begin working on the B’s, Volante packs up her stuff and heads off to locate someone to bite. **packed up her stuff meaning she traveled and chose all of the B-named sims she knew to join her.

Volante begins with greeting Bella as she was the only one on the list that wasn’t already known. Well, almost.

Then Volante begins turning the B-candidates. This went so much better than the A-candidates. But she was just figuring out her strategy in the beginning.

Volante has to take a break to replenish her powers, and then she is off again. This time she has to track down Brad and Brant, as they are next in line.

Brant is a personal trainer so once she is finished turning Brad, they begin hitting up the gyms. Everywhere she goes, she makes sure to greet anyone that she doesn’t already know.

They never found Brant at a gym, yes it was a long-shot, but as soon as his shift was over, she was waiting for him at his house.

It is time to finish the B-candidates.

The B’s are now done, Volante is now a Grand Master Vampire, and it is Wednesday afternoon of week 1.

Volante gathers up her C-named sims and heads off to find the next sim on the list that she doesn’t already know – Candy Behr. Once she gets there, she introduces herself to Candy and Yuki and then begins turning, in alpha order.

Candy has had the best reactions to watching all the sims turned. This was both before and after she was bitten.

Volante spends her new power points, adding Occult Master and Master of Darkness. She also has to take two new weaknesses – Sloppy Drinker and Insatiable Thirst.

Volante takes Clara with her to Catarina’s place, where she turns both of them. As her powers are exhausted, she then returns home to recharge the juice. It Wednesday evening, week 1.

After getting some rest and recharging her powers, Volante is off to begin on the D-victims. While she was working on Dennis Kim, Alice completed her transformation.

Also while she was working on Dennis, Olivia stopped for a look-see.

She has a pretty good run through the D list even though she had to track each one to their home.

She even snags Dirk Dreamer, which the paparazzi get some great shots of him feeding off her arm. Now she is off to find Dandy Don.

Don was acting as the Gym Trainer in Willow Creek but Volante was able to find him anyway.

Then she went looking for Dustin Broke. While she was waiting to see if Dustin would walk by or through, she started calling up her previous “children” and inviting them out to the bar. Every one up through Bob came and finished turning. And, she gave up on Dustin.

Her next target is Dylan – and this is the first time her powers have failed.

She meditates and then tries again – inside this time. And she is now to the E’s.

Eleanore wasn’t at home and it was just by luck that Volante run into her in StrangerVille.

Eleanore unblocks the rest of the E list.

Volante moves on to the F list. There is only one sim on the F list.

Volante doesn’t know any of the G-candidates yet. So she hits their houses one by one.

Volante had assumed she wouldn’t be able to turn any teens, so she hasn’t even tried. Accidentally clicking on Hugo, a teen, and the option is there after all. She stands outside of one of the celebrity locations for a little while waiting to see if Holly Alto is going to show up. She doesn’t and the H-list is a bust. She decides that she will not be turning the teens, and will forgo those points.

Volante begins traveling with as many of her turnees as will come along, so that they will actually complete the turning.

The list of I-named sims goes quickly – there are only two. What surprises me is that she gets Izzy Fabulous.

And I just got the play on words that is Izzy Fabulous.

Volante had the bright idea of inviting all her children, that haven’t completed turning, to her place. Then she begins inviting over the ones that are next on the list. This was not a good idea.

Volante begins working her way through the list of J.

My game started choking around this point. Not so much because she is turning the sims, a lot of sims, but more because I am calling them to her so that they can complete the turning. Two, three, and four sims transforming at the same time is rough on the machine. She moves through the K’s fairly quickly.

The first L causes her some trouble. Once rejected…

Twice rejected…

Finally, Volante succeeds with Leila and moves on down the list. When she reaches the end of the L’s, it is Sunday morning at 8am on Week 2. One week down, one more to go. Her current count is 68.

While playing with her powers, Volante casts the alluring visage and then couldn’t figure out how to turn it off. No big deal she thought. But while she was at one house waiting for morning so she could invite the next sim out, Makoa begins flirting with her and the next thing I know, they are interested romantically. But she doesn’t have time for that right now.

This particular challenge is going to take more than one update. So halfway through the challenge, it is a good place to make the break.

Score: 68 sims turned, so far


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