2020.4 Pancakes Triumphant


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Challenge #4 is the invasion of the Pancakes.

Pancakes Triumphant

March 9 – 29, 2020

Goal: The goal is to place a Pancakes child of Bob and Eliza in each house in Willow Creek. There are two ways to do this: either become friendly enough with someone in the household to ask to move in or buy the house. You may add a house to the 3 empty lots in Willow Creek.

Time (Minutes): When you move in the last Pancakes, pause your game and note the Week, Day, and hour. Plug the information into [Lena’s Spreadsheet] to give you the total minutes for your score.

In order to get started, it is necessary to create a random Adult sim. She will move into one of the houses in Willow Creek and control will pass along to the Pancakes.

Random Sim = Nora Lang

  • Random Traits
    • Cat Lover, Good, Lazy
  • Random Aspiration
    • Friend of the Animals

Nora moves into the most expensive house she can afford – Daisy Hovel. Nice knowing ya!

The next step in the preparation is to add houses to the three empty lots. I went for the easy route and placed copies of Crick Cabana on each of three empty lots, making sure they retained the name of the original lot.

Bob and Eliza start off with six teens, created in CAS at the beginning of the challenge. They will then have nine more biological children. All traits are randomized throughout the challenge.

The fifteen children for the challenge

  1. Apple
  2. Apricot
  3. Banana
  4. Blueberry
  5. Buckwheat
  6. Buttermilk
  7. Cherry
  8. Chocolate
  9. Coconut
  10. Cornmeal
  11. Peach
  12. Pecan
  13. Raspberry
  14. Strawberry
  15. Walnut

A quick introduction to Bob, Eliza, and the first six kids…

Bob: Slob, Gloomy, Loner; Master Chef

Eliza: Neat Perfectionist, Materialistic; Mansion Baron

The six teens are created in CAS to join Eliza and Bob for the beginning of the challenge.

  • Apple (f) : Unflirty, Jealous; Soulmate
  • Apricot (f) : Clumsy, Foodie; Master Chef
  • Banana (f) : Unflirty, Cheerful; Friend of the World
  • Blueberry (f) : Creative, Self-Absorbed; Bestselling Author
  • Buckwheat (m) : Insider, Genius; Leader of the Pack
  • Buttermilk (m) : Outgoing, Creative; Painter Extraordinaire

Pique Hearth is the center of this challenge, and it receives lot traits to assist the Pancakes in qualifying to move out: Homey (faster cooking), Sunny Aspect (happy, inspired, energetic), and Home Studio (higher quality paintings). Two double beds were added to the bedrooms upstairs, giving the house four doubles.

All of the kids have to learn to cook – they have to reach level 3 – and then they have to make excellent pancakes. To give them room so that there can be more than one cook in the house at a time, the dining room is converted into an additional kitchen with five stoves and two fridges, along with counter space for prepping.

In order for the teens to be eligible to age up to Young Adult, they need to have four Pancakes good friends. This is easily doable (I love photography) and is quickly finished. It takes just over an hour (between 9 and 9:30 am) and everyone is Good Friends with everyone else.

It is time to move into the house. Each of the teens needs to blow out some birthday candles, so they might as well get started cooking. There are six teens and there are six stoves. Each teen makes their own birthday cake and then blows out the candles. By noon, all of the teens are young adults.

Each Pancakes must move out by themselves, but there isn’t a delay between moves. So the initial goal is to focus on the six, have them attain eligibility, and then to move them all out back to back. Then Eliza and Bob will begin having more babies to fill out the remaining nine houses. The goal is twins and triplets using the Fertile trait. Bob and Eliza are going to be focused on earning enough points for Fertile and if necessary, Eliza will be watching Kids TV and listening to Kids Radio. Whatever it takes. Legally.

As they get started, they need a relatively easy way to make money to buy the lots and houses around Willow Creek, especially as those moving out no longer get a free §20,000. Whatever amount of simoleons they get now come out of the original household’s account. So, the Pancakes need to be making the moolah. After researching and then considering the effort I want to put in to it, I decide to purchase the sketchpad and have Eliza work on kicking out the paintings.

The kids settle in and begin working on cooking. In order to prevent any unnecessary fires, they all begin making Garden Salads.

Eliza takes a sketchpad and begins creating paintings. My initial math tells me they will need §784,000 in order to move all of the kids out. Thankfully, they should only need §28,000 to move out the first six. §49,000 for the next three (7,8,9 – assuming triplets), §175,000 for the following three (10,11,12), and then §532,000 for the last three.

Bob takes out the decorations box and begins rummaging for items that he can sell. Another idea he will keep in mind is the Incognito Costume party, and sell the rewards afterwards.

Holidays are allowed and after reading through some of the approaches to the first challenge of 2020, Bob adds several holidays to the calendar for every other day. Every holiday includes Holiday Gnomes – Bob will be collecting and selling the seed packs. He also tests out the Baking tradition to see if it counts for those cooking.

Moving Out (Week 1.Monday)

The first set of young adults are ready to move out.


Apple will be moving into Cypress Terrace with the Spencer-Kim-Lewis family. She makes friends with Alice Spencer-Kim and asks to move in. Bye-bye Apple.


Apricot will be moving into Ophelia Villa with the Goth family. She makes friends with Bella Goth and asks to move in. Bye Apricot!


Banana was chosen to move into Garden Essence with the BFFs. She makes friends with Summer Holiday and moves out.


Blueberry will be moving into Daisy Hovel where she will live with Nora Lang – the initial sim created to start this challenge. That makes all four of the occupied houses.


Buckwheat is moving to the empty house located at Crick Cabana. The cost of the house is §13,418. Later Buckwheat.


Buttermilk is moving into the empty house at Bargain Bend. His cost to move is §13,918. See ya!

Six houses done, nine houses to go

It is time to begin baking the next set of Pancakes. They both were able to purchase Fertile by almost completing the Soulmate aspiration.

Bob and Eliza get down to business and soon they have confirmation of incoming Pancakes. Making babies can be a dirty business sometimes.

While they wait for the new baby to arrive, Eliza continues to produce paintings to sell and Bob works whatever makes sense. He takes vacation days until he is out of time and must return to work. Eliza is also watching Kids Network and listening to Kids Radio.

Bob decided to give his hand a try at finding treasure in the jungle. They are basically just killing time until the baby/babies are born.

Back home, Bob sets up a table and sells everything he collected. He finishes just as Eliza goes into labor.

Week 1.Thursday

And it is only one baby! Chocolate arrives. Damn. But Eliza quickly becomes his first Good Friend and it is time to age him up.

Chocolate becomes Clingy, but he won’t be a toddler long.

Chocolate’s second Good Friend is Bob. A set of photos and Chocolate was happy.

Bob pulls out one of the birthday cakes the older kids made and helps Chocolate blow out his candles.

Now Chocolate needs to find a third and fourth Pancakes. It is 3 am, so he will have to go to them. Chocolate rolls Glutton.

Before Chocolate heads off to make some Pancakes friends, Eliza and Bob work on the next baby.

More Babies!!!

Week 1.Friday

Chocolate goes over to Buttermilk and they are quickly Good Friends.

Then he goes ahead to Buckwheat to make his fourth friend.

Back at the house, he will be blowing out the candles for two birthdays.

As a teen he rolls Dance Machine. And as a young adult he rolls Childish.

He gets right to work building his cooking skill and then trying to make excellent pancakes.

And, done! Chocolate is ready to move out.


Chocolate is moving to the empty house at Potters Splay. A copy of Crick Cabana was placed to make the value of the lot §14,418.

I am feeling disappointed with the Fertile trait and decide to add On Ley Line to the lot. The lot trait will just about guarantee twins, while the Fertile is supposed to help with twins and triplets. So, whatever. Twins it will be. Now fingers crossed that she has twins.

Bob finishes working on the woodcrafting table to reach level 4 handiness.

And then he heads back into the jungle. This time he leaves Eliza at home. She is still in her first trimester, so he should be able to stay for two days. Or rather, make two trips.

Bob gets back from his second trip with several high value items to sell. After he sells everything in his inventory, they have enough to move out all but the last two of the kids. The house values really jump for the last two houses.

Killing time until the baby is born, he rummages for items in the decoration box. then he remembers he was going to upgrade the sketchpad for Eliza.

Week 2.Monday

Babies! This time she has twins – Coconut and Cornmeal. Eliza is dead on her feet, so Bob takes the baby stage and becomes Good Friends with both boys.

Eliza has them in the toddler stage, and once again – photos are the answer. Coconut rolls Inquisitive.

Cornmeal rolls Fussy. Thankfully they are only toddlers for about an hour.

Apparently, Cornmeal dressed himself.

It is time to cake the twins.

Coconut rolls Child of the Ocean. Cornmeal rolls Bookworm. Then they become Good Friends with each other.

Eliza is pregnant with the next round and Bob slipped out to work.

Eliza invites Buckwheat over so the boys can get their fourth Pancakes friend. They do that before they start with the birthdays.

As teens, Coconut rolls Childish and Cornmeal rolls Neat. Then as young adults, Coconut rolls Dance Machine and Cornmeal rolls Bro.

Then they begin working in the kitchen. Time to cook some pancakes. Coconut is on the ball and has his excellent pancakes quickly.

Cornmeal struggles a lot.

Eliza is also having a rough pregnancy this time around. (triplets?)

Finally Cornmeal has his excellent pancakes and it is time to move the boys out.

Week 2.Tuesday


Coconut is moving to Streamlet Single, which is an empty house. The cost of the house is §15,875.


Cornmeal moves to Hallow Slough, which will cost the family §17,418.

Eliza is still in the first trimester, so Bob is going back to the jungle.


Back at home, waiting on the next birth, Bob goes to bed to sleep off the poisoning. Eliza gets the pleasure of hosting the yard sale this time.

And she is much better than he is – she sold all three items to the first three customers.

Week 2.Thursday

Eliza gives birth and I realized something I was doing wrong. I was waiting until she actually walked herself over to deliver the baby/babies. With this delivery, I realized I could tell her to deliver as soon as she went into labor. That saves four hours per pregnancy. This time she gives birth to boy/girl twins – Cherry and Pecan.

Bob and Eliza each make Good Friends with one of the twins, and then they age them up to toddlers. Cherry is Wild and Pecan is Independent.

Bob and Eliza switch toddlers and take some pictures and that makes two Good Pancakes Friends each. Seriously the little shits went to stand behind the couch for the pictures.

Eliza and Bob pull out the old cakes and slap some candles on top, and time to blow them out.

Cherry rolled Child of the Ocean and Pecan rolled Cheerful. They make Good Friends with each other. That makes three.

Bob calls Chocolate to come over, and the twins meet him out front and that is four Good Friends. They can age to teen and then to young adult.

Time for some more candle blowing out.

Cherry rolls Mean as a teen and Outgoing as a young adult. That sounds like a fun combination. Pecan rolls Child of the Ocean and Child of the Islands.

The twins get to cooking. Or mixing vegetables would be more accurate. No cooking until they get to the pancakes.

Week 2.Friday

The twins begin working on their cooking and I realized that Eliza is not pregnant yet. She is sent straight up to bed.

Success. I am going to just assume these will be twins, so this would be #12-13. The math says Eliza is going to have two more pregnancies, so they are still six days from completion.

It is time for Cherry and Pecan to move out. Boom! It is currently taking 12 hours from birth to move out, assuming they don’t dawdle on the excellent pancakes.


Cherry moves to the empty house at Rindle Rose. This costs her, and the family, §36,149.


Pecan gets the the empty house at Riverside Roost. This costs §41,329 for him to move out.

Eliza is still in her first trimester which means it is back to the jungle for Bob. Crunch time is coming and he needs to be able to afford the last house.

Bob clears the temple once and heads home and drops off his goodies and then heads back out.

This temple is not being nice to Bob. He set himself on fire twice and he has been poisoned. He will end up needing the antidote as this time he won’t fight it off.

Bob clears the second temple, and he does not look impressed.

When he gets home, Eliza is still in her second trimester, so he turns around and heads back to the jungle.

Hmm, Bob is wondering why he isn’t home safe, waiting on the next birth. Money, Bob, Money.

Another temple, another treasure.

Bob has been having a rough time – set on fire, poisoned, and now he is freezing to death. I do believe he will be glad when this challenge is over and he never sees me again.

He didn’t fight off the poisoning but never fear, he still has antidote in his pocket.

Week 3.Monday

Eliza is ready to divest herself of the creatures in her belly. That sounded so much better in my head.

Twin girls, Peach and Raspberry, join the family, and the race to move out begins.

This time they remember to make the next pregnancy, and hopefully last, a lot sooner than they have been doing.

Loving them up to Good Friends

Peach and Raspberry both roll Fussy. Peach has the pony-braids and Raspberry has the dread-braids. A quick set of photos and they are ready to become children.

As children, both girls roll Good. They are really trying to be identical twins. They become Good Friends with each other.

Then they become Good Friends with Apple for the fourth requirement.

As teens and young adults, they rolled different traits. Peach rolled Foodie and then Child of the Ocean. Raspberry rolled Dog Lover and then Bro.

Peach and Raspberry are fairly quick getting to excellent on their pancakes, and it is time for them to move out.


Peach moves to the empty house at Brook Bungalow. She takes enough to cover the cost of the house of §95,721.


Raspberry moves into Parkshore, with a cost of §105,336.

Which means Bob is back to the jungle. He completes several aspirations – Jungle Explorer and Fabulously Wealthy.

And he has a great time this trip. This was in one treasure chest. He had all of the rolls and every chest gave him either a calendar or a frog. I have never had that kind of luck, and truthfully Bob always gets one and sometimes two. So this was perfect timing. His total haul was four calendar plates and three frogs.

This means that Bob is retired from jungle exploring.

He sets out some of the items and begins a nonstop sale, until they are all gone or until Eliza has the baby/babies.


Bob has also been assembling relics for the Mystical Blessing of Wealth.

He activates it on himself or on Eliza every chance he gets. The wooden relics will break and are only good for a limited number of activations. The gold relic is supposed to be indestructible.

Getting rid of the rest of the crap in his bag.

That is the last vase. Once it has sold, he sells all of his adventure supplies.

Not cool. Moira, go home.

Since they are down to two kids remaining, the house is remodeled back to normal.

Bob is really ready for this pregnancy to end.

Yes! The final kids, girl twins – Strawberry and Walnut.

Week 3.Thursday

As toddlers, Walnut rolls Charmer and Strawberry rolls Independent. A couple of photos and it is time to blow out their candles. And despite their names – Strawberry has the dark hair and Walnut has the red hair.

As girls, they become good friends with each other and then with Buckwheat. That gives their four Pancakes friends.

They blow out the candles for both teens and young adults, and they are ready to get cooking. Strawberry rolled Gloomy, Perfectionist, and Evil. Walnut rolled Music Lover, Insider, and Self-Assured.

The girls cook and then they are done. Time to move out. I just

Week 3.Friday


Strawberry claims the house at Umbrage Manor for §172,317 and is really glad Bob has been exploring the jungle.


Finally, Walnut moves into the last remaining house – Oakenstead. Sometimes being last is a good thing. This costs him §253,863 and wipes out the Pancakes remaining funds.

The challenge is done, and the clock minder is counting the minutes.

The last Pancakes moved out on Week 3, Friday at 12:22 AM.

The calculation for this shows that they finished in:

27,622 minutes.


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