2020.5 Hobos to Heroes

Challenge #5 is a runaway teens style challenge

Hobos to Heroes

March 30 to April 19, 2020

Goal: The goal is to take 3 Teens from Hobo status to Hero Status.


Hero Status: Earn 100 points for each Teen that accomplishes the five requirements for Hero Status.

HM/Hero Multiplier: Every player starts with a Hero Multiplier of 1.00. Add .01 to the multiplier for the following…

  • Each unique skill level (each skill can only count for 1 Sim)
  • Each job level (jobs do not have to be unique)
  • Each BFF (prior BFFs count and BFFs do not need to be unique)
  • Each gold-medal party

Total: Take your Hero Status and multiply it by your Hero Multiplier to get your Total.

Meet the Teens…

Harry Hunter: Loves the Outdoors, Active

Henry Hunter: Genius, Perfectionist

Holly Hunter: Creative, Art Lover

The teens move into Pebble Burrow in Oasis Springs. It doesn’t really matter since they leave immediately and will never step foot on the property again. Well, they will come back to the lot over and over, after school and work each time. But then they will promptly leave this place.

Before beginning, several Maxis lots were added to the game. The first is Lost Gardens of Healing. Okay, it was just one lot that was added. I didn’t see anything else that I thought would be useful. Which will probably show that I don’t really know what is on the other Maxis lots.

The teens travel to the local park where Holly begins taking photos, lots of photos. Harry and Henry work on their homework while Holly takes photos. Once Holly masters photography then she takes a break to get her homework completed.

After the boys finish their homework, they begin working on skills: Harry is fishing and Henry is playing chess.

Holly gets back to taking photos once she finishes her homework. This ends up being their entire Sunday.

By the end of Sunday they are struggling emotionally. But they now have enough to buy a place of their own.

The teens look around and decide they want the lot where Johnny Zest is currently living. As they move in, Johnny is evicted. Originally, they were going to move into Nookstone and then to Springscape, but Johnny lives/lived on a large 40×30 lot which would end up be just perfect.

So now they are living in a furnished residential lot = it is Monday morning just after midnight. It is time to get busy on the rest of the requirements. But first they must sleep. Their first day of school is coming up in a few hours.

Holly sells some more photos and they add a third bed and continue expanding and upgrading the trailer into a nice little house.

And I remember why I don’t really like teens. Or part time jobs.

My teens aren’t very happy either.

I forget how hard it is to cheer them up when their fun tanks.

Harry is the first one to achieve both an A in school and reach level 3 in a job. He immediately quits the job.

While Harry waits on Henry and Holly to catch up, he goes fishing. He is still working on mastering fishing and is halfway there. And he no longer has to work. For the moment.

Holly is the next one to reach level 3 in her job, and she will get the A in school tomorrow.

Henry comes in last on the promotion but beats Holly out on the grades. However the timing worked, all three now have an A in school and they have all reached level 3 in a career. And then, promptly quit.

It is now the first weekend and time to get the rest of the hero requirements done. First they will be working on the BFFs. They are working first on the basic requirements and then will work on increasing the Hero Multiplier.

While Harry gets some sleep, Henry begins reading about Vampire Lore. Harry is going to the jungle so Henry only gets to level 11 before Harry has to leave.

Harry masters Selvadoradian Culture and then since he is here, it is time to explore the jungle.

Harry makes the run to the temple, collecting two calendar plates on the way.

Back home, he sets up a yard sale table and sells both plates within minutes, bringing in ~§75,000.

Once Harry gets home, Henry is able to finish mastering Vampire Lore.

Harry did not fight off the poisoning, so he spends §1,000 to purchase the cure from the internet. After upgrading the lot with more skills objects, the simoleons that Harry earned on the sale of the two plates is almost all gone.

Sunday is spent having three gold medal house parties – one for each teen. Holly finished hers the fastest, but they were all within an hour on how long it took to finish.

Wow, after three house parties, the kitchen is trashed.

Thankfully, they could afford to hire a maid – who only cleaned the kitchen and didn’t touch the bathroom.

And, then they spent the rest of the week working on skills. I am forgoing the multiplier for parties and whatnot and they are just going to get as many skill points as possible.

And we are done. They throw in the towel on Thursday, calling it quits three days early.

Hero Status: 3 teens x 100 points = 300 points

HM/Hero Multiplier: 1.00 + 99 = 1.99 HM

  • Each unique skill level (84)
  • Each job level (9)
  • Each BFF (3)
  • Each gold-medal party (3)

Total: 300 x 1.99 = 597 points


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