2020.6 Science Invitational

Challenge 6 is all about the Science career. This is one of my favorite careers for starting a new legacy. In this case, the challenge is to see what can be accomplished in just two weeks.

Science Invitational

April 20 to May 10, 2020

Goal: The goal is straightforward — get as high as you can in the Scientist career and try and make as many different Tainted serums and inventions in the brief two weeks you have.


Science Career: Earn 10 points for each Scientist career level.

SIM: Serums and Inventions Multiplier. Every player starts with a multiplier of 1.00. Add .01 to the multiplier for each different Invention and Invention upgrade made and used. Add .02 to the multiplier for each different Tainted serum made and used.

Total: Take your Scientist Career score and multiply it by your Serums and Inventions Multiplier to get your Total.

Hedy Hawking

  • Traits: Genius, Geek, Ambitious
  • Aspiration:

Hedy moves to Newcrest, and selects an empty lot – Fern Park, which she changes to the Tiny Home type. Of course, being Newcrest, it is spring so it is raining.

Hedy spends her starting money creating a tiny home, tier 2 – 32 tiles. She is going to be spending most of her time at work, but she needs a refuge for when they make her leave the science lab. Because this is a Tiny Home, she picks up four bonus lot traits:

  • You Got the Touch
  • Cozy Comforts
  • Feelin’ Fine
  • Lighten the Load

In addition to the Tiny Home lot traits, she adds Private Dwelling, Science Lair, and Sunny Aspect. We’ll see if this helps her out any.

Since Connections is not an option, Hedy goes ahead and takes a position at level 1, Lab Technician. Then she goes fishing in the rain for the first two breakthroughs that she needs. She has the second one at noon, so now she has the rest of the day to fill.

She wants to get out of the rain, so she moves over to the park in Oasis Springs. It is always good weather there.

She fishes, she collects, eventually she goes home.

Peanut butter and jelly. She doesn’t have a stove so she is limited to quick meals and the microwave.

She is lonely so she goes out and meets L. Faba. They quickly become good friends.

She has a busy first day of work and invents the Momentum Conserver and begins making Synthetic food serums. She can either test three serums and then make a tainted one on purpose, or she can make a tainted by accident. She did neither. She did get a promotion though, so Monday she is level 2 Apprentice Inventor and the Momentum Conserver is heading home – it doesn’t have any upgrades available.

She tests all of the Synthetic Food serums on herself. But she is lacking one when time runs out.

Back home, she invites L. over and they spend the evening getting to know each other. Hedy is going to be struggling with her fun and social, so she is lining up the answer to those problems.

A quick shower for two to build her fun, and then she goes to bed so that she will be ready for the long day tomorrow.

Talk about timing – she gets the fourth breakthrough literally moments before the popup for work.

Tuesday, day 2, is a productive day. She makes two tainted serums – Synthetic Food and Red Hot. She drinks the Synthetic Food and has a coworker test the Red Hot.

She turns on and views the Momentum Conserver (changed her mind about taking it home).

She also makes a SimRay, which she uses to Freeze another coworker.

I forget.

L. comes over every evening for the shower woohoo because Hedy’s moods suck when she gets off of work.

Every evening, it is the first thing Hedy does – pee, shower, “shower”.

After promotions, Hedy goes fishing and takes thoughtful showers for the next two breakthroughs.

At level 3, the SimRay is upgraded to transform objects.

Hedy was testing the Rose Perfume – apparently the second one set her on fire.

She puts herself out and heads back to the chemistry table to see if she can get the tainted version created before heading home. (she doesn’t).

Friday, week 1, goes badly. She completes her daily tasks, but she does not get a promotion so she will be sitting over the weekend at level 3. Sadly waiting for a promotion on Monday. The highest she can get at this point is level 8, assuming she gets a promotion every day next week.

Part of the problem is that she didn’t have the aspiration points for Entrepreneurial until Friday evening. Maybe next week will be better.

Hedy spends Saturday at the park with L. Well, they were both at the park all day, although Hedy fished and L. wandered off.

It has been a long day.

I realized that Hedy had the Micro house not the Tiny house. She got more space!

She spends Sunday practicing/experimenting. This improves her logic to level 7.

Monday brings a promotion to level 4. Woo – four more days of work. How high will she go?

She brings home a chemical analyzer thing and is able to get her next two breakthroughs and create the fourth tainted serum before heading into the work.

Testing out the serum on herself has a cost.

Hmm. Apparently she fished up three of the violins. She cleans some of the items out of her inventory, but not everything.

She gets DNA from L., not that it will do her any good at work. It won’t count as being collected, but she is practicing.

I am losing hope in Hedy. She is able to invent the satellite dish.

She also gets the cloning machine made.

But she is going to be stuck at level 5 when the last day of work during the challenge ends.

All right. Hedy reached level 5 in the career. She made five unique tainted serums, and tested them all on herself at some point. She created five inventions and upgraded the SimRay three times.

50 x 1.18 = 59 (out of 132 possible)


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