2020.7 Townie Baby Boomer 1

This is the mid-season major for 2020, so it is a little longer but in game time and in real time. This is all about the babies. Everyone gets one, or two, or three…

Townie Baby Boomer

May 11 to June 14

Goal: This year the team is offering a unique take on the forum’s most popular annual event, Baby Boomer — this time it’s not your Sim pumping out the nooboos, it’s the townies. 


New Babies: At the end of the game, note the number of new Sims added as babies. Give yourself 1 point for each new sim added as a baby.

Nora Lang welcomes you to the Townie Baby Boomer. She is only here long enough to open the game, and then she will be deleted and the challenge started. Nora was also the placeholder sim for the Pancakes Invasion. Maybe eventually, one day, she will be chosen for more. But today is not that day.

Nora is moved into an empty lot and promptly deleted. As I look at Manage Households, it is time to choose the first household. Since there isn’t a lot of playing involved here – it is all about giving them new babies by pregnancy or adoption, I am going to approach this more as a list of who moved, who stayed, and babies added to the household.

A couple of quick points:

  • Only original premade townies that exist in homes (no homeless)
  • Fill Empty Homes – unchecked
  • Townies must be played as-is, no changes to gender or life state
  • Each household can only be played once
  • No changing partners after TFB or Adoption
  • Limit of 2 adoptions per household
  • Only Young Adult and older can be moved
  • Teens and younger + pets must stay in their original home
  • Each sim can only move once.

When playing a household, I set the lot trait to On Ley Line and Romantic Aura, got the couple to Lovebirds and Married, then tried for baby (opposite sex couples). Then, they adopted the first baby, each parent made Good Friends with the baby, adopted the second baby, and moved to the next household. The goal was to minimize the time in each household in order to complete all 51 couples. If this goes to plan, Ekram and Eleanore Elderberry will be the only sims not played, and they will be dead by the time I finally get to their house. All elders were matched up with either Young Adult or Adult; any household with teens won’t be played until week 3 when they should all have aged to Young Adult. Children and toddlers are ignored. Jesminder has the only pregnancy when the challenge starts. It will be necessary to get to her house before her baby becomes a toddler.

Group #1: Elders

  • Dennis Kim moved in with Judith Ward
  • Vivian Lewis moved in with Lia Hauata
  • Keala Hoapili moved into an empty house in Sulani
  • Becca Clarke moved in with Keala Hoapili
  • Jacques Villareal moved into an empty house in Windenberg
  • Julia Wright moved in with Jacque Villareal
  • Leslie Holland moved in with George Cahill
  • Geeta Rasoya moved in with Maaike Haas
  • Minerva Charm moved into an empty house
  • Ulrike Faust moved in with Minerva Charm

Dennis and Judith (Married, Soulmates)

  • Pregnancy – Cayden and Jim Ward
  • Adopt – Annika Kim (good friends)
  • Adopt – Savannah Ward

Vivian and Lia (Married, Soulmates)

  • Adopt – Charity Lewis (good friends)
  • Adopt – Adrianna Hauata

Keala and Becca (Married, Soulmates)

  • Adopt – Alison Hoapili (good friends)
  • Adopt – Tammy Clarke

Jacques and Julia (Married, Soulmates)

  • Pregnancy – Cyrus and Kaylyn Wright
  • Adopt – Dominique Villareal (good friends)
  • Adopt – Carlee Wright

Geeta and Maaike (Married, Soulmates)

  • Adopt – Eloise Rasoya (good friends)
  • Adopt – Adalyn Haas

Arun and Jesminder (Married, Soulmates)

  • Pregnancy #1 – Parker Bheeda (good friends)
  • Pregnancy #2 – Kalyn Bheeda
  • Adopt – Madeline Bheeda
  • Adopt – Conor Bheeda

George and Leslie (Married, Soulmates)

  • Pregnancy – Alysia and Devon Holland
  • Adopt – Monica Cahill (good friends)
  • Adopt – Ximena Holland

And there is the first fire of the challenge.

George survived but even if he hadn’t it was time to move on.

Minerva and Ulrike (Married, Soulmates)

  • Adopt – Marion Charm (good friends)
  • Adopt – Harold Faust

Group #2: Already a couple

Bob and Eliza (Married, Soulmates)

  • Pregnancy – Jesse and Robin Pancakes
  • Adopt – Aaliyah Pancakes (good friends)
  • Adopt – Abigail Pancakes

Eric and Alice (Married, Sweethearts)

  • Pregnancy – Miles and Luciano Spencer-Kim
  • Adopt – Gabriela Spencer-Kim (good friends)
  • Adopt – Ervin Lewis

Victor and Lily (Married, Soulmates)

  • Pregnancy – Logan and Paige Feng
  • Adopt – Angelica Feng (good friends)
  • Adopt – Adelaide Feng
I have no words

Anaya and Baako (Married, Sweethearts)

  • Pregnancy – Yesenia and Dario Jang
  • Adopt – Zechariah Jang (good friends)
  • Adopt – Jacqueline Jang

Ted and Meredith (Married, Sweethearts)

  • Pregnancy – (triplets) Farhan, Elisha, and Lorraine Roswell
  • Adopt – Cleo Roswell (good friends)
  • Adopt – Zion Roswell
…I keep forgetting to take their picture before sending them to woohoo…

Well timing is everything. Ted was just about to head out to pick up his adoption when the possession took hold.

Meredith had to make the second pickup while Ted runs around with his head barely attached (3 hour timer, not waiting)

Jess and Dylan (Married, Sweethearts)

  • Pregnancy – Lindsey and Alice Sigworth
  • Adopt – Bentley Sigworth (good friends)
  • Adopt – Shirley Sigworth

Justin and Supriya (Married, Sweethearts)

  • Pregnancy – Tasha Delgato
  • Adopt – Junior Delgato
  • …and they have a full house

Brent and Brant (Married, Sweethearts)

  • Adopt – Dallas Hecking (good friends)
  • Adopt – Deangelo Hecking

Thorne and Octavia (Married, Sweethearts)

  • Pregnancy – Desirae and Tasha Moon
  • Adopt – Jayla Moon (good friends)
  • Adopt – Magnus Bailey

Alika and Mele (Married, Sweethearts)

  • Pregnancy – Esteban and Kiana Kahananui
  • Adopt – Carmen Kahananui (good friends)
  • Adopt – April Kahananui

Oliana and Leila (Married, Sweethearts)

  • Adopt – Jade Illes (good friends)
  • Adopt – Perla Ngata

Group #3: Not Quite a Couple Yet

Mark and Alice (Married, Soulmates)

  • Pregnancy – Meghan and Omar Martin
  • Adopt – Royce Martin (good friends)
  • Adopt – Raheem Eggleston

Tomax and Grace (Married, Soulmates)

  • Pregnancy – Darrin and Bowen Anansi
  • Adopt – Bailee Anansi (good friends)
  • Adopt – Steven Collette

This is all for this update. I have completed 21/51 potential pairings with 62 babies added and another 5 pregnancies that should all be at least twins.

It is Wednesday morning, 8 am, week 2.


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