2020.7 Townie Baby Boomer 2

Time to run through the rest of the world… Starting off with…

…a quick update…

Of the 9 elders that started the game, the Elderberrys escaped the challenge because I didn’t want to break them up as a couple and they have both now passed. Of the remaining 7 elders, all contributed to the challenge and 5 are still alive.

My plan is that the teens will be aging up around the time I finish the list below.

…more moves…

  • Summer Holiday moved in with Johnny Zest
  • J. Huntington moved in with Penny Pizzazz
  • Gavin Richards moved in with Candy Behr
  • Katrina Caliente moved into an empty house
  • Dina Caliente moved in with Joaquin Le Chien
  • Sergio Romeo moved in with Katrina Caliente
  • Siobhan Fyres moved in with Diego Lobo
  • Catarina Lynx moved in with Vlad Straud
  • Lilith Pleasant moved in with Lilith Vatore
  • Caleb Vatore moved in with Venessa Jeong
  • Eva Capricciosa moved in with Salim Benali
  • Marcus Flex moved in with Mila Munch
  • Cameron Fletcher moved in with Angela Pleasant

Travis and Liberty (Married, Soulmates)

  • Pregnancy – Mikayla and Izaiah Lee
  • Adopt – Nikita Lee (good friends)
  • Adopt – Grady Scott

While they were getting their romance on, Marcus was coming to join them in a three-way. When I was finally successful in kicking him out of the conversation, he stood there and watched them kiss, approving.

Johnny and Summer (Married, Soulmates)

  • Pregnancy – Srikumar and Boston Holiday
  • Adopt – Dianna Holiday (good friends)
  • Adopt – Clifford Zest

.sigh. Summer rejected Johnny and then Johnny rejected Summer.

Finally, she said yes and they got married.

Mitchell and Zoe (Married, Soulmates)

  • Pregnancy – Callen and Johnny Patel
  • Adopt – Beatrix Patel (good friends)
  • Adopt – Monica Kalani

Sergio and Katrina (Married, Soulmates)

  • Pregnancy – Julio, Devante, and Annie Caliente
  • Adopt – Kelli Caliente (good friends)
  • Adopt – Korbin Romeo

And, we have another fire. Apparently Sergio hates children, and he is trying to get away from what is coming.

He does his part though and becomes good friends with Kelli before heading off to adopt Korbin. There is no getting out of this one.

Don and Nina (Married, Soulmates)

  • Pregnancy – Janet and Bonnie Caliente
  • Adopt – Emma Caliente (good friends)
  • Adopt – Marielle Lothario

And, I believe this fire #3. Don is the first one to start a fire and not catch fire himself.

Joaquin and Dina (Married, Soulmates)

  • Pregnancy – Joslyn Caliente
  • Adopt – Jon Caliente (good friends)
  • Adopt – Sarah Le Chien

I really don’t have time for this. They rejected each other’s proposal three times.

Finally! Damn it, I am not leaving here until you are married.

This is the end of week 2 – Sunday morning at 3 am.

Starting week 3, continuing with the “almost a couple” couples…

Paolo and Jade (Married, Soulmates)

  • Pregnancy – Jacquelyn and Octavia Rosa
  • Adopt – Brody Rosa (good friends)
  • Adopt – Mack Rocca

Diego and Siobhan (Married, Soulmates)

  • Pregnancy – Adelaide and Rochelle Fyres
  • Adopt – Sonya Fyres (good friends)
  • Adopt – Lane Lobo
They look so impressed with this challenge.

Penny and J. (Married, Soulmates)

  • Pregnancy – Hayes and Nawwaf Pizzazz
  • Adopt – Lizbeth Pizzazz (good friends)
  • Adopt – Anthony Huntington III

Salim and Eva (Married, Soulmates)

  • Pregnancy – Cheyenne and Lacey Capricciosa
  • Adopt – Selena Capricciosa (good friends)
  • Adopt – Kali Benali

Vlad and Catarina (Married, Soulmates)

  • Pregnancy – Ryker Lynx
  • Adopt – Odin Lynx
She only has three cats now, but they are all still Adults.

Venessa and Caleb (Married, Soulmates)

  • Pregnancy – Eva and Lyndsay Jeong
  • Adopt – Baby Jeong (good friends)
  • Adopt – Chandler Vatore

Cameron and Angela (Married, Soulmates)

  • Pregnancy – Tracy and Armani Pleasant
  • Adopt – Larissa Pleasant (good friends)
  • Adopt – Eric Fletcher

It is now, Week 3 Wednesday evening, and I have completed 34 houses.

Group #4: Previously Teens

It is time to move the teens around. My challenge was structured so that households including teens would be rotated in last. The rules were clarified at one point that when teens became young adults, they could be moved out, even if their household had been played already with their parents. But, I feel going in that my plan is good and doesn’t need to be adjusted.

  • Moved Gunther Munch to an empty house
  • Moved Darling Walsh in with Gunther Munch
  • Moved Gemma Charm in with Raj Rasoya
  • Moved Wolfgang Munch into an empty house
  • Moved Yuki Behr in with Wolfgang Munch
  • Moved Malcolm Landgraab into an empty house
  • Moved Luna Villareal in with Malcolm Landgraab
  • Moved Duane Talla into an empty house
  • Moved Morgan Fyres in with Duane Talla
  • Moved Cassandra Goth in with Hugo Villareal
  • Moved Sofia Bjergsen in with Rohan Elderberry

Mortimer and Bella (Married, Sweethearts)

  • Pregnancy – Marcella and Brenden Goth
  • Adopt – Nicola Goth (good friends)
  • Adopt – Orson Goth

Geoffrey and Nancy (Married, Sweethearts)

  • Pregnancy – Ember and Steve Landgraab
  • Adopt – Miranda Landgraab (good friends)
  • Adopt – Jordyn Landgraab

Geoffrey should not be allowed to dress himself.

Mila and Marcus (Married, Soulmates)

  • Pregnancy – Cannon and Darnell Munch
  • Adopt – Stephanie Munch (good friends)
  • Adopt – Mike Flex

Moira and Dominic (Married, Sweethearts)

  • Pregnancy – Diane and Cortney Fyres
  • Adopt – August Fyres (good friends)
  • Adopt – Prince Fyres

Hugo and Cassandra (Married, Soulmates)

  • Pregnancy – Austin and Marina Goth
  • Adopt – Jazmine Goth (good friends)
  • Adopt – Collin Villareal

Clara and Bjorn (Married, Sweethearts)

  • Pregnancy – Blake and Ken Bjergsen
  • Adopt – Keri Bjergsen (good friends)
  • Adopt – Bo Bjergsen

Candy and Gavin (Married, Soulmates)

  • Pregnancy – Matias and William Behr
  • Adopt – Sadie Behr (good friends)
  • Adopt – Kyle Richards

This is the end of week 3, Sunday afternoon. 1 pm.

Beginning week 4 – the final week – here we go

Akira and Miko (Married, Soulmates)

  • Pregnancy – Kelly and Star Ojo
  • Adopt – Dexter Ojo (good friends)
  • Adopt – Nathan Kibo

Raj and Gemma (Married, Soulmates)

  • Pregnancy – Angela and Betsy Charm
  • Adopt – Macy Charm (good friends)
  • Adopt – Miley Rasoya

Raj is the first Unflirty sim I have come across so far. Hopefully, he will be the only one.

For an Unflirty sim, he does well on his own, but not when directed.

He was even able to get to the Proposal in about the same time as the other cooperative couples.

Makoa and Lilliana (Married, Sweethearts)

  • Pregnancy – Gael and Kendrink Kealoha
  • Adopt – Tia Kealoha (good friends)
  • Adopt – Claire Kealoha

Darrel and Emilia (Married, Lovers)

  • Pregnancy – Elliot and Kellie Ernest
  • Adopt – Moshe Ernest (good friends)
  • Adopt – Maura Charm

Darrel decides to freeze himself to death instead of catching himself on fire. Unfortunately for him, I got him into the house and warmed up before he could get out of the challenge.

Wolfgang and Yuki (Married, Soulmates)

  • Pregnancy – Gene and Kyleigh Behr
  • Adopt – Payton Behr (good friends)
  • Adopt – Lawrence Munch

Sofia and Rohan (Married, Soulmates)

  • Pregnancy – Payton and Salvatore Bjergsen
  • Adopt – Abby Bjergsen (good friends)
  • Adopt – Randi Elderberry

Moving into the last house on Thursday morning at 1:30 am. This is the last house where pregnancy will result in new babies in the world before the deadline. The remaining houses played after this one will be adoptions only.

Morgan and Duane (Married, Soulmates)

  • Pregnancy – Phillip and Jayce Fyres
  • Adopt – Phoenix Fyres (good friends)
  • Adopt – Jorge Talla

Gunther and Darling (Married, Soulmates)

  • Adopt – Marci Walsh (good friends)
  • Adopt – Cayla Munch
Darling is the second Unflirty sim for the challenge

Luna and Malcolm (Married, Lovers)

  • Adopt – Mya Villareal (good friends)
  • Adopt – Keira Landgraab

These two have the worst combination of traits of all my couples – he is Evil and she is Erratic. But they also are the couple, one of two, that accepted the proposal at an earlier stage.

Lilith and Lilith (Married, Soulmates)

  • Adopt – Zara Pleasant (good friends)
  • Adopt – Luca Vatore

And, the challenge is completed.

Scoring: 183 New Babies


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