2020.8 Handiness World Championships

Challenge 8 is a balancing act between making upgrades and creating woodworking items. Not my favorite, but here we go.

Handiness World Championship

June 15 to July 5

Goal: This event will require a balancing act of making as much money as possible selling woodworking items and also taking time away from that in order to boost your multiplier via performing unique upgrades.


Household Funds x Unique Upgrades

Scoring is a combination of your Household Funds multiplied by a percentage to indicate the number of unique upgrades (UU) you have made. You start the challenge with a multiplier of 1.00 and for each unique upgrade (a unique upgrade has its own name) you make on your home lot 1% (.01) is added to the multiplier. For each unique upgrade you make off your home lot (empty lots do not count) 2% (.02) is added to the multipler.

Riley Regan

  • Traits: Dance Machine, Cheerful, Genius
  • Aspiration: Nerd Brain

Riley Regan is taking this challenge from her home base in Oasis Springs.

I will be honest in that I played this fast and didn’t take a lot of pictures. Basically Riley spent four days on the woodworking table until she mastered Handiness. Then she went of on rounds to do her off-lot upgrades. Then it was back home for more woodworking. She took a few days and did the home lot upgrades, and then finished off the second week making toilets and end tables.

There were two deaths while she was out. Eric Lewis and J Hungtingon III were the unlucky sims.

By the time the challenge ended, we were both glad to see the other one go.

I know her score sucks, but I am done with the challenge.

Total Household Funds: §55,437

Unique Upgrades Multiplier: 2.23

  • 49 unique upgrades at home = 0.49
  • 37 unique upgrades elsewhere = 0.74
  • base multiplier of 1.00

Final Score: §123,625

Upgrades done at Home (49 unique)

Add Corrective Laser LensX-ray machineHome
Add Increased MemoryVideoHome
Add Pitch EnhancerKaroake MachineHome
Add Self-CleaningToiletHome
Add Superior FlushToiletHome
Augment Telescopic EyepieceObservatoryHome
Capacitive EfficiencyWeather machineHome
Climatic HydratorWeather machineHome
Convert to Frictionless Scanner RigX-ray machineHome
Create Light ControllerVideoHome
Employ Nanotech DiagnosticsVacuumHome
Equip Iron MicrophoneKaroake MachineHome
Equip Turbo-ChargeVacuumHome
Firaxium WiringStereoHome
Gyroscope DurabilityWeather machineHome
Humidity ChillerWeather machineHome
Improve Lens QualityMicroscopeHome
Insert Lithium BatteryStreaming DroneHome
Install Auto UpdaterVideoHome
Install HD CameraStreaming DroneHome
Install Micro-IncineratorVacuum DockHome
Install Sonic DampenersVacuumHome
Install Temporal Modifier UnitWeather machineHome
Iron LineClotheslineHome
Laundry Additive TrayWasherHome
Make Extra ReliableDishwasherHome
Make Run QuieterDishwasherHome
Make UnbreakableDishwasherHome
Massage ControlsMurphy bedHome
Mattress FirmnessMurphy bedHome
Moisture VaporatorWeather machineHome
Perfect Inner WorkingsMicroscopeHome
Puddle PreventionSprinklerHome
Reinforce Telescopic PivotsObservatoryHome
Reinforced Spring WiringMurphy bedHome
Robustify Inner WorkingsMicroscopeHome
Self Repairing NanitesWeather machineHome
Speed CycleDryerHome
Spring LoadedMurphy bedHome
Super ReceptionStereoHome
Swap in Reliable ComponentsStreaming DroneHome
Synchronise Core ChronometerVacuum DockHome
Temper Armored Telescopic PivotsObservatoryHome
Tighten Up GraphicsGaming ConsoleHome
Tungsten DrumWasherHome
Unbreakable UpgradeGaming ConsoleHome
Whisper QuietWasherHome

Upgrades done elsewhere (37 unique)

eMotion EngineMotion gaming matBehr Household
Heat SensorCookerBFF Household
Consistently Perfect PullsEspresso machineBjergsen Household
AutolightFireplaceBlue Velvet
Upgrade to Never BreakPet surgery stationBrindleton Pawspital
Install Pulsating Massage JetsShowerBurners & Builders
Fridge of SteelFridgeCaliente Household
Add Stick-Free PotTea MakerCasbah Gallery
Flavor EnhancerMicrowaveDeadgrass Discoveries
Coated InteriorMicrowaveDelgato Household
FireguardFireplaceDesert Bloom
Soothing JetsCorner TubFeng Household
Fresh MakerFridgeGoth Household
Upgrade the Water Flow RegulatorShowerHarbor Quarter Gym
Fire SafeMythic Patio Warming LampHogan’s Burger Bar
ECC RAMComputerJang Household
Install Photon-ProjectorTalking ToiletKaraoke Legends
Reinforced DoorFridgeLandgraab Household
Add Thermo-EvaporatorTalking ToiletLobo Household
Auto-Soap DispenserSinkMagnolia Blossom
Apply Self Cleaning Wall CoatingShowerMovers & Shakers
Self-CleaningSinkMunipal Muses
Coated ExteriorCookerMyshuno Meadows
Better ComponentsStereoOld Quarter Inn
Add AnimationsNeon SignPaddywacks Emporium
Clean CoatBathPancakes Household
Precision Temperature ProbeSaunaPerfect Balance Spa
Increase Cleaning SpeedDishwasherPizzazz Household
Add Bio DisintegratorTalking ToiletPlanet Honey Pop
IP SpooferComputerQuad Manor
Equip Illuminated Hydro-JetsTalking ToiletRasoya Household
Add InfuserTea MakerRattlesnake Juice
Pulsating JetsCorner TubSpencer-Kim-Lewis Household
Add Deuce Core ProcessorTalking ToiletStargazer Lounge
Sturdy FaucetsSinkThe Futures Past
Add BidetToiletThe Solar Flare
Better Video CardComputerWillow Creek Archive


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