2020.9 Elder Traitsman

This challenge is to see how many traits your two elder sims can earn in two weeks, or before they die. The only traits that count are the reward traits for completing aspirations and the traits that can be bought with aspiration points.

Elder Traitsman

July 6 to July 26


You can buy them from the Reward Store and you’re awarded them for completing Aspirations. So, just how many traits can you accumulate between your two Elder Sims?


RS Traits < 2500 — Reward Store Traits costing less than 2500 Satisfaction. Press Y or click the Simology Tab and mouse over the traits for the Sim you need to score. If the description in blue says the trait is from the Reward Store and costs less than 2500 Satisfaction give yourself 1 point.

RS Traits 2500 + — Reward Store Traits costing 2500 Satisfaction or more. Press Y or click the Simology Tab and mouse over the traits for the Sim you need to score. If the description in blue says the trait is from the Reward Store and costs 2500 Satisfaction or more give yourself 2 points.

ASP Traits — Aspiration Traits. Press Y or click the Simology Tab and mouse over the various traits for the Sim you need to score. If the description in blue says the trait is from finishing an Aspiration give yourself 3 points.

Total — Just add your points received from the three different types of traits for your Total.

Elder Sim #1 is Human

Leah Church

Beginning Traits: Cheerful, Good, Art Lover

Beginning Aspiration: Painter Extraordinaire

Elder Sims #2 is Vampire

Keith Crandall

Beginning Traits: Self-Assured, Dance Machine, Outgoing

Beginning Aspiration: Friend of the World.

Leah and Keith find themselves standing outside of a small house in Willow Creek. Keith is already uncomfortable, but that could be because he is a vampire standing outside in the sun.

That is much better.

The first aspiration they are going to work on is going to be Soulmate.

They have to be careful how often they woohoo, which is how most of the seven dates want to end. They are able to get gold on all seven dates and only had the woohoo twice.

During the process of completing Soulmate, they get married.

They are down to the last of the requirements – 50 romantic gestures each. Leah needs some sleep before they can finish that, so Keith works on the three vampire aspirations while he waits for her.

So I got distracted with the vampire aspirations, and then began playing Keith as a vampire cult leader.

While Keith was rounding up females for his new club, Leah was working on her painting.

Keith also made a club for the existing vampires so that he could call them over whenever he wanted.

Leah and Keith were also still trying to finish up Soulmate, and this is where I lost the ball.

I added the romantic, kissing, and woohoo actions to the club as approved activities.

Of course, Keith and Leah were ready to go.

Then Keith accidentally clicked on Lilith to Try for Baby in the Shower. And I thought, why not.

While Lilith and Keith were in the shower, Vlad and Caleb distracted Leah out front.

Everyone was willing to woohoo with Keith, although he never asked Vlad.

Hungry. They are all hungry. Keith gets to Leah first though.

Those are some hungry vampires, trapped here by the active club, really wanting something to eat or drink.

Keith would call over a bunch of friends so that the vampire could eat, then they would all leave when they woke up.

Now working on Vampire Family, Keith begins turning some of his friends.

He creates a second club for his offspring, and because I had to try it again, the approved activities are romance, kissing, and woohoo.

This was as close as the girls came to getting romantic with each other.

Leah spent most of the time sleeping or painting. She didn’t seem to question why her house was full of women.

Switching from offspring, while waiting for them to turn, Keith invites his minions back over. And he invites a random selection for food from them to drink.

Keith just finished winning three vampiric spars with Caleb and Baako is out there checking them out.

So, Leah has reached the end of her days, and she collapses right after this. She had ten traits for her part of the challenge – one for the Soulmate aspiration and nine purchased at <§2,500.

Keith ends his club gathering and sends everyone home. He has completed a lot, although we both know it won’t land high on the score board. Keith earned one aspiration trait – for Soulmate, and then purchased 17 traits <§2,500.

The total score for the challenge:

  • RS traits <§2,500 = 26 traits x1 = 26
  • RS traits >§2,500 = 0 traits = 0
  • Aspiration traits = 2 traits x3 = 6

Total Score: 32 points


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