Drifting Along

Drifting Along, House 007.4

It is time for Levi and Annabel to begin working on their house.  After living in the mansion for so long, they are shocked to find that their new house doesn’t yet exist.  On top […]

Lets Build It

Let’s Build It, Round 49

For this March round, give us a flower shop! The flowers are about to sprout here. More specifically, give us a lot that has a beautiful diversity of flowers. Get original, you’ve got a lot of creative freedom! […]

Sharebears Legacy

Sharber Legacy, Chapter 6

The nanny is still at the house. He can’t leave at the moment because they don’t have the simoleons to pay him yet. Sofie wakes up excited because it is her birthday and it is […]

Sweet Lips Challenge

Hunter’s Sweet Lips, Chapter 1

I realized that I have never finished (or even started) this challenge from Boolprop, so Hunter manned up and volunteered. He is excited about all of the kissing, and he can’t get pregnant so he […]