Sweet Lips Challenge

Kat’s Kisses, Chapter 1

This is going to be my fourth attempt at the Sweet Lips challenge. I believe I know where I went wrong the first few times – trying to rushing, trying to do too much, used […]

2020 Challenges

2020.7 Townie Baby Boomer 2

Time to run through the rest of the world… Starting off with… …a quick update… Of the 9 elders that started the game, the Elderberrys escaped the challenge because I didn’t want to break them […]

Drifting Along

Drifting Along, House 011.2

Elsa broke the coffee pot, and yes, she does drink that much coffee. Thiago has mastered mixology. Now to complete the aspiration and get some more promotions. He also needs to improve charisma. But first, […]

Planet Zoo

Planet Zoo, Franchise

After finishing the career mode, I decided to move into the franchise mode, and to complete as many of the achievements as possible. There are two achievements that will take time – Create 25 zoos […]