Exploring History

History of Sims, Stoners 1.1

Somehow, I think this challenge started itself. It is not a short challenge. In fact it is a very long challenge, as we explore history with our sims. The challenge is called Exploring History and […]

Drifting Along

Drifting Along, House 013.7

Hayes has 10 days remaining until he becomes a young adult, so this house will be wrapped up in this update. All house goals have been completed, so the focus remains on Hayes to get […]

Drifting Along

Drifting Along, House 013.5

This house is really close to being completed and I am enjoying controlling Hayes and everyone else. That said, it is time to get the last of the goals completed. Hunter needs to earn one […]

2020 Challenges

2020.9 Elder Traitsman

This challenge is to see how many traits your two elder sims can earn in two weeks, or before they die. The only traits that count are the reward traits for completing aspirations and the […]

Drifting Along

Drifting Along, House 013.3

With things progressing so nicely, Hunter decides to spend some of the savings to improve the house, finally. So, he builds a huge-ass pool. That is the priority of the mermaid. La’ei is still finishing […]

Drifting Along

Drifting Along, House 013.2

First things first. It is time for La’ei to have her makeover. And the haircut makes all of the difference. La’ei does her homework standing up because Hunter won’t sleep in the bed if she […]

Drifting Along

Drifting Along, House 013.1

Well, I thought I was going to take a break from the drifters but here I am back again. Hunter is contemplating his new empty lot, wondering what it is that he needs to accomplish. […]

Chase That Name

Chase That Name, Cordelia 1.3

Cordelia is still working hard on various aspirations and she is also incubating the next baby. Caryn is still sleeping, for however long that lasts. Cameron is hungry so he is tasked with making the […]