3.0: Stop the Presses! Write Here, Write Now

Stop the Presses! Write Here, Write Now.

Making lots of money from writing is an obvious goal in this event, but reading as many books as possible is also key in achieving a high score.

General Challenge Rules
The General Challenge Rules always apply. Exceptions to the General Challenge Rules will be noted below.

Specific Challenge Rules

  • Create 1 Young Adult Sim.
  • Adding to the household is not allowed.
  • You’re allowed 12 total vacation days. Break it up however you wish — i.e. 12 1-day vacations, 4 3-day vacations, etc.
  • This challenge ends when the game clock reads Week 13, Day 1, 12:00 PM.


Writing $ — Open the Writing skill journal and note the Money Earned Writing statistic.

Books Read — This score is a multiplier based on the Books Read statistic in the Writing journal. Everyone begins with a Books Read multiplier value of 1.00. Take the Books Read statistic and multiply it by 1% (.01).

Total — Take your Writing $ figure and multiply it by the Books Read multiplier for your Total. Drop any decimal portion in your Total score. List both scoring components in your final post.

Example: The game clock reads Week 13, Day 1, 12 PM. You just received royalty payments and are now done. Your Money Earned Writing statistic is $1,234,567. The Books Read statistic says 103.

103 X .01 = 1.03

Final Books Read Multiplier = 1.00 + 1.03 = 2.03

Your Total is $1,234,567 X 2.03 = 2,506,171.01

Drop the decimal portion of your Total = 2,506,171.

Helpful Guide Articles
The Sims 3 Writing Guide
Professional Author Lifetime Wish Walkthrough

Challenge Begins: February 14
Challenge Ends: April 24

Good luck!


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