3.2 Plan of Action

Trophy Total [49]

Laurel Posy [29]

  • Firefighter [9]
    • Axe (move in Gil Lai)
    • Coat
    • Hero Trophy
    • Honor Trophy
    • Firetruck
    • Fire Alarm
    • Key to the City
    • Award Trophy
    • Hero Medal
  • Adventures [14]
    • China
      • Symbol of Halls of the Lost Army
      • Symbol of Pangu’s Haven
      • Symbol of the Hot Springs Cave
    • France
      • Signet of the King’s Burial Ground
      • Signet of the Museum Catacombs
      • Signet of the Maze of the High Ruler
      • Signet of Tuatha’s Garden
      • Signet of the Smuggler’s Cavern
    • Egypt
      • Sigil of the Tomb of the Burning Sands
      • Sigil of the Tomb of the Desert Ocean
      • Sigil of the Ancient Library
      • Sigil of the Criminal Headquarters
      • Sigil of the Tomb of the Rock
      • Sigil of the Tomb of Discovery
  • Skills [4]
    • Handiness
    • Athletics
    • Photography
    • Riding
  • Lifetime Rewards [2]

    • Motive Mobile
    • Moodlet Manager

Roommates [20]

Gil Lai [3]

  • Cooking (move in Doreen Slate)
  • Gardening
  • Hover Bed
    • Moved out

Doreen Slate [5]

  • Charisma (move in Chase Cruz)
  • Martial Arts
  • Criminal/Thief
    • Prince of Pickleburp (level 8 promotion)
    • Mission at Noon, Lance Ng (level 9 promotion)
  • Young Again Potion

Chase Cruz [3]

  • Guitar (move in Anne Goldbeard)
  • Ghost Hunter
    • Epic Hero Medal
  • Teleportation Pad

Anne Goldbeard [1]

  • Logic (move in Jasmeen Hassen)
    • Moved out

Jasmeen Hassen [4]

  • Painting (move in Captain Roberts)
  • Piano
  • Map to the Stars
  • Body Sculptor
    • Moved out

Captain Roberts [3]

  • Fishing (adopt Oscar)
  • Inventing
  • Food Replicator
    • Moved out

Oscar Posy [1]

  • Driving certificate (adopt Emmy)

Emmy Posy [0]


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