I have been playing the Sims since August ’05. I started with my sister’s old copies of Sims 1 as she was moving up to Sims 2. It only took me a few weeks of that to decide to try Sims 2 and then I moved on to Sims 3 and then Sims 4 when each was released. I have since bought every expansion, game pack, and stuff pack and play obsessively.

When not playing Sims I can generally be found in the worlds of Middle Earth. I have been playing Lord of the Rings Online since August 07 and have spent quite a lot of time there growing my ‘toons. I can be found on various Sims forums as either Teresa or tjsmetana in case you have seen me around.  In game, I am known as Loraiel on the Arkenstone server.

In real life I am a mom to 2 grown kids, 2 cats, and a husband.

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