Alien Invasion, Chapter 6

So, with the issues that I was having with the megaworld – I finally decided to split the households to their own save files.  This means that the Achievements are not going to be tracked any longer as that was the biggest reason for the megaworld.  So, as each household comes up for rotation, they will get a new world.  That means we are back to the original premade sims, and I will deal with the duplicates on the households where we married in a premade.  With the move, aging for everyone has been turned on and MC Command Center has been removed.  The only mods still installed are the censor remover and a lighting mod.  For this household, it was not necessary to remove any of the premades.

For Dejah Voux, she moved to the new world with her daughter, Calypso.  To keep the family strings intact, Bruce and the boys also made the move.  They were split to their own unplayed household and will age with the family and be available for interactions.  Their house will not be played though.

Instead of turning on freerealestate, I dropped both families in their original lots, then changed them to unplayed.  This allowed me to go into build mode with unlimited funds.  With the move to the new world, they have lost of their accumulated funds, so feel this is acceptable to get everyone set up.  Bruce and the boys will be living in this two story house that I downloaded from the gallery.

Dejah and Calypso scored this awesome one-story house that was built for a scientist – also downloaded from the gallery.

After a quick review to see where everyone is on their skills and aspirations, it is time for Dejah to finish potty training Calypso.  Calypso is actually pretty far ahead on most of her skills since she played with the boys during the week they were played last chapter.

Apparently, she still needs to work on her thinking skill as despite having toys to play with, she chooses to splash in the toilet.

Since Dejah didn’t bring anything with her, she needs to rebuild her rocket ship.  She is also level 7 in the science career and halfway through the Adult life stage.

A trick to make it feel like the toddlers are sitting at the table is to set it back so it doesn’t hook into the table.  Then they can sit and eat and chat with the others.

Of course, Bruce spent the first full day with Calypso and when she wanted to talk to him, she asked him to put her in the high chair so that they could chat.

I forget the reason for this face.  Calypso is Independent and many things make her frown.  She was probably exhausted but having to listen to a lecture on saying please and thanks.

Dejah went to work Monday and Tuesday before deciding to take the rest of the week off.  She had plenty of vacation time built up.  While she was at work, the nanny hung out with Bruce because Calypso was sleeping the day away.

Walkabout time.  I have missed taking the toddlers on tours of the neighborhoods.  Calypso heads down to the fishing spot.

She has been throwing wants to make a mess, so here she is allowed to do just that.

She is exhausted and stops to take a nap on the way home.

When she wakes up, she calls for Dejah to come get her and carry her home.  Lazy-butt.

Dejah is exhausted and not very impressed that she was on the other side of the neighborhood.

Hugs are given and received once they get home.  Then they both go to bed to sleep.

Before Dejah can get to bed, the Count comes calling.  He is quickly asked to leave – you have to catch it before the game recognizes a vampire breaking in.  Now, Dejah can go to sleep.

Dejah may have taken the week off from work, but she has spent her time building and upgrading the rocket.  Calypso has skilled almost everything to level 5 and enjoys reading books (looking at pictures) on her own.  She is independent after all.

Dejah has completed her aspiration.  She was just missing the last level of logic, so she took a break from the rocket to finish that off.

Exhausted baby passes out while receiving another lecture about saying sorry, please, and thank you.

But her skills are all mastered – she is the first toddler that I have reached level 5 in all skills, and since she had a non-playable week to work on communication and movement on her own, she will probably be the only one for awhile.

Even with level 5 thinking, she still loves to make messes.  She gets caught this time and scolded properly for it.

Someone had an accident – and it was not Calypso.  This happened right after Dejah scolded her for making a mess.

Calypso gets some comforting from her stuffed dinosaur.

It is birthday time for Calypso.  She is leaving her toddler years as a Top-Notch Toddler.

She picked up Geek – she will be focused on completing collections for her generational task.

A quick peek at her true form before putting on the disguise.

First things first – Calypso gets tasked with cleaning the house.

Then she makes friends  with a walk-by, Alexander Goth.  She needs to play three games of chess and he is the lucky participant.

Calypso cheats! 🙂  She told him there was an alien behind him.  Little does he know, the alien is sitting in front of him, cheating.

It seems I forgot the night lights. Those get installed and then Calypso gets Dejah to spray for monsters and to put her back to bed.

An abduction, which means nothing, since females don’t get pregnant by alien abductions.  But it puts Dejah in a focused mood and she uses that to work on more upgrades to the rocket.

I told her to go to bed.  She kept dropping my instructions to watch TV.  Serves her right – but that looks so uncomfortable.

Playing doctor – using the stethoscope.  There are several actions including the light thing to look in eyes, ears, and throat.

She can also give bay doll a shot.

Dejah Voux

  • Aspiration: Nerd Brain – Completed
  • Career: Scientist – Laboratory Leader
  • Traits: Geek, Neat, Genius
    • Bonus: Quick Learner
    • Earned: Handy
    • Reward: Steel Bladder, Entrepreneurial

Calypso Voux

  • Child Aspiration: Mental
  • Toddler Trait: Independent
  • Traits: Geek
    • Earned: Top-Notch Toddler


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