All That Pizzazz, Chapter 1.1

For the Fall and Halloween season, Boolprop is promoting the Black Widow challenge. This is one I haven’t completed before, so the time seems to be right.

Instead of creating a new sim in CAS, our Black Widow will be Penny Pizzazz. I have never played with Penny but have wanted to find something for her to do. Penny is Ambitious, Outgoing, and Romantic. Her aspiration starts off as City Native, but she will be changing that to Serial Romantic before the challenge starts and then will be jumping between Love and Fortune while she seduces, marries, and then kills a series of spouses. While in CAS adjusting her traits, she also gets a little bit of a makeover. Then she has to quit her current level 8 career. This one hurts.

With the makeover out of the way, it is time for Penny to find her “first” spouse. Where does she want to live next…?

She makes a list and begins her journey with Ekram Elderberry. She is really brazen as she goes to his house, becomes his best friend, romances him to soulmate, convinces him to break up with his wife. And she does all of this with his grandson sitting in the room.

Then it is time for the proposal which he accepts.

Now it is time to get married. Penny books the event center in San Myshuno for the wedding and she and Ekram race for the wedding arch.

Since they had to have at least two wedding guests, Eleanor and Rohan have the privilege of being those two wedding guests.

The wedding goes smoothly with everyone ignoring Eleanor’s sobs.

After the wedding itself, they head into the house for the after party.

With the wedding cake cut, I have my very first gold medal wedding party. And I put virtually no effort into this.

Back at the house, it is time to consummate the marriage.

Ekram is enthusiastic about the consummation and Penny encourages him to join with her several times.

It took four times before Ekram became exhausted and a fifth time before he expired.

Don’t let her tears fool you. When she moved in with Ekram, they kicked Eleanor and Rohan out to the apartment in San Myshuno. Now, with Ekram passed, she has the house all to herself.

Hey there Grim. Penny has time to become good friends with Grim and romantic interests before he receives a call and poofs away.

All alone, Penny discovers that she is pregnant.

Penny wants to find a nice place for Ekram to spend eternity, so she heads over to the Newcrest Church of Maxis and arranges for him to be interred in their cemetery. RIP Ekram, Death by Exhaustion.

Penny gets some sleep and when she wakes up the next morning, the reality hits her. She is pregnant and alone, but she has a house and some money. But she doesn’t like to be alone.

I just realized that when Penny moved in with Ekram, by moving Eleanor and Rohan into her apartment the same time meant she didn’t get the money from selling her furnishings. Only the cash. So, she will not be doing that again. Next time, the rest of the household will be moved out into the streets.

Penny decides it is time to get out of the cold and heads to Sulani. There she meets a couple and spends the day visiting with them.

She decides that romancing Alika in front of Mele is probably not a good idea,, and Mele has her suspicions I do believe.

Asking Alika to go for a walk on the beach, they become best friends and even start on romance. But then Alika has to go to work, and Penny realizes she has never quit her job.

Penny heads back home, to her new house. She tries to get a nap but her next door neighbors, the Pleasant sisters, come over to welcome her to the neighborhood.

She becomes good friends with both sisters and they stay just a little too long and she can no longer keep her eyes open. And I keep forgetting she isn’t a vampire, those creatures that never need to sleep.

Penny invites Alika over, but she is still sad from watching Ekram die and she gripes, bitches, and moans to Alika the entire time. Finally she sends him home and goes back to bed.

So, it is Tuesday of the first week at 7:00 pm, and Penny has already married and buried her first husband. She is pregnant with his child and waiting for the birth.

I would love to have that ass and those thighs. And no, I am not willing to work for them.

With her imposed mourning over, Penny heads off to catch Alika at home.

She really isn’t subtle and Alika falls to her charms while Mele watches from the kitchen.

Alika agrees to leave Mele, becomes Penny’s best friend, and agrees to marry her once both of their relationship bars are maxed out – Soulmate and Best Friends.

Penny is going to be lucky to survive this challenge and had better watch out for the pissed off ex-wives club.

Time for the wedding, and notice in the back is Mele. Penny is inviting everyone she knows, until she knows more than 15 sims. But for now, this is everyone she knows.

The guests find a place to sit and Mele comes up the aisle dreading what she is going to see.

For the record, Penny is still pregnant with Ekram’s child. She hasn’t had a chance to try for baby with Alika. But soon.

This wedding went even better than the first one. She achieves gold just by getting married and doesn’t even have to complete the other tasks.

Back home, Mele finds a place to live and moves out.

When Alika heads off to work, Penny begins working on finding a lover. While Grim is willing to flirt with her, woohoo is not an option, so she leaves him at the bar and moves on.

So I really wanted to choose this but I will do that in another challenge to see what happens.

Mizuki Fujita was Penny’s landlord and qualifies as an NPC for this. And despite her poor fashion sense, Penny really likes her.

Somehow, she is going to have to receive a makeover for no other reason than to get rid of that orange lipstick.

Soulmates, Girlfriends, Lovers

Oops. Late stage pregnancy is tough on everyone.

Miizuki gets her makeover as she leaves for the day.

Alika makes something to eat while Penny gets some sleep. She is so ready for the baby to be born.

Speaking of, it is time to have this baby.

Emily Elderberry joins the family and while Penny heads off for a bath and some sleep, Alika takes care of her needs.

Then it is time to take care of his needs.

Which of course has consequences.

Penny is able to give Alika the good news before he leaves for work.

Lilith comes over and Penny is in the middle of some romance when Mizuki shows up unannounced and uninvited. Oops. Also Lilith is pregnant with Akira’s baby. Akira not Alika. Also #2, Mizuki hates children and she was pissed when Penny told her she was pregnant again.

Mizuki leaves and that gives Penny a chance to romance Lilith.

They have a time for some play because Alika is not due home for awhile.

As Lilith is leaving, her sister Angela shows up. Angela is married and pregnant, but that doesn’t slow Penny down. She still has a few more hours before Alika comes home from work.

Angela brought Penny a pizza. Thanks?!?

Penny gives Angela a kiss. Thanks!!!

Then there is more woohoo. Penny is a horny sim, apparently.

Angela is gone before Alika shows up from work. Penny greets him with a great big kiss, and other things. Then they have several home dates and Penny is close to completing Soulmate. Just two more dates and some romantic gestures.


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