All the Emotions

The next tournament challenge is Emotional Rollercoaster. The goal is to complete emotional whims for four days, and then to move in more sims to capture emotional states for the last three days. This is a fast challenge – only one week to experience all the emotions.

Tianna Brinkley is the sim that will be starting off this challenge. She is moving to Mt Komorebi, into 2-4-3 Wakabamori. This is the first time I have had a sim live in the new world.

Tianna is Erratic, Adventurous, and Loves the Outdoors. Her aspiration is Extreme Sports Enthusiast. She removes all holidays from the calendar and is ready to get this started.

Tianna gets started with the Confident emotion and she spends the entire day fulfilling whims.

She has to find a nightclub and then a lounge for drinks and meeting new people.

Then she has a brief moment in Happy before becoming Flirty. And that escalated quickly.

Focused is an emotion that seems to require a lot of traveling. Probably because Tianna doesn’t have the funds to buy the crap. She had to sell most of her living room furniture in order to buy the damn chess table.

And then she is off traveling some more.

For the record, I really suck at whims. Really, really suck. Tianna is working on embarrassment, but she just makes herself uncomfortable.

Count Vlad drops by so Tianna has to use a moodlet solver to get uncomfortable to go the fuck away.

She finally dropped in with the Bjergsens and proceeded to start a fight with Clara, which made Clara angry and Tianna happy. Then she was kicked out of the house.

Thankfully, it is now Thursday morning, and time to move other sims in. She will not be able to control the sims, but we will get points for their emotions. Tianna first asked Dominic to join her household, and he brought Morgan. Then she dropped by the Landgraabs’s house, made friends with Geoffrey, and they joined the Landgraab household. The seventh sim that joined was Baako Jang, and the last sim was Clara Bjergsen. The household is full and now Tianna is going to try to complete more whims while the rest of the gang experience different emotions.

Yeah, I am glad this one is over also. The final score is 200.

  • 1 pt Whims = 52 x1 =52
  • 2 pt Whims = 12 x2 =24
  • 3 pt Emotions = 62 x2 =124


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