Artistic Endeavors

Moving along, it is time for a creativity challenge.

Artistic Endeavors: Introvert and Extrovert

Goal: Sketch out your strategy in this artistic money-making challenge. There are many ways for your artistic Sims to rack up household funds, but one of your Sims must choose introverted ways to earn their money while the other opts for extroverted paths.

This challenge will begin and end with two sims. They can only make money using creative skills and related careers. All life states are allowed, which means they will both be vampires.

Our creative couple will consist of Odin Extrovert and Nyla Introvert. Odin is Neat, Creative, and a Music Lover. Nyla is Good, Creative, and an Art Lover. They both have aspirations starting off related to their challenge – Painter Extraordinaire and Musical Genius.

They head down into their micro tiny lair and get started on the first tiers of their aspirations. Nyla will be working on painting and Odin will join the Entertainer career. I figure Nyla will be making most of the money, mostly because I never have really figured out how to make lots of money with acting, musical, and comedy skills.

Not sure this is going to be an exciting update. Nyla spends it all painting, listing on Plopsy, and then shipping out sold paintings.

Odin writes one song on the piano, and then heads off to work. They have both mastered the initial skill and Nyla has completed the painting aspiration.

Odin really is just taking up space. Nyla is doing all the heavy lifting, and that is completely because I suck at the extraverted ways of making money. Odin has mastered piano and guitar, and will then master comedy and violin and singing. Most days he forgets to go to work so promotions are rare.

Nyla has just about, single-handedly, earned all the money for the household. Nyla creates with the digital tablet a series of six or seven paintings, then she ships anything that sold while she was painting. Then she lists on Plopsy anything she has created. Rinse and repeat. Generally, she sells between four and seven paintings in each round.

Nyla takes a quick break to make five friends for the Good Vampire aspiration. She has regrets.

She has lots of regrets. After this the mailbox is moved underneath the porch overhang so that she won’t have trouble when she is mailing off the paintings that sold.

The challenge comes to an end at 5am on Sunday. Odin tries to participate in the painting, but his drawing will not be accepted. It will remain on the easel. Odin contributed §8,238 to the household funds. Nyla contributed the rest. The household funds ends at §1,676,450. Yeah painting and Plopsy are that good. It also helped that Nyla was a vampire and did not need to sleep. She lived on showers and plasma packs.


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