Babbling Brooks, Chapter 1.2

“I have my own little world, but it’s okay – they know me here.” ~Ariella Brooks~

01-02-16_11-57-44 AM

Ariella starts her new job on Monday, and is put straight to work creating the momentum conserver and then mixing serum. After breaking the chemistry lab, repairing it, she successfully creates a tainted serum.

01-02-16_12-01-50 PM

After busting her butt all morning, Ariella takes a little time and meets her coworkers: Nina Caliente, Eric Lewis, Vivian Lewis, Dennis Kim, Don Lothario.

01-02-16_12-05-24 PM

Ariella has a successful first day at work and comes home with a promotion to Apprentice Inventor!  She even receives a poster as a reward.

01-02-16_12-10-03 PM

With the raise from her promotion, Ariella purchases a refrigerator, counter, and trash can.  Still without a stove so she is limited to a salad for dinner.

01-02-16_12-15-05 PM

While she is eating her salad, she receives an invitation from Agustin Teague to a party at the Chalet Gardens.  She happily attends where she runs into Don Lothario.  They have a pleasant night getting to know each either, although Don makes sure she understands he is non-committal and has no plans on settling down.

01-02-16_12-20-41 PM

Tuesday morning comes early and Ariella realizes she hasn’t come up with any new ideas for work.  She thinks really hard and has a breakthrough idea on how to create a SimRay.  When she gets to work, they have her make another Momentum Conserver and then she is able to invent the SimRay.  As she is finishing up the SimRay she has her fourth breakthrough regarding a Red Hot Serum – after all who doesn’t want to make people Angry on purpose.  She attempts the Synthetic Food Serum once again and this time makes a successful formula.  With her regular work done for the day, she begins working on the rocket.  Despite her successful day, she did not get promoted.

01-02-16_12-35-38 PM

When she gets home, she invites Don over, where they spend time getting to know each other better.  While Don is not ready to settle down, he does agree to move in with Ariella.  It is only a matter of time now.  Don is Active, Romantic, and, of course, Non-committal.  His aspiration is to be a Serial Romantic, but agrees reluctantly to the Soulmate aspiration.  His Romance aspiration provides him with the Alluring trait.  Don has some basic skills when he moves in with Ariella including Charisma 1, Dancing 1, Fitness 3, Logic 1, and Video Gaming 1.

01-02-16_12-45-14 PM

With Don living with her now, Ariella trades her twin bed for double bed.  After a successful gold medal date, Don accidentally asks Ariella to be his girlfriend.  Of course, she agrees and they celebrate by breaking in the new double bed.

01-02-16_12-46-27 PM

While Ariella sleeps, Don joins the Powerhouse club, whose activities include Work Out and Swim.  The current members include the leader Marcus, along with Clara and Paolo, and the club hangout is Harbor Quarter Gym.  The club already has some perks including Club Status: Popular, Club Handshake: Fist Bump, Skill Bonus: Fitness Boost, Club Vibe: Energized, and Clothing and Décor: Trucker Hat.

01-02-16_12-47-49 PM

Once he joined the club, Don changed found a job as a Waterperson in the Athletic career which makes more sense with his Active trait.  Then, while high on life, Don proposes to Ariella and she happily accepts.

01-02-16_12-57-05 PM

Don celebrates his new life with a jog around the homestead, at 2:30 am, because what has he done?!?

01-02-16_1-01-16 PM

Don needs something to use for working out, so they sell the VIP Bucket from their Gold Date.  Using that money, Don buys a punching bag and spends some time working out his tension from finding himself committed to Ariella.

01-02-16_1-04-35 PM

With her home life shaping up, Ariella has a good day at work on Wednesday, receiving a promotion to Junior Tinkerer and receiving the Flying Saucer Table Lamp.  With the raise from the promotion, Ariella adds on to her kitchen and finally gets a stove and makes Fish Tacos for dinner.

01-02-16_2-59-29 PM

Before heading into work Thursday morning, Don and Ariella have another Gold Medal Date during which, in the heat of passion, they get married.

01-02-16_3-06-39 PM

At work later that day, because who gets a honeymoon in Sims 4, Ariella upgrades the SimRay, appropriately named Brooks Ray, with the Transform option.  She spends time brainstorming on the Robot and comes up with the ideas of a Hover Lamp and the Rose Perfume Serum.  Once again, she does not receive a promotion.  Friday was another day of general tasks around the lab and while Ariella was certain she would receive a promotion, she did not.  She was happy to come home to discover Don had been promoted to Locker Room Attendant and received the Athlete’s Trophy Case.

01-02-16_3-34-44 PM

Ariella has the weekend off while Don is scheduled to work.  She gets up early Saturday morning and runs her collecting route, then spends time fishing.

01-02-16_4-04-07 PM

Don sleeps in and then gets up and ready for work.  After increasing his charisma, he completes the second level of his aspiration by becoming best friends with Ariella.  He forgets to complete his daily task though so does not get promoted today.

01-02-16_4-10-16 PM

Ariella is waiting to complete the first level of her aspiration as she needs to buy §1,000 on kids’ stuff and they just have not had the extra cash.  On Sunday Ariella spends the day using the SimRay to transform various items from her inventory into better stuff and in the process starts a fire and finds a gnome.

01-02-16_4-47-21 PM

Ariella discovers she is expecting a baby so they decide to buy a simple house.  They will need to sell a good amount of what is in Ariella’s inventory to afford anything from the Gallery.  Ariella sends off all of her metals and crystals to the Geo Council and they decide to get the new house once she receives everything back.  Ariella goes to work alone as she is still waiting on the GeoCouncil to return her metals and crystals.

01-02-16_4-22-29 PM

Don is beginning to feel trapped finding himself with a wife and baby on the way living on the lawn and everything needing to be repaired.  He spends the day moping trying to figure out how he ended up committed when he was determined to remain uncommitted.

01-02-16_5-40-00 PM

Ariella has a good day at work, alone, and comes home with a promotion to Serum Sequencer and receives the Chemistry Lab as a reward.  While Ariella and Don sleep that night, they get their new house.  It is an empty unfurnished shell called Brick Symmerty by Chellamazing.   In order to afford the house, they had to sell all of their existing furniture and will need to slowly replace the necessary items as they earn simoleons.

01-02-16_5-56-15 PM

The next day is a quiet day with Ariella going to work, coming up with the idea of the Satellite Dish, and the Snake Oil Serum.  She does not get promoted but Don does receive a promotion to Team Mascot.  It is finally time for the baby to come.  Ariella has Don take her to the hospital where she delivers a baby girl that they name Bethany.

01-02-16_6-48-20 PM

With no rest of legacy founders, Ariella heads off to work after dropping Bethany off at home.  This was a very emotional day as both Dennis Kim and Vivian Lewis die during the day.  Needless to say, Ariella did not get a promotion.

Thursday starts off badly when Wren Tang creates a fire trying to repair the computer.  Despite the bad start, Ariella has a pretty good day and is promoted to Technological Innovator and receives the Test Tube Pedestal as a reward.

01-02-16_7-30-48 PM

To celebrate their increase in income, Don and Ariella have another Gold Medal Date resulting in Ariella discovering she is, once again, expecting a baby.

01-02-16_7-47-13 PM

Ariella finally spends some money on toys for Bethany as she is about to become a child, finally completing the first level of her aspiration.  With another Gold Medal Date, Don completes the third level of his aspiration.

01-02-16_7-47-41 PM

Friday is a quiet day at work for Ariella.  She thinks about creating a Cloning Machine and a Slimify Serum and upgrades the Brooks Ray with the option for Clean.  Bethany becomes a child on Saturday and chooses the become a Whiz Kid.  She has the family trait of Insane assigned.

01-02-16_8-16-21 PM

Ariella asks a question and the Future Cube predicts the mysteries of the universe will be revealed with study.

01-02-16_9-07-01 PM

During the course of transforming collectibles into other items, Ariella creates a series of gnomes:

  • Bearly Gnome
  • Ghastly Ghostly Gnome
  • There’s No Place Like Gnome
  • Strictly Business Gnome

01-02-16_9-10-50 PM

With Whiz Kid and a Successful lineage in the same house, Ariella and Bethany spend several hours reading together to work on both aspirations.

01-02-16_9-21-19 PM

Current Score: 2

  • Family: 1
  • Creative: 0
  • Fortune: 0
  • Love: 1
  • Knowledge: 0
  • Athletic: 0
  • Nature: 0
  • Food: 0
  • Popularity: 0
  • Deviance: 0
  • Penalties: 0
  • Handicaps: 0


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