Babbling Brooks, Chapter 1.3

“I have my own little world, but it’s okay – they know me here.” ~Ariella Brooks~

Because I really do not like to build, I will be downloading houses from the Gallery as the family has a need and the funds.  Therefore, the family gets a new house to make room for the new baby and all of the career rewards.  They purchase a furnished house called Cypress 3br Starter House by JJ_Baggins.

01-03-16_4-28-40 PM

Don comes home to the new house with a promotion to Dance Team Captain.  The family has a rare dinner together at 2am and then Don and Ariella have a Gold Medal Date which completes Don’s aspiration and gives him the Companion trait.  Afterwards, Don switches to the Bodybuilder aspiration.

01-03-16_4-30-17 PM

The insanity runs high in this family…

Spending a quiet Sunday morning playing chess, Ariella believes the baby will be coming soon.  Bethany just wants to play chess.  After two games, Ariella heads inside to get some sleep leaving Bethany to practice on her own.  Bethany is still practicing when Don comes home, so after a quick shower, he agrees to join her for one game.

01-03-16_4-44-29 PM

Early, very early, the next morning, Ariella goes into labor and heads to the hospital to give birth.  Don gives with her once he finishes the obligatory prenatal panic.

01-03-16_4-58-01 PM

Interesting to notice that Don brought his dinner with him to the hospital.  “Sure, Ariella, go ahead and push while I finish my beans and franks!”  Once Don is finished with his dinner, Ariella brings their son, Avery into the world.

01-03-16_5-01-58 PM

Don is so excited to have a son that he beats Ariella to the bassinet and is the first to hold Avery. (After the baby was named, I realized that his name is Avery Brooks – Benjamin Sisko of Star Trek and Hawk of Spenser for Hire – this was not intentional, just a happy coincidence).

Even Bethany is happy to meet her new baby brother before she heads off to her first day of school.  She looks happy, doesn’t she?

01-03-16_5-19-49 PM

Ariella drank the Red Hot Serum while at work resulting in a Very Flirty mood.  Right after she gets home from work, she actually bursts into flames!

01-03-16_5-35-37 PM

Burning Love Moodlet:

  • “Ariella is feeling HOT! Hot as in hot and bothered, but also hot like ACTUALLY SETTING THINGS ON FIRE!”
  • With Happy moods of +6 boosting the +3 Flirty mood, she apparently set herself on fire.

01-03-16_5-39-13 PM

Thankfully Don was there to extinguish the flames.  Both the actual flames and the other flames!

Eventually, Don made it back to check on Avery while Ariella took a shower, several cold showers actually.

01-03-16_5-44-31 PM

Deciding the family needs a quiet day at home, everyone calls in and takes Wednesday off.  The result of a nice quiet day at home, is another nooboo on the way.

01-03-16_6-26-44 PM

Early one morning, Avery becomes a child.  He gets the requisite Insane trait and chooses Rambunctious Scamp.  It is a good thing that he was fully rested when he grew up as his bed has not yet been replaced from the fire.  Taking matters into his own hand, he sells his baby bed and replaces his big boy bed.

01-03-16_6-51-41 PM

With the timing of Avery’s birthday, he gets the day off from school, which he spends playing on the jungle gym and then practicing typing.  He was also Sad all day, crying his way through the typing.

01-03-16_7-09-37 PM

Coming home from school with a B, Bethany completes her homework, extra credit, and then creates three emotion potions on the chemistry table.

01-03-16_7-21-04 PM

Despite going to work alone, and having a very tense day, Ariella comes home with a promotion to Ufologist and supposedly receiving a Cautionary Tale Door and a X-180 Shatterproof Window, neither of which were in either her inventory or the household inventory.  As a present for Ariella, and a bribe to not have any more babies, Don surprises her with a new house.  This time they move into the Large Starter created by DiamondDebLP.

01-03-16_8-17-49 PM

Enjoying the new shower in her new home, Ariella has several breakthrough ideas – one for a Wormhole Generator and another for Ghost Goo.  She also immediately goes into labor and heads to the hospital.

01-03-16_8-24-06 PM

Where she and Don hang out in the cafeteria.

01-03-16_8-26-04 PM

The doctor examines her belly, in the cafeteria.

01-03-16_8-27-23 PM

Finally, Ariella heads home because she has been through this before.

01-03-16_8-28-36 PM

After sending Don off to work, Ariella heads home, where she promptly delivers a little boy named Basil.

01-03-16_8-31-49 PM

Current Score: 4

  • Family: 1
  • Creative: 0
  • Fortune: 0
  • Love: 1
  • Knowledge: 0
  • Athletic: 1
  • Nature: 0
  • Food: 0
  • Popularity: 1
  • Deviance: 0
  • Penalties: 0
  • Handicaps: 0


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