Babbling Brooks, Chapter 1.4

“I have my own little world, but it’s okay – they know me here.” ~Ariella Brooks~

After the birth of Basil, the family spends a quiet day at home working on various activities.  Don has his birthday while working out and then goes back to working out.  No cake for this family, yet.  Don almost forgets he has to work, but remembers in time to not be terribly late.

01-04-16_7-37-42 PM

Ariella and Bethany play chess with Bethany mastering her Mental skill.  She only needs an A in school to become a Whiz Kid.

01-04-16_7-38-06 PM

Nina comes over to visit and ends up taking care of Basil – changing his diaper and feeding him a bottle.

01-04-16_7-40-40 PM

Avery practices typing and then plays Keyboard Commander for a long, long time.  He heads off to the monkey bars for some outdoor time and to work on mastering his Motor skill.  Bethany goes with him as she has some time to kill.

01-04-16_7-50-20 PM

Bethany is a fairly weird kid, randomly walking into the shrubs and just standing there looking at the wall of the house.

01-04-16_7-51-45 PM

Don bought Ariella the new house with the idea that there would be no more nooboos.  Ariella never agreed to that, though.

01-04-16_7-59-39 PM

She shares some big news with Don.  He tells her she is not getting another bigger house, no matter how many kids she ends up having – this is the house.

01-04-16_8-00-02 PM

Bethany has achieved her aspiration to become a Whiz Kid.  She switches to Social Butterfly simply because that is the one I have the most trouble completing.  Avery will complete Motor and Basil will take Creativity.  Everyone will get Social until someone completes it.

01-04-16_8-14-32 PM

Don is finding himself feeling tied down more and more every day.  It is reaching the point where even exercising is not helping.

01-04-16_8-38-46 PM

Especially when he has to clean to toilet every single time he goes to use it.

01-04-16_8-39-42 PM

Joining the big kids at the homework table, Basil is glad to be out of the baby bed and into a regular bed.  He won’t be as happy when he realizes the new baby will be sharing his room.

01-04-16_8-47-00 PM

After another fun-filled school day, the kids bring home a classmate and have a group homework session.  Basil bombed the standardized test and is pretty angry while Avery is just plain bored with school.  Bethany has an A and a complete aspiration so she is pretty chill.

01-05-16_6-18-01 AM

Once they finish their homework, Avery heads outside to check out the new monkey bars his parents bought him.

01-05-16_6-24-27 AM

While Basil gravitates to the violin.  Bethany disappeared into her room the minute Basil started learning how to play.

01-05-16_6-25-07 AM

Ariella should have received a promotion, but they decided to wait until after the baby is born since she is due any minute now.  Don didn’t run into any problems getting his promotion, though, and had to choose between Bodybuilder and Professional Athlete.  Of course, he chooses Bodybuilder, because he already has the body!  With his promotion to Personal Trainer he receives the No Sweat, No Fuss Rug along with the ability to Mentor Fitness and Suggest Workout.

01-05-16_6-28-27 AM

But before Don can take a badly needed shower, he has to fix the shower. Again.  Not mention fixing the toilet and cleaning the shower.  Don really wants to hire a maid service.

01-05-16_6-33-44 AM

While Don is cleaning the shower and fixing the toilet, Ariella sets the kitchen on fire.  Don grabs the extinguisher and starts to put the fire out, the kids are panicking, but Ariella is standing there like she is in a trance.

01-05-16_6-34-55 AM

Don is starting to understand that being a legacy spouse is a dangerous thing to be.  You can see it in his eyes as he watches Ariella stand in the flames without concern.

01-05-16_6-35-58 AM

Once the fire is out, Don and the kids head outside for some air.

01-05-16_6-36-17 AM

Ariella takes her dinner and heads to the table to eat like nothing has happened.

01-05-16_6-36-44 AM

Don and the kids are not sure they want to return to the house since their mom has apparently lost her mind.

01-05-16_6-37-11 AM

After the fire incident, Don caves and allows Ariella to get a bigger house.  His only stipulation is that she had to sell all of the collectibles to pay for it.  Ariella agrees and buys the Sommarstugan created by Pixel_Wolfy and uploaded by Juliaalva.  Don believes Ariella will be happy since she chose the house this time, but then he realizes that there are enough beds for six children.

01-05-16_7-14-32 AM

Current Score: 5

  • Family: 1
  • Creative: 0
  • Fortune: 0
  • Love: 1
  • Knowledge: 0
  • Athletic: 2
  • Nature: 0
  • Food: 0
  • Popularity: 1
  • Deviance: 0
  • Penalties: 0
  • Handicaps: 0


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