Babbling Brooks, Chapter 1.5

“I have my own little world, but it’s okay – they know me here.” ~Ariella Brooks~

After settling into their new house, Ariella gives birth to another son, Colin.  Don is a little late on the prenatal panic, which sets in after Ariella brings Colin home.

01-05-16_6-20-19 PM

Ariella does a “fantastic” job at work after having Colin and gets a promotion to Laboratory Leader and receives a Hygienic Decontamination Pod of her very own.

01-05-16_6-27-53 PM

Deciding that this house is “just right”, Ariella decides to invest in her very own rocketship.  She finds a Steampunk Flyamajig and sets it up in the backyard.

01-05-16_6-35-40 PM

Avery masters his Motor skill and secures his place as a Rambunctious Scamp.

01-05-16_6-38-49 PM

“I just need one more breakthrough idea, like right now!”  Ariella thinks of the Need Fixer serum and the Embiggen serum just in time – to not get a promotion.  But, she does get another vacation day bringing her up to a total of 7 days of vacation.

01-05-16_6-44-06 PM

Aliens! Have infiltrated the science lab.  Never fear, Ariella is here!

01-05-16_6-51-07 PM

With the rocket finished, Ariella decides to upgrade the landing stabilizers and expand the fuel tank and improve maneuvering thrusters and expand the cargo bay.

01-05-16_7-00-28 PM

As is fairly typical, Bethany grows up into a teen without any fanfare.  She sticks with her original path choosing Geek and Computer Whiz.  Then she sadly changes Colin’s diaper and gives him a little attention.

01-05-16_7-14-01 PM

With nothing else to occupy his time, Avery cleans up around the house, picking up all of the dirty dishes and taking out the trash.

01-05-16_7-34-54 PM

Meanwhile, with a pulled muscle, Don has to take a break from working out, by watching sports.

01-05-16_7-35-28 PM

Ariella needs some fun, and as always Don is willing to oblige.  You would think he would be more cautious as many times as Ariella has “accidentally” gotten pregnant, but no Don is always up for woohoo.

01-05-16_7-37-09 PM

“What has been seen can never be unseen”

01-05-16_7-36-58 PM

Could there be another nooboo on the way?

01-05-16_7-37-31 PM

Sometime around here, Colin becomes a child, accepting the Insane trait and choosing Social Butterfly.  “Choosing”

01-05-16_7-49-34 PM

With Don so close to mastering Fitness, he takes a couple of days of vacation to get it to the top and then to relax.  Once he has completed his aspiration of becoming a Bodybuilder, Don finds himself free of commands, able to do whatever he wants, within reason.  And there is another fire in the Brooks household.  This is why you guys can’t have nice things.  “Don, that was not one of the things allowed!”

01-05-16_7-51-24 PM

“So, I just escaped another fire in my kitchen, this time set by my dad.  Here is a selfie of me bravely standing outside my house while someone else puts out the fire.”

01-05-16_7-52-29 PM

Don is relegated to the microwave for his dinner after the fire.  He manages to make a TV dinner without setting anything on fire and is able to satisfy his hunger.

01-05-16_7-57-52 PM

Even with two bathrooms, there is no privacy.  This family has lots of embarrassing moments each day.

01-05-16_8-07-12 PM

Ariella decides to try to make dinner for the family, and manages to do so without setting any fires.  This time.

01-05-16_8-07-54 PM

Bethany breaks the refrigerator – and how exactly do you do that?

01-05-16_8-08-01 PM

Don is assigned the task of repairs so after he unclogs the toilet and fixes the shower, he attempts to fix the refrigerator.

01-05-16_8-10-59 PM

“Don, you were a good primary spouse for this legacy founder.  You completed two aspirations and mastered one skill.  You never got past the fifth level of your career, but you gave Ariella four good-looking kids and a nice house. With your final aspiration points, you provided six Potions of Youth and eight aspiration potions.”  [13 days until Elder]

01-05-16_8-11-14 PM

Rest in Peace, Don Lothario-Brooks.

01-05-16_8-12-04 PM

You will be missed!

01-05-16_8-12-52 PM

“Yes, it was an accident.  In no way did I assist Don’s tragic, early demise.  Don’t look at me like that!”

01-05-16_8-31-44 PM

Current Score: 11

  • Family: 1
  • Creative: 0
  • Fortune: 0
  • Love: 1
  • Knowledge: 1
  • Athletic: 3
  • Nature: 0
  • Food: 0
  • Popularity: 1
  • Deviance: 4
  • Penalties: 0
  • Handicaps: 0

01-05-16_8-36-24 PM


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