Babbling Brooks, Chapter 1.6

“I have my own little world, but it’s okay – they know me here.” ~Ariella Brooks~

After the trauma the family suffered with the loss of Don to a freak accident, the family felt that they needed some time away, so Ariella packed everyone up and they went camping.  Because that is what I would want to do after death of someone special.  Outside with the bugs.

01-06-16_5-52-43 PM

Ariella surprises the kids with a nice cabin rental at the Lakeside Retreat for four days.  They arrive about 2am and everyone heads inside and claims a bed for some sleep after the long journey.

01-06-16_5-55-14 PM

This is a Very Sad family.  They spend the first morning moping around the house, eating breakfast, and finishing up their homework.  The very general plan is for Ariella to spend time collecting and for the kids to spend time fishing and playing horseshoes and just generally taking it easy.

01-06-16_6-08-08 PM

Once the family gets back home, the kids head back to school and Ariella heads back into work.  It is time to get things back to normal.

01-06-16_7-21-49 PM

Basil takes his last vacation day from school and completes his desire of becoming an Artistic Prodigy.

01-06-16_7-15-39 PM

Don’s ghost begins haunting the family so he is quickly released to the netherworld.  He can’t decide whether he is blue or green and that is just too confusing.  And I really hate that they keep going to mourn and getting sad all over for people they didn’t even know.  Tombstones have way too much pull on them.

Avery grows up into a very skinny teen.

01-06-16_7-46-31 PM

“Hello?  I need to hire a temporary husband to come fix my toilet?”

01-06-16_7-47-19 PM

Ariella spends her birthday working and celebrates alone with the Robot thing.  Topping off her day, Ariella is promoted to Pioneer of New Technologies.

01-06-16_7-51-52 PM

With the rocket built and upgraded as much as Ariella can, she decides to and explore the cosmos.

01-06-16_8-15-55 PM

With Colin needing to complete the Social aspiration, he heads to the park Saturday morning and spends the day making friends.

01-07-16_6-43-04 AM

The park is short several kids so Colin does what any good legacy sim would do – he stalks them to their homes.  They will be his friends before the day is done.

01-07-16_6-51-47 AM

Once Colin has completed his desire of becoming a Social Butterfly, he heads home to play chess with Basil.  Bethany and Avery are both at the point where they need to become adults and get jobs to make progress on their aspirations, and Ariella is waiting on one of her children to complete an aspiration and reach the top of a career.  Hopefully she lives a long life.  Sunday the kids are left to their own devices while Ariella takes another trip into space.

01-07-16_7-12-08 AM

So I just realized the house has a “party bush” because Colin fertilized it when both bathrooms were full.

01-07-16_7-08-33 AM

After a few days of not getting everything done at work, Ariella finally has a good day and is promoted to Mad Scientist.  She continues working on the rocket upgrades while Colin becomes a teen.

01-07-16_8-44-51 PM

Colin makes lots of friends slowly meeting quite a lot of the neighborhood.  After a productive weekend, he has made good progress on his aspiration to become a Friend of the World.

01-08-16_6-51-12 AM

Everyone went to bed early Sunday night in order to be ready for the new week.  One of the drawbacks of an early bedtime is waking up way too early the next morning.  The family all meets for an early Monday morning breakfast at 3am, which Bethany cooks.

01-08-16_6-05-01 PM

With one last level needed to reach the top of the Scientist career, Ariella makes and tries a Need Fixer Serum.  It fixed her needs alright.  It caused her to pass out and sleep for hours.

01-08-16_6-20-33 PM

Ariella is finally able to invent the wormhole generator – one for work and another to take home.  She is determined to prove there are aliens among us.

01-08-16_8-01-49 PM

Ariella the Firestarter is back up to her old ways and begins setting fires again.  Unfortunately, she isn’t as careful as she should be.  Someone is on Fire, and I sure could use that ghost…  (This picture is making me think of Shelley Long for some reason)

01-08-16_7-17-26 PM

Charbroiled Ariella, but still alive…

01-08-16_7-18-13 PM

It is a good thing Ariella survived the last fire as she was so close to her last promotion, and mastering Rocket Science.  She returns to work where she is finally promoted to Extraterrestrial Explorer! She receives an Out of the World Desktop Computer as a reward for her final promotion.

01-08-16_8-19-42 PM

Ariella is losing her insane mind.  She spends her free time exploring space and begins coming home naked.  She seems to have found a nudist colony in space.

01-08-16_8-55-27 PM

Ariella passes the reins of family leadership to Basil and decides to focus on her space travels.  She completed a total of 21 breakthroughs and fully upgraded her rocket ship.

01-08-16_8-53-54 PM

Serums and Inventions

  1. Age-Away
  2. Alien Aura
  3. Embiggen
  4. Fixer’s Luck
  5. Ghost Goo
  6. Need Fixer
  7. Ox Strength
  8. Reaper’s Friend
  9. Red Hot
  10. Rose Perfume
  11. Slimify
  12. Smart
  13. Snake Oil
  14. Spark Drive
  15. Synthetic Food
  16. Hover Lamp
  17. Cloning Machine
  18. SimRay
  19. Momentum Conserver
  20. Satellite Dish
  21. Electroflux Wormhole Generator

01-07-16_8-24-03 PM

Rocket Ship Upgrades

  1. Landing Stabilizers
  2. Cargo Bay
  3. Wormhole Generator
  4. Landing Computer
  5. Fuel Storage Tank
  6. Maneuvering Thrusters
  7. Cannon Defense System

01-07-16_7-40-10 PM

Current Score: 15

  • Family: 2
  • Creative: 0
  • Fortune: 1
  • Love: 1
  • Knowledge: 2
  • Athletic: 4
  • Nature: 0
  • Food: 0
  • Popularity: 1
  • Deviance: 4
  • Penalties: 0
  • Handicaps: 0


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