Babbling Brooks, Chapter 1.7

“I have my own little world, but it’s okay – they know me here.” ~Ariella Brooks~

As time passed, the kids grew up and began to adult.  They get jobs, work on skills, and consider forming relationships outside of the family.  Ariella decides to become Frugal and that will be a requirement for the heir each generation.  As a young adult, Bethany takes a job in the Tech Guru field starting at level 3. She receives a Computer Hard Drive and Stainless Steel Auto-Pot as a welcome to work gift.  When she is promoted to level 4 she receives The Sentinel.

01-09-16_4-19-14 PM

A few days later, Avery becomes a young adult and takes a job in the Entertainer field also starting at level 3.  He receives the Porcu-Pro Business Card Holder and the Sim Idol Rug.

01-09-16_4-19-24 PM

Basil, the heir-apparent, takes a job as a Painter as a Hungry Artist and receives Art Lighting and Human Form sketches as a welcome present.

01-09-16_4-25-42 PM

The youngest, Colin, continues his pattern of stalking his soon-to-be friends, even going so far as to trap them in their bedrooms until they agree to be his friend.

01-09-16_2-53-57 PM

Ariella finally makes contact with an alien species.  They send a representative through to meet her named Gideon Holm.

01-09-16_4-57-32 PM

This validates her theory that aliens exist and she is ready to attempt to take her rocket through a wormhole.  Taking vacation from work, she heads out to see if she can find an alien planet.

01-09-16_5-12-19 PM

Ariella is thrilled to find the planet Sixam.  She only meets one other alien but collects a lot of souvenirs.

01-09-16_5-20-05 PM

On Ariella’s last day as a Scientist, Eric Lewis dies.

01-09-16_6-00-58 PM

Ariella builds a legacy gallery at the back of the lot to house all of the family’s collectibles, or at least, one of each.  Then she officially passes the heirship to Basil as she is minutes away from being an Elder.  It is time for Basil to find a mate and begin taking active control of the family.

01-09-16_6-10-52 PM

The house has grown to include several outbuildings including a science room, rocket, gym, art studio, and sauna.

01-09-16_6-13-06 PM

“Yep, I am old so I am going to retire now. It is time for someone else to support this family.”

01-09-16_6-20-40 PM

Avery meets a female alien, Michelle Barragan, walking around the neighborhood and after introducing himself tells her about Basil.  She is interested in meeting him, but Basil has already set his eye on someone.

01-09-16_6-57-30 PM

Bethany is promoted to Project Manager and receives the Hipster Hugger and Avery is promoted to Opening Act and receives the Rock of Ages Retro Stereo

01-09-16_6-59-56 PM

Basil goes through Legacy Loves to find someone and meets Mia Ransom.  She agrees to move in the same day in true legacy fashion.

01-09-16_7-17-55 PM

Mia is a Snob, Foodie, and Outgoing.  She wants to be a Friend of the World, but agrees to try Party Animal instead.  She joins the Business career as a Mailroom Technician with an eye towards Management.

01-09-16_7-26-58 PM

Basil isn’t taking any chances and he and Mia spend some time together in the sauna.

01-09-16_7-34-16 PM

After telling Basil that she is pregnant, he proposes and they get married when he gets home from work that evening.

01-09-16_7-36-58 PM

Basil eventually becomes a young adult and takes a job as Assistant to the Manager in the Business career field.  He receives the Stolen Name Plate and the SALES Award as welcoming gifts.  With a new baby on the way, several of the spares decide it is time for them to move out and make their own way.  Avery and Colin move out leaving Bethany home to hopefully contribute to Ariella’s aspiration.

01-10-16_6-51-40 AM

Colin moves in with Paola Rocca in the Partihaus while Avery moves in with Michelle Barragan to the Rustic Residence in Windenberg.

01-10-16_07-01-41 AM

Ariella needs one of her offspring to complete an aspiration and reach the top of their career before she dies.  Bethany is level 5 in her career and 5 hours from completing her aspiration so she is the one elected to stay with the family.  I really didn’t think about the creativity point and did not get Don memorialized before he died.  I am working through the options, which aren’t many since Ariella released his ghost back to the netherworld.  The only option left is for Bethany to create a video game in Don’s honor, while Mia works on skilling up Photography to take a photo of Basil and Basil continues to skill up Painting so he can paint a picture of Mia.  While Bethany is working on the Video Game in honor of Don, she completes her aspiration.  Even though Bethany has completed aspirations both as a child and as a young adult, and Colin completed a child aspiration while Ariella had the aspiration active, it has not updated and might have to be cheat-completed to recognize.

  • Write a song for a Sim. (Piano, Violin, OR Guitar skill must be 8+)
  • Comedy routine (Comedy skill of 8+), routine must be done at least once during a party.
  • Paint a portrait by choosing “Paint from Reference”. (Painting skill level 8+)
  • Write a biography about a Sim. (Writing skill of 10)
  • Create a Video Game in honor of a sim. (Video Games require a level 9+ Programming Skill)
  • Take a photo of a Sim. (Photography skill level 5)
  • Ghost Sims can still be memorialized but only by Sims that knew them in life.

01-10-16_7-15-06 AM

Mia takes advantage of Ariella knowing most of the neighborhood and has her invite over a group of people to introduce to Mia.  This creates a temporary traffic jam at the front door, but eventually everyone goes home.  With a baby on the way, Mia needs her sleep.

01-10-16_7-21-15 AM

Current Score: 17

  • Family: 2
  • Creative: 0
  • Fortune: 2
  • Love: 2
  • Knowledge: 2
  • Athletic: 4
  • Nature: 0
  • Food: 0
  • Popularity: 1
  • Deviance: 4
  • Penalties: 0
  • Handicaps: 0


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