Babbling Brooks, Chapter 2.1

Insanity doesn’t run in my family. It gallops! ~Basil Brooks~

So, apparently, splitting the household erases the Household Collections count.  Since Ariella was only keeping one of each, and didn’t start that until late, she has lost most of her progress.  Ariella will collect everything from the display and see if she can recognize most of the missing collections.  Ariella will now spend the rest of her life collecting.  Ariella makes one last trip to the alien world and brings back a collection, some of which are new.  Others are repeats, which Ariella either sends off to the Geo Council or transforms into something else.

01-10-16_10-40-51 AM

Mia is determined to make more friends – one way or another.

01-10-16_10-27-59 AM

Bethany completes the game in honor of Don – Don and the Zombies – and she begins a game in honor of Ariella – Ariella and the Aliens.

01-10-16_10-30-49 AM

When the Child Welfare league drops off a bassinet, they don’t always think about where they put it.  Mia was trapped beside the bed until she peed herself and just about died.  The panel showed her at work, but when Ariella came home from collecting, she discovered Mia in dire straits and in labor.  After moving the bassinet back into the hallway, Mia was able to successfully give birth without dying.

01-10-16_10-50-48 AM

Baby Dean makes his appearance as the first nooboo of generation 3.

01-10-16_10-54-15 AM

Basil receives a promotion to Watercolor Dabbler and receives a new Easy-Breezy Easel.  Mia also comes home with a promotion to Office Assistant and brings a Stolen Nameplate with her. Bethany just comes home.

01-10-16_11-34-18 AM

Bethany lets me down and doesn’t receive a promotion even though she was just a hair’s width from the green check when she left for work.

01-10-16_11-47-02 AM

Mia probably should choose a new sleeping outfit since she seems to prefer that over her other choices.  Nothing is more uncomfortable than sitting on the couch eating dinner with your elderly mom and your pregnant wife in her underwear.

01-10-16_1-20-08 PM

Basil and Mia are breeding like rabbits as Baby Cybele makes her appearance soon after Dean.

01-10-16_1-56-58 PM

Mia is again pregnant and still running around in her underwear.  There should be a dress code for dinner at the table.

01-10-16_2-07-53 PM

Basil catches up with Bethany with his next promotion to Canvas Creator.  Bethany is seriously slacking on the promotions, but she has completed creating both video games to honor Don and Ariella.

01-10-16_2-16-50 PM

She has a surprise birthday as she completes the second video game and no one remembers.  She finds herself crying in the bath as she realizes she is only appreciated for what she can program and repair.

01-10-16_2-23-59 PM

Mia has not enjoyed being pregnant non-stop since she and Basil were married.  She has already started working out with the punching bag as she has decided this is the last baby she is going to carry.  If Basil wants more kids, he can either have them himself or he can adopt.

01-10-16_2-27-22 PM

The last little bit of time before the birth can seem to stretch out forever.  For Mia, she worked on perfecting her photography taking skill by taking lots of selfies.

01-10-16_4-40-39 PM

Once she is confident in her skill, she is rewarded with a photo studio which she uses to take pictures of Ariella and the kids.


Ariella is still waiting on one of her children to reach the top of their career.  She is allowed one age potion which she finally has to drink.

01-10-16_4-50-44 PM

Dean has chosen the creative path and after practicing drawing and playing pretend with his toys, he is settling into the music side.

01-10-16_4-54-32 PM

Once the picture taking session is over, Avery and Colin hang out in the sauna while the rest of the family goes to bed.

01-10-16_5-19-41 PM

Mia is due at any time and heads to the hospital where she gives birth to a boy named Ethan.

01-10-16_5-29-35 PM

Right before Ethan is born, Cybele becomes a child and chooses the physical path.  The insanity is strong in this one, as she is currently doing her homework using an invisible book.

01-10-16_5-30-35 PM

Basil finds the time to complete a portrait of Mia to recognize her for her contribution to the legacy family.

01-10-16_5-42-59 PM

Bethany and Mia come home with promotions – Mia to Assistant Manager and receiving the SALES Award while Bethany finally gets a promotion to Development Captain and receives the Innovator’s Award for Excellence in Science.

01-10-16_5-50-48 PM

Basil achieves his aspiration to become a Painter Extraordinaire!  This completes the wrong item on Ariella’s Successful Lineage aspiration.  She is waiting on someone to reach the top of their career still.  Come one Bethany and Basil – surely one of you can do this for your mom!

01-10-16_6-55-31 PM

With his aspiration completed, Basil can finally sell all of his paintings.  He switches to the Fabulously Wealthy aspiration and then sells is emotional paintings for §12,239 and his regular paintings for §24,207, which is enough to complete the first half of the aspiration.

01-10-16_7-02-03 PM

Working hard at school makes Cybele cranky.  When Cybele gets cranky, she makes Dean mad.  That sounds about right for brothers and sisters.

01-10-16_7-54-29 PM

For the first time since the legacy began, there are finally six sims sitting down eating at the same time.  They are eating blackened bass at midnight, but they are all eating together – and they are all eating the same thing.

01-10-16_8-25-53 PM

Right after the meal, everyone heads off to bed just in time to miss Ethan becoming a child.  Ethan chooses the social path, eats dinner, and heads off to claim an empty bed right after taking a selfie.

01-10-16_8-41-18 PM

I keep telling myself, just one more day, just one more day and Ariella will complete her aspiration.  But not today, maybe tomorrow.  The family is home at the end of the week Friday.  Basil gets a promotion to Imaginative Imagist and receives a Vase of Sunflowers, but Bethany continues to let me down on the promotion front.

01-10-16_8-56-22 PM

With the sale of Basil’s paintings, the family gets updated appliances for the kitchen – the Schmapple series – fridge, stove, microwave, coffee, and ice cream maker, along with a new sink.

01-11-16_5-47-41 AM

Bethany realizes that she will be stuck in the legacy now until she can fully upgrade all of the new appliances and allows herself a bowl of homemade ice cream for breakfast before she begins.

01-11-16_5-49-51 AM

Bethany finally receives a promotion to eSports Competitor as she decides to become an eSports Gamer.  She was given a Stack of CDs to start practicing in preparation of her new duties.  Mia also comes home with another promotion to Assistant Manager. While the adults are adulting, the kids are kidding..?.?  Cybele and Ethan are, apparently, not friends.  This is what happens when they have free will.  Cybele feels triumphant after their fight while Ethan just feels beat up.

01-11-16_6-36-25 AM

Cybele is also, apparently, quite sick with a “cold” that looks more like the spiral pox to me.

01-11-16_6-36-57 AM

Bethany takes the rocket out for a spin since she has several days until she goes back to work.  She is planning on adding bathroom facilities because that is a long time to go without going.

01-11-16_6-29-28 PM

We finally have an abduction and they take Mia instead of Basil.

Ariella’s long life has finally come to an end.  She lived for many days, witnessed 57 fires (started most of them), been singed 5 times and peed herself only twice.  She mastered Rocket Science and came close on Logic (level 9 and 3/4) and Cooking (level 8).  She retired as a Scientist at level 10 and completed the Successful Lineage aspiration.  She raised four kids and loved her three grandkids.

01-11-16_7-54-10 PM

Rest in Peace, Ariella Brooks.

Current count is Collections Found: 15/16 – Collections Completed: 1/16

  • Frogs: 8/25
  • Gardening: 10/32 +3
  • MySims Trophies: 18/20
  • Metals: 11/20 +2
  • Crystals: 15/20 +2
  • Elements: 14/15 +1
  • Postcards: 0/14
  • Fossils: 8/15
  • Microscope Prints: 5/12
  • Space Prints: 3/15
  • Aliens: 5/10
  • Space Rocks: 2/4
  • Fish: 5/22 +1
  • Insects: 1/21
  • Geodes: 6/6 **Completed**
  • Decorative Eggs: 1/10

01-11-16_7-57-18 PM

Current Score: 28

  • Family: 2
  • Creative: 2
  • Fortune: 3
  • Love: 2
  • Knowledge: 3
  • Athletic: 5
  • Nature: 3
  • Food: 2
  • Popularity: 1
  • Deviance: 5
  • Penalties: 0
  • Handicaps: 0

01-11-16_7-59-22 PM


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