Babbling Brooks, Chapter 2.2

Insanity doesn’t run in my family. It gallops! ~Basil Brooks~

Ariella passed her legacy on to Basil, along with her SimRay, appropriately named Brooks Ray, and her talent for starting fires.

01-12-16_6-33-28 PM

Basil spends his time painting, while Bethany is working her way through the house, upgrading everything.  Basil completed his initial aspiration and has almost completed his second aspiration.  He has a lot more paintings to paint and sell to get there though.  Bethany has started flirting with the maid each day.  She has completed Computer Whiz and is almost through with Nerd Brain.

01-12-16_6-40-47 PM

The kids of the generation are pretty allowed to free range and are fairly rounded in their development.  They are not completing aspirations or mastering skills, but have a wide variety of skills as they become teens.  Dean makes the decision to pursue music and to master the violin.

01-13-16_7-11-21 PM

Cybele has the best spread having leveled everything except creativity to 4 and 5.  She is a terror even without the mean trait.

01-13-16_7-09-46 PM

Ethan has focused mostly on mental and social and is a lot nicer than Cybele is overall.  He tends to be a happy kid with his relationship with Cybele the only red mark on his friends list.

01-13-16_7-12-36 PM

As a teen, Cybele picks up the Active trait and decides to become an Astronaut.  After all, she has her very own rocket.

01-13-16_8-06-42 PM

Because everyone should have Pistachio Gelato for breakfast at 4am.

01-13-16_7-55-51 PM

Mia works hard and brings home a promotion to Regional Manager and receives a Pie Chart Presentation for her trouble.  Cybele makes herself at home in the gym, where she spends all of her free time.

01-14-16_7-16-36 AM

The family still has a hard time getting their schedules right.  At 4am Ethan works on his homework, wondering who will become the next heir.  He is currently tied with Dean while Cybele is in the lead.  Maybe, Ethan thinks, if he studies a little harder he will get the votes to take over the family.

01-14-16_6-20-37 PM

Meanwhile, Cybele makes franks and Beans on the grill for her breakfast.  She knows she will be the heir simply because she has the rocket ship.

01-14-16_6-21-14 PM

Dean settles for a bowl of chips for breakfast and knows that whoever is heir, it won’t be him. No one ever picks him for anything.  He diligently practices his violin, when he is told, but no one ever thinks about him.

01-14-16_6-21-26 PM

Mia has never chosen a new sleep outfit and still prances around the house in her underwear.  She is hot and she knows it.

01-14-16_6-28-02 PM

Basil has done a good job on his paintings, but they tend to take up most of his time.  He has found some time to make pen pals in other locations and has started collecting postcards.

01-14-16_6-29-39 PM

Bethany has realized she has run out of time.  She will never get married or have babies.  She is just the old maid aunt who is responsible for repairs and upgrades and will become an elder in day.  She wonders how her life slipped away and when she lost control.  And, she is still sleeping in the same room where she slept as a child, sharing the room with Cybele.  She wonders if Cybele will still be sleeping this room the night before she becomes an elder.

01-14-16_6-33-09 PM

With Ethan’s birthday, the kids are all teens and it is time to choose the next heir.  Ethan is worried since he doesn’t think he has done enough to sway the voters.  Cybele is still in the lead and Ethan is getting worried.

01-14-16_6-48-34 PM

Current Score: 28

  • Family: 2
  • Creative: 2
  • Fortune: 3
  • Love: 2
  • Knowledge: 3
  • Athletic: 5
  • Nature: 3
  • Food: 2
  • Popularity: 1
  • Deviance: 5
  • Penalties: 0
  • Handicaps: 0


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