Babbling Brooks, Chapter 2.3

Insanity doesn’t run in my family. It gallops! ~Basil Brooks~

Well the results came in, and Cybele had pulled ahead by several votes by the end of the poll.  She is ecstatic about the results and is ready for the boys to move out.

01-16-16_7-39-15 AM

Bethany is slowly making her way around the house upgrading everything she can.

01-16-16_7-44-54 AM

Since Ethan has the day off from school, he heads into the kitchen and begins practicing his cooking.  Those eggs looks like they have plenty of pepper now.

01-16-16_7-47-34 AM

“I should have been named heir!”

01-16-16_7-55-05 AM

Cybele runs down to the gym in Windenberg and meets the Gym Trainer James Caine.  She is smitten, and he likes what he sees too.

01-16-16_8-02-41 AM

While they are talking, Gideon Holm, Ariella’s alien friend, stops to say hello.  James is not sure he trusts the alien and besides, he was talking to the girl already.  Gideon is cramping his style.

01-16-16_8-04-07 AM

Cybele gets a hug from James as she has to head home.  There is a good chance that James will be seen again.

01-16-16_8-06-56 AM

Bethany has a good day at work and comes home with a promotion to Pro Gamer.  She receives a Revanne poster to hang on her wall.

01-16-16_8-15-00 AM

Before heading off to bed, she decides to find this hidden area where it is required to have mastered handiness to get in.  This will be the first time anyone has seen what lies inside.  Meaning me.  The Forgotten Grotto has a very Lord of the Rings cave feel.  Bethany collects a bunch of frogs, crystals, metal, and trophies and heads home.

01-16-16_8-21-33 AM

Ariella’s ghost comes out to visit.  I am sad now that Don’s ghost was released to the netherworld, but that can’t be changed now.  Setting the standard, only the founder and heirs ghosts will be kept around, all others will be released.  Maybe there can be a ghostly reunion during the last generation.

01-16-16_8-48-24 AM

Bethany has her final birthday and gives up her dream of ever getting out of the legacy household.  She has completed all upgrades and is working on finishing logic and becoming a Nerd Brain.

01-16-16_8-50-21 AM

Basil finally makes it to the split, receiving a promotion to Artist en Residence in the Master of the Real branch.  He receives the Artiste Supply Taboret as a reward.

01-16-16_10-09-22 AM

Taking advantage of the family’s increase in available cash, Basil has several more rooms installed – a massage room, a game room, and a yoga studio.  Allyson Goss makes a visit to give Basil the inaugural massage.

01-16-16_10-13-09 AM

As part of the remodel, the family gets several entertainment items including a motion gaming rig.  Ethan is the first to try it out with a 3-D version of Tetris.

01-16-16_10-30-55 AM

The family invites you to take a tour of their remodel.  I generally don’t take pictures with the walls down, but this shows the layout of the house the best.  Each of these rooms was an individual room that was set down.  As part of the remodel, they were all connected and made into a single house with the museum and crypt separate.  For now.  The sell sheet on the house lists it as a 3 bedroom, 3 bath, open plan living, kitchen, dining.  Bonus rooms include an office, music room, gaming room, science lab, sauna, yoga studio, massage, photo, gym, and art studio.  The back building houses the family museum and crypt.  Also included is a rocket, telescope, microscope, satellite and wormhole generator.  Finally there is a outdoor grill and picnic table near the monkey bars and jungle gym.

01-17-16_4-27-59 AM

Cybele has taken multi-tasking to a new level.

01-16-16_12-23-33 PM


01-16-16_12-18-48 PM


01-16-16_12-26-06 PM

Basil completes the elements collection and realizes that there is this nifty display case.  Who knew?

01-17-16_4-22-18 AM

Mia gravitates to the telescope and microscope.  She has contributed most of the family prints to the museum.  She does this and she continues to get promoted at work, bringing home a new promotion to Senior Manager and a Tiny Zen Garden.

01-17-16_4-40-51 AM

The kids are closing in on their birthdays with Dean starting off in one more day.  Cybele has 5 days and Ethan has 8 days.  Dean sure is grumpy for someone that does not have the grumpy trait.

01-17-16_4-51-20 AM

“But knowing that I am close to moving out makes me very happy.”

01-17-16_4-51-36 AM

Current count is Collections Found: 16/16 – Collections Completed: 2/16

  • Frogs: 9/25
  • Gardening: 10/32 +3
  • MySims Trophies: 18/20
  • Metals: 12/20 +2
  • Crystals: 16/20 +2
  • Elements: 15/15 +1 **Completed**
  • Postcards: 7/14
  • Fossils: 8/15
  • Microscope Prints: 5/12
  • Space Prints: 7/15
  • Aliens: 6/10
  • Space Rocks: 2/4
  • Fish: 5/22 +1
  • Insects: 2/21
  • Geodes: 6/6 **Completed**
  • Decorative Eggs: 1/10

Current Score: 31

  • Family: 3
  • Creative: 2
  • Fortune: 3
  • Love: 2
  • Knowledge: 3
  • Athletic: 5
  • Nature: 4
  • Food: 2
  • Popularity: 1
  • Deviance: 6
  • Penalties: 0
  • Handicaps: 0


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