Babbling Brooks, Chapter 2.4

Insanity doesn’t run in my family. It gallops! ~Basil Brooks~

Dean has his birthday and takes a job in the Entertainment career field.  He starts out as a C-Lister and receives a Business Card Holder and the Sim Idol Rug.

01-17-16_5-51-08 PM

Cybele follows a few days later taking a career as an Astronaut Technician and receiving the Astro Star Light and the Rocket Model.  “Chess is so boring.”

01-17-16_5-52-04 PM

Ethan follows up by taking a job in the Culinary career as a Caterer.  In addition, Ethan is attempting to master Cooking, Gourmet Cooking, Baking, and Mixology and makes yummy Bacon cupcakes along with many other goodies.

01-17-16_3-48-32 PM

Mia spends a lot of time in the telescope Looking for the Truth and completes the Space Prints collection for the family.  There should probably be a bathroom closer to the outdoor logic area.  Bethany completes the Microscope Prints shortly afterwards.

01-17-16_5-49-31 PM

Cybele invites James Caine over and they do the legacy courtship and marriage and James becomes an Astronaut Intern.  They celebrate with bowls of popcorn and some woohoo.

01-17-16_6-00-18 PM

Ethan spends his teen years productively, mastering Cooking and Gourmet Cooking and making progress on Baking.

01-18-16_3-09-47 PM

After some Google research, it has been confirmed that all collection progress is lost whenever you manage families or split the household.   This doesn’t happen when moving in someone it seems, only when moving out, then no one in the household will be allowed to move out again.  Death will be the only release…

01-17-16_9-31-04 AM

“Umm, Bethany?  What are you doing?”  “I’m Free!!  Sweet release at last!!”

01-18-16_3-47-20 PM

Bethany has reached the end of her not so long life – 80 odd days – 2 completed aspirations – level 8 eSport Gamer, and 2 mastered skills.

01-18-16_3-47-45 PM

Basil gets up in the middle of the night and realizes he has become an old man.  Where has the time gone?

01-18-16_5-09-06 PM

Mia comes home with the promotion, having finally made the decision to go into Investing.  She is now a Futures Trader.  At the same time, James brings home a promotion to Module Cleaner.

01-18-16_5-52-51 PM

Cybele always knew she was younger than James, but she didn’t realize how much younger until James’ birthday three days after they were married.  It turns out James was one of Mia’s roommates originally.  They were both a member of Legacy Loves.

01-20-16_5-12-26 PM

With James aging quickly, Cybele realizes that she doesn’t have as much time to start her family as she originally thought.  She is pleased to learn that there is a nooboo on the way and she didn’t even kill James trying.

01-18-16_6-06-51 PM

Speaking of dying though…

01-20-16_5-33-54 PM

Mia Ransom mastered photography and was able to add legacy photos for several generations.

01-20-16_5-35-38 PM

She was close on logic but the fire won that battle.

01-20-16_5-36-22 PM

She helped Bethany complete the Space and Microscope Prints, and she provided three options for heir.

01-20-16_5-40-32 PM

While Mia burns, the rest of the family watches from a safe distance.

01-20-16_5-34-38 PM

Sorry Mia.  I really did like you.  Rest in Peace.

01-20-16_5-41-15 PM

Basil, you are too close to completing Fabulously Wealthy so you will be extinguished. This time.

01-20-16_5-41-49 PM

And Grim says I am outta here – you guys are dangerous.  He routed himself to a safe distance until the fire burned out and then returned to claim Mia’s soul.  Her ghost he left to keep them company.

01-20-16_5-42-38 PM

Cybele missed the excitement of Mia’s burning, and Basil’s singeing, and decided to get to know Grim better.  They chatted, she told him about the baby, and even invited him to feel the baby bump.  There is just something so wrong about this picture.

01-20-16_5-49-32 PM

Current count is Collections Found: 16/16 – Collections Completed: 4/16

  • Elements: 15/15 +1 **Completed**
  • Microscope Prints: 12/12 **Completed**
  • Space Prints: 15/15 **Completed**
  • Geodes: 6/6 **Completed**

 01-20-16_5-30-02 PM

Current Score: 33

  • Family: 3
  • Creative: 3
  • Fortune: 3
  • Love: 2
  • Knowledge: 4
  • Athletic: 5
  • Nature: 4
  • Food: 2
  • Popularity: 1
  • Deviance: 6
  • Penalties: 0
  • Handicaps: 0




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