Babbling Brooks, Chapter 3.1

One person’s craziness is another person’s reality. ~Cybele Brooks~

Colin comes by to visit the family.  He is thinking that the strange is strong in these boys.

01-21-16_5-28-53 AM

Basil is working hard to complete the Fabulously Wealthy aspiration.  Maybe a little too hard.

01-21-16_5-31-00 AM

Mom looking big and heavy with dad panicking in the background?  It must be baby time.  Can you believe this is the beginning of the 4th generation, and I haven’t gotten bored yet!  That couldn’t possibly be because of the deaths… I mean insanity!

01-21-16_5-32-19 AM

After baby Finley is born, Cybele and James go woohooing.  In the rocket, the telescope, the sauna, and then back to bed.  And he just won’t die.

01-21-16_5-35-51 AM

James is feeling just a little bit confident after surviving Cybele’s attempt to woohoo him to death.

01-21-16_5-42-55 AM

Giving up on the death by woohoo, the happy couple heads to the gym for a workout.

01-21-16_5-54-32 AM

Cybele is showing baby tummy with a six-pack.  She must be pregnant again.

01-21-16_5-59-15 AM

Feeling she has earned a massage, she hires a masseuse to come over and give her a couple of massages.

01-21-16_6-06-30 AM

Avery came by to visit and apparently died on the lot.  His ghost spent time visiting and then poofed away.

01-21-16_6-13-13 AM

Finley becomes a child and spends his first day completing homework and playing chess.

01-21-16_6-25-22 PM

Cybele is concerned about getting her shape back quickly and spends time on the treadmill so that she won’t lose her six-pack no matter how big she gets.

01-21-16_6-31-58 PM

Another death as Cybele succeeds in killing James by woohoo.  James gave mastered fitness and two potential heirs to the legacy.

01-21-16_6-37-27 PM

Cybele is frozen and dismayed by what she has done to the love of her life, the father of her children.

01-21-16_6-39-50 PM

Or maybe, she just peed herself.

01-21-16_6-40-23 PM

She was late for work, and hurried off without taking a shower and grieving for James.  She soon regrets going to work as her performance suffered for it.

01-21-16_6-40-59 PM

“Insanity doesn’t run in my family. It gallops!”

01-21-16_6-47-03 PM

While Cybele heads to the hospital to give birth to baby number two, Finley mourns for his father.

01-21-16_7-07-53 PM

Ariella pops out to remind Basil his time is almost up.

01-21-16_7-06-39 PM

There is a lot of peeing going on as Ethan spends so much time mourning that he also pees himself.

01-21-16_7-09-09 PM

There is no telling what Cybele said to Basil but he is shocked.  Or horrified.  Maybe she told him she killed James with woohoo.

01-21-16_7-40-38 PM

And we say goodbye to Basil.  He completed three aspirations, mastered painting, and collected a lot of pen pals and postcards.

01-22-16_8-03-21 PM

With Basil’s death, the game glitched on his urn and refused to save.  With a little bit of luck, I was able to go to Manage Households and get the game to finally update the file.  With a save under a new name, the game continues, but without Basil’s urn.  And then, when I load the recovered game, Grim is shushing Daphne.  This is really very wrong.

“Shh! I know you are the insane woman’s daughter.  I will be back many times before this is all over.  Now, sshhh, sleep child.”

01-22-16_8-40-13 PM

Everyone heads to bed while the repairman makes an emergency after hours visit to fix whatever is broken.  It looks like he is also about to pee his pants.

01-22-16_8-42-10 PM

Current count is Collections Found: 16/16 – Collections Completed: 4/16

  • Elements: 15/15 +1 **Completed**
  • Microscope Prints: 12/12 **Completed**
  • Space Prints: 15/15 **Completed**
  • Geodes: 6/6 **Completed**

Current Score: 35

  • Family: 3
  • Creative: 3
  • Fortune: 4
  • Love: 2
  • Knowledge: 4
  • Athletic: 5
  • Nature: 4
  • Food: 2
  • Popularity: 1
  • Deviance: 7
  • Penalties: 0
  • Handicaps: 0




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