Babbling Brooks, Chapter 3.2

One person’s craziness is another person’s reality. ~Cybele Brooks~

Daphne starts off this chapter with a leap out of the baby bed and heads straight for the kitchen for fruitcake and milk.  Each generation has had one less child – the 4th generation will be a choice between Finley and Daphne.

01-23-16_9-00-46 AM

Cybele handles her sadness by returning to her first love – space.  She meets and friends Ibrahim Hess and he quickly agrees to move in.  Something about needing a place to live in order to get his green card.

01-23-16_9-08-31 AM

Realizing the Ibrahim comes with mean and hot-headed traits, Cybele wonders if she has made a good decision.  Ibrahim attempts to cheer her up by telling her that once she is pregnant, she is welcome to attempt another death.

01-23-16_9-16-55 AM

Feeling much better, Cybele gives him a hug and begins to work on the romance.

01-23-16_9-19-53 AM

Ibrahim shows Cybele his disguise, of which he is pretty proud.

01-23-16_9-21-09 AM

Cybele has a “discussion” with Ibrahim and he eventually agrees to some changes to his disguise.  Cybele is much happier with the new disguise although she is surprised by the paunch.  She will have to get him on the treadmill, quick.

01-23-16_9-29-50 AM

After some sauna woohoo, Cybele breaks the news to Ibrahim that there is a nooboo on the way.  He takes a job as a Writer’s Assistant and accepts his place as Cybele’s boytoy.

01-23-16_9-30-29 AM

Daphne attempts to console Finley.  He at least will remember their dad while she was still a baby when he died.

01-23-16_10-05-52 AM

Cybele has finally completed her aspiration to become a Bodybuilder.

01-23-16_10-15-07 AM

Ibrahim needs a lot of relaxing time and gravitates to the sauna.  He enjoys the heat since he comes from a colder planet.

01-23-16_10-30-24 AM

He starts to feel overheated and leaves the sauna so that he can cool down.

01-23-16_10-35-51 AM

But it seems that it is too late.  He was in the heat for a little too long.

01-23-16_10-36-09 AM

He collapses to the floor in the hallway outside of the sauna.

01-23-16_10-36-31 AM

We have located Grim’s portal.

01-23-16_10-36-42 AM

Finley and Daphne wonder about the timing of Ibrahim’s death but surely Cybele wasn’t involved.  She is pregnant and in bed asleep.

01-23-16_10-37-27 AM

Cybele joins the grieving and realizes she is once again a widow.

01-23-16_10-38-28 AM

Grim attempts to console her.  Cybele wonders what woohoo with death would be like.

01-23-16_10-40-15 AM

Trying to recover from the sadness Ethan practices his dance moves.  It doesn’t work for him.  I am dying from laughing on the other hand.  “Jazz hands, let me see those jazz hands!”

01-23-16_10-51-32 AM

Cybele gives birth to twin boys – Gideon and Harvey.

01-23-16_1-14-09 PM

Finley and Daphne are both very angry when they meet the twins.  Now there is more competition for the heirship.

01-23-16_1-19-56 PM

Basil’s death glitch came back and I have no idea why.  This glitch was causing the game to not save.  Extraordinary measures would be required to save the day, household, and legacy.  Desperate to not lose the family’s collections, I saved the family and the lot separately to my gallery.  I then moved the family to an empty lot, and then into the bulldozed Von-Windenberg 64×64 lot.  After confirming the family had saved, I downloaded a random lot from the gallery and saved again.  Finally, I dropped the legacy lot down.  The family’s collections are saved and the game saves.  The cost of this was the loss of the fully upgraded rocket ship, most of the postcards, and all of the ghosts.  Basil’s urn never showed up, but all other urns are preserved even without their ghost.  They gained a larger lot as they moved from 50×40 to 64×64, which is good as that one had become cramped.  I found 6 Potions of Youth in the fridge, which explains where they went when they disappeared during various remodels.

01-23-16_4-24-17 PM

The twins were extremely unhappy by the time all of the moving was finished.  They were stinky and starving and lonely.

01-23-16_4-38-59 PM

Cybele is tasked with rebuilding the rocket ship, which makes sense since she is the astronaut.

01-23-16_4-42-31 PM

Ethan is still trying to level baking and mixology.  Baking has taken so very long, it seems like a lot longer than the other skills.

01-23-16_4-43-53 PM

Dean is close to mastering the piano and is spending every single spare minute practicing.  After Dean masters the piano, the save bug comes back.  Sadly, I am not going to be able to finish with this family, but I will be restarting another legacy just as soon as I think of a name for the founder.

01-23-16_4-45-17 PM

The family ended with 16/16 collections founds and 4/16 collections completed.

  • Elements: 15/15 +1 **Completed**
  • Microscope Prints: 12/12 **Completed**
  • Space Prints: 15/15 **Completed**
  • Geodes: 6/6 **Completed**

The legacy ended with a … Current Score: 36

  • Family: 3
  • Creative: 3
  • Fortune: 4
  • Love: 2
  • Knowledge: 4
  • Athletic: 6
  • Nature: 4
  • Food: 2
  • Popularity: 1
  • Deviance: 7
  • Penalties: 0
  • Handicaps: 0


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