Babbling Brooks, Chapter 3.3

One person’s craziness is another person’s reality. ~Cybele Brooks~

It appears that the save error has been corrected.  Unfortunately, we will need to retrace our steps and adjust the Brooks storyline.  This chapter picks up with Basil’s death.  Dean, Ethan, and Cybele are the remaining adults, Finley is a child, and Daphne is an infant.  The last chapter (3.2) is no longer accurate as we move into an alternate time line.

Daphne becomes a child, and as everyone heads to bed, early Sunday morning, I am able to successfully save the game again.  I believe the Babbling Brooks are Back!

Dean is level 3 Musician – C-Lister and working on becoming a Musical Genius.

Ethan is level 3 Chef – Caterer and is working on becoming a Master Chef.

Cybele is level 3 Astronaut – Technician and is working on becoming a Bodybuilder.

Finley wants to become a Rambunctious Scamp.

Daphne wants to be a Social Butterfly.

So, a year later, I am working on restarting this legacy.  During the process of saving the legacy, we lost the progress of the previous chapter.  Basil is still dead, but his urn and ghost are working properly.  Cybele’s husband is still dead and the alien babies are gone.  Cybele downs a moodlet solver and we set about figuring out where we stand.

Dean is still working on his musician aspiration.

Ethan heads into the kitchen and makes dinner.

Finley catches up on his homework.

And, Daphne heads for bed.

Ariella’s ghost makes an appearance.

Basil’s ghost is not glitched any more.

Since the alien babies were lost, Cybele makes contact with aliens, and is quickly overwhelmed with suitors.

Ryland Hayes is the winner of the baby daddy lottery.

It is time to redo the house – Cybele puts everything into storage and downloads a new house from the gallery.  Finley and Daphne enjoy a movie before bed.

Cybele has a baby on the way, again.

Insanity is still strong with the family.

Baby time!



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