Babbling Brooks, Chapter 4.3

Sometimes I question my sanity, occasionally it replies. ~Fiona Brooks~

I have been toying with the idea of keeping Gwen around permanently.  She comes in handy with all of the repairs that are needed, and since she never sleeps, she has plenty of time to work on them.  She is also working as a Secret Agent and is working on completing all three vampire aspirations.

Changing diapers in real life should be so easy.  It would be nice if changing their diapers actually improved their hygiene, but it doesn’t.

Jackson comes home early from work just so he can die at home.  Thanks, Jackson, for at least staying outside so the toddlers don’t have to witness death.

A few days later , it is Cybele’s turn.  She was long-lived so her time has been coming for awhile.  Unfortunately, she was playing with Ilia when it happened.  Twirling the toddler, then setting her down and collapsing.  I was trying hard to get Ilia out of the room before death showed up.  “Thanks for playing, Gramma! I got to go nap on the couch so I don’t see you die!”

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Greg was not as cooperative.  He decided to come back in the house at the same time as Grim.  He also decided to wait and let Grim go first.  Then he was sent to nap on the couch with Ilia.

I was successful in keeping the kids away from Grim – no sad moodlets – but Fiona took the loss hard.  She had just gotten over the loss of Jackson when Cybele passed.  For a sim that is not mean and does not hate children, Fiona is actually fairly mean to the toddlers.  I have tried to make her like them, but she is quick to scold, lecture, or even yell at them.  I have no idea what Ilia did that triggered Fiona yelling at her this time.

Greg is sitting on the other side looking so angelic.  It makes you wonder if he truly is an angel, or just good at deflecting.

Ilia can’t figure out why she was yelled at either and is not happy with Fiona. “Mommy, why you mad at me?”

“MOMMY!  WHY YOU MAD AT ME?”  Ilia is quick to yell back when she gets into trouble.

And, it is time for Greg to become a child.  He grows from an angelic toddler into a good child.  At this point, he is still a possibility for heir.

We have a reader.  Well, a biting chewing toddler and a picture book.

So, I generally don’t play with sound on; but for the last few days I have unmuted my game.  Everyone was asleep but I could hear crying.  After watching every sim in the family, I realized Greg was crying in his sleep.  Just crying and crying and crying.  His moodlet showed two sad moods related to mourning for Ariella and for Cybele.  He cried all night.  Fiona even walked into the room and just stood there looking at him.

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Out of curiosity, Gwen offered a clove of garlic to Ilia.  She ate the entire clove, which I later found in her inventory.

With levels 3 in everything, Ilia gets to choose her own activities for a few days.  I didn’t realize the family had a tablet.  But I believe Gwen has been stealing from work.

And just like that, the house is toddler-free.  Charming toddler grows into outgoing child.  Oh joy, two kids working on the social aspiration at once.  My least favorite aspiration for children.

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Hilary continues to come by regularly to visit with Gwen.  She is Gwen’s favorite meal, umm friend.  And, she always gives Gwen permission to drink.  I also needed a picture for the family tree.

The kids have a rough day/week at school and I find both are napping instead of doing their homework.

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Gwen has completed the Good Vampire, and is waiting out the timer on Master Vampire.  So it is time for work on Vampire Family.  First, to rebuild her strength.

Since the game purged her relationship with the last three sims she turned, I moved a random fraternity household of five male sims into a house across the street.  Gwen heads over to meet the new meat, and because they are stupid, one of the them sets the house on fire.  So 24 hours of tension to overcome.  Wonderful.

And I catch him.  Greg is constantly mourning for Ariella, Basil, and Cybele.  He is an equal opportunity mourner.  And he is always sad.  And crying.

Time to create some offspring.  Gwen invites each of the guys over one at a time.  She socializes, then offers to turn, and then takes their picture.

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By the time she is finished, she is out of energy and even dark meditation doesn’t fill her up.  She has to sleep to recover the rest of the way.  “WHAT?”

With the turning out of the way, Fiona and Gwen help both kids finish their homework.  I realized at this point, that I totally ignored the rest of the family all day while Gwen was working on creating her offspring.

And he is back, crying and mourning once again.  As soon as the sadness moodlet wears off, he heads back out to buff it up again.  This is really irritating me.  “Stop it, Greg!!”

So Fiona lets one rip and then tries to blames it on Greg.  What was really funny is that as soon as she released the gas, she then got an action to go take a shower. 🙂  Sometimes a fart is more than a fart.

Time for the turnings.

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Gwen creates a club for her guys.  Now she can call them to come at one time.  They spend time socializing and dancing.  Gwen trains and befriends them and completes her vampire family.

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She almost loses one, I don’t know why he was standing outside.  My first clue there was a problem was Greg heading off to witness death.  Of course, Greg would be the one. (I wonder if seeing Grim as a toddler is the reason he is fixated on mourning all of the time, hmm.)  No No NO NO!  At this point, Gwen still needed him to count as a good friend.

Gwen was too far away, but Fiona walked up to watch.  When she realized how urgent it was to keep him around, she begged for his life/soul.  For the first time ever, Grim agreed to give him another chance.  Seriously, my sims never are able to successfully plead with Grim.

Once Gwen has vampire family completed, she only needs to complete master vampire, which is on a timer for another 4 days.  So my focus, turns to the children.  They each take a day off from school and work on social butterfly.  Ilia creates a social club and the children meet at the house, watch TV, and chat.  They both complete the aspiration a day apart and earn the rest of their childhood free from my instructions.

And Greg is back out mourning.  This time Ilia comes out to comfort him.  And give him some advice.

“Dude – you got to quit all this mourning.  This is hurting you in the  consideration for heir.”

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Age has caught up with Fiona’s ass.  Treadmill time.

Gwen completes all three vampire aspirations and decides to find her own place.  She hooks up with her offspring, Dwayne.  They move from friends to romantic interests and then straight into marriage.  They move in with Hilary until they get their own place.

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And the household is down to three.  Looking at the kids, I realize it is going to be awhile before we have toddlers again. I must resist the temptation to adopt some toddlers.


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