Babbling Brooks, Chapter 5.2

“Look both ways before entering the insanity.” ~Ilia Brooks~

All of the kids grow up without cake and sadness ensues. Thankfully, it only lasts for a few hours. Jacklyn and Hunter droop their way into the kitchen for food.
A quick hug really doesn’t help; but, it was autonomous.
The creative pair – Jacklyn and Isaac – work on drawing.
Logan is the solo mental case – umm, I mean kid. He is building his skill with the chess board.
The social bunnies are Hunter and Kevin. They chat together, dance together, and take turns with the puppet booth.
The motor pair are Kaitlyn and James. They play together on the monkey bars.
More hugs. Isaac gives Ilia a hug.
All of the kids always wake up like they are scared. Not sure why this change was made to the game. Irritating.
More dancing by the social pair.
The creative pair move on to the violin. They cause everyone in close proximity to become tense.
Moving from dancing to homework, they keep right on talking.
More hugs.
Hanging out.
Now they are scared by the monster under their beds. At this point, I realized that their room was the only one without a night light.
Ouch, Logan slams the door open and hits James. Not really, James was scared by a ghost just as Logan opens the door.
One of Gwen’s vampires comes a-calling.
First vampire bite in several weeks. Thanks Chin.
This is what happens when the family is in a club and one of the activities is homework. And, the club is constantly in a gathering.
Kevin is the last child to complete his aspiration – but all 7 children have completed their aspiration AND they all have A’s in grade school. Woo!
Jacklyn has the most votes so far and is the heavy favorite for heiress
Jacklyn stayed home for a vacation day, and Kevin stayed home sick. Both got some quality mom time in the hot tub with Ilia.
The rest of the kids join them in the hot tub when they get home.
I am not sure what Jacklyn did, but Ilia was getting out of the hot tub, turned around and got back in, and then started yelling at her. She must have said something Ilia didn’t like.
Ilia hires a chef to stock up the fridge, makes him her boy-toy, and then I realize that he was one of the kids original nannies.
Dance time – with the kids done and just biding their time until their birthday, the family is on speed 3 free-time.
And it is birthday time – Hunter will begin the birthday cake blow-outs.
And many hours later, everyone is a teen and has had their makeover.
Hunter – Self-assured, Insane / Serial Romantic
Isaac – Gloomy, Insane / Master Mixologist
Jacklyn – Goofball, Insane / Big Happy Family
James – Hot-headed, Insane / Chief of Mischief
Kaitlyn – Active, Insane / Fabulously Wealthy
Kevin – Cheerful, Insane / Party Animal
Logan – Genius, Insane / Renaissance Sim



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