Babbling Brooks, Chapter 6.1

“Insanity does NOT run in my family. It strolls through, takes it’s time, and gets to know everyone personally.” ~Jacklyn Brooks~

Ilia invites over her boy-toy for some hot tub time while the kids are in school.
He was under water so long that I was beginning to wonder if she killed him.
Sassy and sexy sitting right there.
The boys are working on their social aspirations. Cute girl, but she won’t get to join the family this generation.

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Another cute girl that won’t be joining the family.
Isaac – Gloomy, Insane, Vegetarian / Master Mixologist … Isaac is the first of the teens to become an “A” student and get as far as possible as a teen on his aspiration. Since the household is having lag issues, they will be grown up and moved out as soon as they reach these two milestones.
Logan – Genius, Insane, Noncommittal / Renaissance Sim … Logan is the second teen to reach a stopping point on his aspiration and an “A” in high school.  Bye-bye Logan…
…and this is where I had enough of the lag… the boys are moving out…
James – Hot-headed, Insane, Jealous / Chief of Mischief
Hunter – Self-assured, Insane, Romantic / Serial Romantic
Kevin – Cheerful, Insane, Dance Machine / Party Animal
With the boys out of the house. the girls get a new house. My intention was to down-size. That wasn’t how it worked out.
Jacklyn can’t work on her aspiration as she needs to become an adult. So, she is introduced to the treadmill.
I catch Ilia yelling at Kaitlyn. Your guess is as good as mine as to why.
“The ass was fat” – Another sim is introduced to the treadmill.
Jacklyn has identified her future spouse. Aden has been a friend since they started grade school.
Messing around in the closet (doesn’t improve fun and social as well as messing around in the bed)
Lack of fun leads to game time for Kaitlyn and yoga for Jacklyn.
Once again it is time to have a birthday. Kaitlyn has earned her “A” in high school, reached level 3 as a Retail Employee, and needs to real job in order to move forward in her aspiration. This means cake.
Kaitlyn – Active, Insane, Materialistic / Fabulously Wealthy
Kaitlyn has a quick makeover and takes a position in the Business career. She is planning on becoming an Investor.
Jacklyn is baking her own cake (because she cut into the one Ilia made for her before blowing out the candles). As a payback for making her bake her own cake, she sets the kitchen on fire.
Finally, Jacklyn stands in front of her cake and blows out the candles.
She then calls Aden over, because she is not going to wait for him to grow up on his own.
Aden joins the family and has a makeover. His hair looks so much nicer once he cuts and shapes it.


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